Recap and Review: Penthouse Season 3, Episode 10 – “The next time we meet will be in hell.”

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Logan and Su Ryeon watch as Seo Jin and Dan Tae argue about what they’ve been exposed for today. They both agree it’s time for a divorce. But Dan Tae refuses to give up Cheong A.

Su Ryeon flashes back to her and Logan explaining what’s happened to Ma Ri and Dong Pil, including how Yoon Hee died. Yoon Cheol is angry at Dong Pil’s part in Yoon Hee’s death and punches him to the ground. But Dong Pil says he’s ready to go to jail for what he’s done.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Logan calms everyone down and says they’re all partly responsible for Yoon Hee’s death. Yoon Cheol suggests just sending everything they have to the police. But Su Ryeon says she doesn’t trust the police nor the court anymore. They must punish Dan Tae and Seo Jin themselves and they can start by turning them against each other.

Dong Pil shows them a photo proving Dan Tae was at the scene of Logan’s accident in disguise. Ma Ri can’t believe Dong Pil would let Dan Tae walk all over him when he had this all along.

With Dong Pil’s help, they are able to switch the groundbreaking ceremony video. Yoon Cheol, meanwhile, delivered the painting of Seo Jin’s father to the inauguration ceremony.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

As Logan and Su Ryeon leave the show, the two secretaries pull their bosses apart. Secretary Jo says James has called to say Jun Ki has escaped.

Back at Hera, Seok Hoon rings Rona’s doorbell to pick her up and bring her to Su Ryeon at the guest house. Su Ryeon tells Rona about Yoon Hee’s death.

“Who cares whether or not Eun Byeol dies?”

Rona can’t believe her mother would die just to save Eun Byeol. But Su Ryeon explains that’s just who Yoon Hee is. She couldn’t bear another mother going through what she went through when she lost Rona, even if it was Seo Jin whom she hated so much.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Rona blames herself for having helped Eun Byeol. If she had just minded her own business and not brought Eun Byeol into their home, this wouldn’t have happened.

Su Ryeon takes Rona into her arms and apologizes, saying Yoon Hee died trying to help her.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

The secretaries drive their bosses home. Dan Tae wants extra security at Hera while Seo Jin wants Eun Byeol home immediately and under guard.

Little do they know, Yoon Cheol has Jun Ki with him in the parking garage. Jun Ki assures Yoon Cheol that evidence of Seo Jin keeping Logan prisoner is in her home. Jun Ki acts petulant even as Yoon Cheol warns he will be taken back to the Japanese mental hospital if he isn’t straight with them.

Yoon Cheol injects a tracking chip into Jun Ki’s body. Jun Ki remains defiant and Yoon Cheol points a gun to his head to have him not act out.

Upstairs, Seo Jin is pacing around her room when the lights suddenly go out all over her home. She goes outside to call for the housekeeper, but instead she finds Jun Ki waiting for her complete with soaring music.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Jun Ki shoves Seo Jin onto the couch and says she’s all he’s got now. She tries to whack him in the head, but Jun Ki grabs her and confronts her about spilling to James.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Jun Ki again throws her onto the couch and mounts her. But actually, he just wants to grab the recorder he’s hidden in plain sight that has all their convos on it.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Seo Jin gets on her knees to beg and offers him everything just to get the files. Jun Ki grabs her by the hair and says 200 billion won will get him to think about handing the recorder over. He gives her three days, otherwise he sends the files to the Lees.

Jun Ki moves on to the penthouse to terrorize Dan Tae. With the wanted posters all over the bedroom, Jun Ki also shows the photographic evidence of Dan Tae being the bomb planter.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Jun Ki tells Dan Tae about his convo with Seo Jin. Dan Tae offers 500 billion won for the original photos of him and the recordings of Jun Ki and Seo Jin.

Jun Ki laughs at the proposition and leaves. He splashes the Hera fountain and is excited about his potential windfall. He sneaks off to a hidden hallway of the building and is about to cut his arm open to remove the chip. But Ma Ri catches him and stops him.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Next day, Ma Ri brings Rona to see Dong Pil who is on his knees to apologize. Ma Ri also kneels beside him as they explain what Dong Pil did to Yoon Hee.

