Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 12 – “When you flatter them, they’ll pay.”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 12 – Super Hotshot

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

Izzy excitedly leads the other Rangers through a tough workout session. Papa Garcia stops by and asks about the mysterious Hotshots Gym brochures that’ve been left around for him to find. Izzy admits it was her and asks if she could get an advance on her allowance to enroll at the gym led by the renowned Coach Bella. Papa Garcia thinks it could be beneficial for Izzy, but he’s not sure.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

After Izzy meows, Papa Garcia says she can give the free session a try and if it turns out to be okay, he can pay for the membership. Zayto says he’d like to join as well.

Elsewhere, Slyther is showing Mucus his new invention that hacks into the Ranger Hotline and can intercept calls to it. That way, they can capture the Sporix Beasts for themselves before the Rangers can.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

Izzy and Zayto arrive at the gym and they run into Fern, Izzy’s former rival whom she helped during a race when she fell down the side of the mountain. They also meet Adrian who is looking forward to the top-notch training Coach Bella has to offer.

Coach Bella welcomes them to the free session and touts her top of the line equipment. She says she requires three four things of them while here: commitment, commitment, commitment and commitment.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

They get started with the free training session and they seem to like it. Coach Bella invites anyone who feels the session was of help to them to sign up for a membership.

At the last minute, Coach Bella says if you sign-up, you will need to buy an official Hotshots uniform in order to be allowed to train here. Zayto asks Izzy if it’s still worth it since the membership is already expensive. But Izzy says why not.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

Adrian, however, approaches Coach Bella and says he only has enough money for the membership. She looks at his watch and tells him to give it to her in exchange for a uniform. The watch means a lot to him though. Coach Bella guilts him by saying you aren’t going to be a top athlete by holding on to expensive, meaningful watches like that.

Izzy and Zayto look on at the sketchy situation as Adrian hands his watch over for a simple, cheap-looking shirt.

Later, Izzy and Zayto forget what they just saw and are very excited about having “fancy”, ordinary-looking uniforms which they brag about to their friends. They think it already makes them look like champions.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

They suddenly hear screaming nearby and find Slyther digging through garbage for a Sporix blob. He shoots at them and rips Izzy’s brand-new uniform. The Rangers morph, then upmorph to finish off the Hengemen before Slyther leaves.

The Rangers wonder why they didn’t get any calls on the Ranger Hotline.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

Izzy, Zayto, Fern and Adrian head to Hotshots for their first PAID training session. Adrian tells Izzy about the watch having been given to him by his grandfather. Izzy says that’s alright since his grandfather would want to see him succeed as a star athlete.

Coach Bella comes jogging in and tells everyone to start with weights. Izzy asks shouldn’t they warm up first and Coach Bella says she was only testing them and Izzy passed. Coach Bella tells Izzy to lead everyone with warm-ups and Izzy is very excited to do so.

Later, Zayto eavesdrops on Coach Bella telling both Adrian and Fern, separately, that they are super hotshots and the best in the class. Which has come to an end for today. Tomorrow, they’ll be meeting in the park.

Before leaving, Izzy is stopped by Coach Bella who tells her she will not allow a sewn up uniform to be seen in her top of the line, elite gym. Izzy says the cheap-looking uniforms are so expensive, but Coach Bella has a zero tolerance policy and says buying more uniforms will only help her become the best athlete.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

Later at Buzzblast, Izzy laments not having money. Ollie suggests she watch Jane demonstrating a new robot coach which could be a much more economical option. But Izzy will not settle for anything less than Coach Bella. Zayto warns her of the red flags he noticed, but Izzy thinks he’s crazy for even suggesting such things.

When Javi offers to help pay for the costs, Zayto forgets what he just said and also shells out money, along with Amelia and Ollie.

Izzy immediately goes to the gym to give her moneys to Coach Bella.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

Coach Bella offers to make Izzy a coach so they can make even more moneys. She admires Adrian’s watch on her wrist and says he was an idiot for giving it up. Izzy thought Adrian was a super hotshot and asks if she means what she says. Coach Bella says only to Izzy. Other kids, not so much. You have to flatter them so they pay up.

Izzy is disgusted and realizes she’s been ignoring the red flags all along. She offers to buy Adrian’s watch from her and Coach Bella gladly obliges, saying it was ugly anyway. She asks if Izzy is still interested in the coaching position and Izzy just scoffs at the audacity of this morally bankrupt woman.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

Javi is waiting for Izzy outside and she tells him about what a scam artist Coach Bella is. Just then, Papa Garcia calls to warn them not to come to the park after having just spotted a Sporix. He says he’s already called the Hotline.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

Izzy and Javi call the command center and Solon says they haven’t received any hotline calls. Ollie says they will check the telephone line if it’s working while the siblings go check out the Sporix.

Izzy and Javi find Slyther, Mucus and Fogshell. They morph and battle Slyther. Mucus and Fogshell go check the hacking device which the others call. Realizing they’ve been hacked, the Rangers lure Mucus and Fogshell downtown while Solon searches for the location of the device.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

Slyther leaves. Solon tells Izzy and Javi where the hacking device is located and when they head over, they find Slyther and Mucus.

When Fogshell retreats, Zayto, Ollie and Amelia join Javi and Izzy and they are able to destroy the device. Slyther and Mucus leave.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

Back at the command chamber, Solon says she has installed a new firewall to prevent any future hacking.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 12 Recap

Later, Izzy meets with Adrian at the park to give him his watch back. When Coach Bella and the other duped kids arrive, Izzy exposes her for being a fraud. Adrian, Fern and the others all declare they will leave the gym.

Izzy offers to train everyone for free. Coach Bella says she will not give them their money back and storms off.

Episode Thoughts

So, I’m really upset that the kids aren’t getting their money back. Or that Coach Bella isn’t going to jail or something. lol I guess the kids did willingly give her their money. But still, no consequence for her being trash? Darn! lol

After watching Korean drama Nevertheless, I’ve become much more mindful of noticing red flags. And boy, Coach Bella was waving many red flags right from the start. Yet Izzy and Zayto weren’t seeing them, or just ignored them. Lol

So kids, the lesson of the week is Always be on the lookout for red flags! lol

It’s funny how Izzy and Zayto obviously know Coach Bella asking for the watch was sketchy but immediately forget about it and brag about their “fancy” uniforms. Right then, if I were them, I’d rip up my membership application!

Then there was Coach Bella making Izzy train the other kids at the start of the FIRST paid session. Like, what? I’m PAYING YOU to train ME. I want to learn from YOU. And you want me to become everyone else’s coach? Hello?! lol

Anyway, this was an interesting episode since it was really focused more on the kids getting scammed and was actually pretty light on the action. Not even a zord battle which is unexpected. But it made the episode very refreshing, even if funny overall.

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