“Does an apology make it go away?”

Rona asks Ma Ri if this is why she has taken care of her all this time. Ma Ri says she cannot forgive her husband for what he did either, but that it was the only way to even try to make up for it.

Dong Pil insists that Ma Ri was not involved and says he will willingly accept any punishment he’s got coming.

“How can you be so selfish?! How can you be so terrifying?!” Rona asks.
“You give me the chills! You disgust me!”

Rona turns to leave just as Jenny calls her.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Jenny wonders where Rona could’ve gone. Ma Ri walks into the condo and says Rona already left for work. Jenny is confused.

Ma Ri tells Jenny to pack up their things as it’s time for them to return to their own home. Jenny says she loved living with Rona and asks who will cook for her now. Ma Ri says she will still cook for Rona, even if Rona refuses to eat the food or tosses the plate aside. She will still be a mother to her too.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Speaking of mothers, Su Ryeon goes to the hotel to meet with Seok Kyung. But she doesn’t answer the door. She calls Seok Hoon who says not to worry. Su Ryeon is who Seok Kyung wants to see the most.

Seok Kyung is actually crying on the floor by the door and sees Su Ryeon slip a drawing of them under the door saying she misses her.

Seok Kyung just feels so guilty about the way she’s treated her mother.

Meanwhile, Seo Jin directs Secretary Do to do what he can to secure the money needed to pay off Jun Ki. Eun Byeol asks her mother what’s wrong and blames herself for Seok Kyung supposedly spilling the beans about her grandfather’s death.

Over at J King Cheong A, Dong Pil listens as Dan Tae directs Secretary Jo to use Kyu Jin’s account to launder the money they need to pay off Jun Ki.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Dong Pil cooks for Kyu Jin to butter him up and then drops the bomb that Dan Tae is actually Baek Jun Ki.

Meanwhile, Ma Ri slyly gossips to Sang A and the rest of the Hera housewives about the suspicious circumstances behind Yoon Hee’s death, implying that Seo Jin had the most to gain from it. Seo Jin walks in on the conversation and declares it to be nonsense.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

The housewives scatter, leaving Seo Jin to direct her annoyance at Ma Ri. Sang A tries to calm them down. Seo Jin threatens to sue Ma Ri for slander if she continues to talk about such things.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Seo Jin leaves and thinks it was Ms. Jin spreading the rumors.

Next evening, Seo Jin meets with Jun Ki to give him the money. He hands over the recorder and says she’ll find something interesting on it. As Jun Ki leaves on a fishing boat, she listens to Dan Tae asking for evidence that Seo Jin locked Logan up.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Over at J King, Secretary Jo informs Dan Tae that Kyu Jin’s account is empty. They hurry over to Kyu Jin’s condo and find it ransacked.

Kyu Jin, Sang A and Min Hyuk are at Incheon. Kyu Jin, in disguise, shows a document showing she is the CEO of a new holdings company that contains the 500 billion won he stole from Dan Tae.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Kyu Jin says he didn’t want to live as Dan Tae’s dog for the rest of his life. Sang A is so happy.

Turns out Dong Pil had told Kyu Jin about Dan Tae laundering money, including through Kyu Jin’s account which is what he’s withdrawn. Especially as Cheong A is about to collapse.

Kyu Jin also invited his mother and two sisters to join them on the run, much to Sang A’s annoyance. She takes the document and walks away.

Secretary Jo updates Dan Tae and says there’s no record of Kyu Jin leaving Korea while Sang A and Min Hyuk have left for Japan.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Seok Hoon knocks on the door to bring in Ms. Jin who has just arrived wanting to speak with Dan Tae. Seok Hoon updates Su Ryeon who tells him to keep an eye on them.

Ms. Jin is upset that Dan Tae has not done his part for her and she shows him the dashcam footage of him driving Yoon Hee’s car to the edge of the cliff. However, Dan Tae is shocked when she also shows him Seo Jin being the one that actually killed Yoon Hee.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Dan Tae asks how much she wants for the footage and Ms. Jin says 500 billion won otherwise she’ll go to the police. Dan Tae asks for a discount, but Ms. Jin gives him a week. With the Cheong A shareholders meeting coming up, Dan Tae can use this to bring Seo Jin down. She laughs as she walks out.

Su Ryeon’s plan is to make Dan Tae penniless. And now it’s time they focus on Seo Jin.

Seo Jin and Eun Byeol walk down to the lobby and stumble upon Ma Ri speaking with police who are reopening the investigation into Yoon Hee’s death.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

A distracted Seo Jin is driving erratically as she takes Eun Byeol to school. She slams on her breaks when she is about to hit someone crossing the street. Seo Jin is shocked to see the woman is Rona, but she soon comes to her senses and it’s actually someone else.

A rattled Seo Jin apologizes to Eun Byeol for speeding.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Later at the office, Ms. Jin arrives to speak with Seo Jin and tells her about everything Dan Tae did. Not only having proof about Dan Tae chasing Yoon Hee that night, but Dan Tae helping her get Eun Byeol as well. Ms. Jin offers to help by providing the video evidence of Dan Tae from that night as well as her sworn testimony. But for the price of 500 billion won.

Secretary Do comes in just as Ms. Jin leaves. Seo Jin instructs him to sell everything worth anything. She needs the evidence in order to bring Dan Tae down. Otherwise, she will die.

Dan Tae goes to Chairman Song to ask for a loan. But Dan Tae hasn’t even paid back his first loan. Dan Tae offers up Cheonsoo as collateral and Chairman Song happily gives him the 500 billion. Dan Tae says he will pay it back this week after the shareholder’s meeting.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Dan Tae immediately meets with Ms. Jin in a grassy field. She hands him the phone with the video and he immediately wires her the 500 billion. Before Dan Tae can get out of the taxi, the driver locks the doors.

Turns out the driver is Yoon Cheol and he injects something into Dan Tae while Ms. Jin holds him down. When Dan Tae is unconscious, Ms. Jin pushes him out of the car and they drive off. Secretary Jo rushes to his boss.

Ms. Jin meets with Seo Jin who hands her a bank check for 500 billion. Ms. Jin hands her the photos and recordings of Dan Tae ordering her to lie to the press. Seo Jin hands the proof to Secretary Do so he can circulate it to the press.

Ms. Jin asks Yoon Cheol if that’s all, but he says that it’s time she receives her punishment as well.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Dan Tae wakes up in the hospital and it’s bad. Dong Pil hurries in to show them the breaking news reporting that Dan Tae is now the main suspect in Yoon Hee’s murder. They decide to help him escape by stuffing him in a laundry bin. Secretary Jo holds off the police officers while Dong Pil rolls Dan Tae to their waiting car outside.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Later that evening, Seo Jin enjoys watching the breaking news reporting on Ms. Jin’s press conference admitting to what happened regarding Yoon Hee’s death. Seo Jin asks Secretary Do to call an emergency Cheong A board meeting. She goes to change, but Eun Byeol looks at her with a strange look.

Meanwhile, Dong Pil takes Dan Tae to a motel to stay in for now. Dong Pil says he will go get supplies and Dan Tae says not to be long because he’s scared to stay by himself. Dan Tae turns the TV on and sees the news reporting on him. He believes this is all Seo Jin’s doing.

Back at Hera, Rona runs into Yoon Cheol leaving her some food and presents at the door. She te lls him to take all this stuff with him and take them to his real daughter upstairs.

Rona says she would rather not see him and asks him to be more mindful.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Once inside, Rona speaks to the portraits of her mother saying that she doesn’t need a father like Yoon Cheol. She only needs her mother.

Rona admits that she’s always known Yoon Cheol was her real father. She noticed how Yoon Hee was so happy when they lived together. And that’s why she understands Yoon Hee not being able to ignore Eun Byeol in her time of danger because she’s Yoon Cheol’s daughter as well.

Rona cries as she misses her mother.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Next morning, Dong Pil takes Dan Tae to the rooftop and says they should do the right thing and turn themselves in. Dong Pil says he no longer wants to lie to his wife and daughter. Dan Tae refuses and reminds Dong Pil of all he’s done for him.

But Dong Pil says he’s already paid Dan Tae back for that by taking the fall for Mi Sook’s death. Now, they can both do what’s right by turning themselves in.

Dan Tae begs Dong Pil for another chance and asks him to take the fall for Yoon Hee’s death. In exchange, Dong Pil will get a huge share of wealth. Dong Pil says he will think about it. In the meantime, Dong Pil gives him a burner phone.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Dong Pil leaves and it turns out he’s been recording their conversation this entire time. He calls Jenny and they meet at her academy. She is happy that her father has quit Dan Tae’s company.

Before Jenny goes in for her classes, Dong Pil says he will be going on a business trip to tie up some loose ends.

Jenny asks to where and her father replies, “Dubai.”

The realization hits Jenny. Dong Pil says he’s sure Jenny and Ma Ri will be able to do okay without him. Jenny asks how long will this business trip be this time, but Dong Pil is not sure.

Dong Pil asks to hug his daughter one last time and they tearily share this final goodbye. Jenny tells her father to make sure to eat regularly and not get into fights.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Just then, the police storm the motel and Dan Tae jumps out the window. He is able to evade the cops and receives a call from Dong Pil who says he will help him one last time. Dong Pil tells Dan Tae to head to the port tonight to hop on a boat that smuggles people to China.

Dan Tae thanks his older brother’s help one last time.

Dong Pil walks into the Gangnam police station to turn himself in.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

That night, Dan Tae finds the fishing boat and he is told to get into the boiler room only to get gassed, all according to Logan and Su Ryeon’s plan.

When Dan Tae wakes up, he finds he is in the Japanese mental hospital Jun Ki had been locked up in. But now, Dan Tae is the legitimate Baek Jun Ki admitted here.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Dan Tae is shocked when Seok Kyung suddenly walks into the room.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Back at Hera, Seo Jin and Eun Byeol are back after a day of shopping and photoshoots to celebrate Seo Jin potentially becoming the new chairman of Cheong A. Eun Byeol suggests Seo Jin take a shower while she prepares something special for her.

While Seo Jin gets dressed up, she declares victory over Yoon Hee, Su Ryeon and Dan Tae.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Eun Byeol hurries to her room and opens a case revealing a jar full of the memory erasing pills. She had been collecting all the ones Ms. Jin had been providing to her. And now she will give them to her mother in order for her to forget all the pain and live a happier life.

Eun Byeol secretly empties several pills into Seo Jin’s glass of wine.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Seo Jin comes out of her room and takes a seat next to her daughter, excited about the beautiful table of treats. Eun Byeol suggests they do a toast.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Review

Seo Jin takes a sip and says this is the happiest day of her life. Eun Byeol watches, satisfied, as Seo Jin chugs the entire glass of drug-laden wine.

Episode Thoughts

Another strong episode, I must say. It definitely feels like the final arc has actually begun. I was wondering how they would keep the chase going considering how many episodes there are left. Though the world just casually let Dan Tae and Seo Jin go on living their lives even after the two bombshell revelations made headline news. That was sketchy. Lol

Still, watching these elaborate plans come together in order to give Dan Tae and Seo Jin their well-deserved karma was great fun. Simply throwing them in jail won’t be enough. They need to experience hell on Earth first.

Locking Dan Tae up in the mental hospital is just one step toward that direction. Obviously that’s not his ultimate punishment, but it’s a good start. And very clever as well. Seok Kyung showing up though is very intriguing. So we’ll see the flashbacks as to what led to that point from her cowering by the door in tears earlier.

For Seo Jin, it will be interesting to see the effect of the pills on her. I think that was actually a great choice on the part of the writers to give Eun Byeol this part of the story. I don’t think she was faking her little episodes. So by now, her brain is sadly fried. She’s definitely not in her right mind. So drugging her mother is a logical step for her character. And actually a story twist that makes sense.

Seo Jin, however, has already acted crazy and even “extra” as the kids say these days. So we will see how the pills’ side effects, including dementia, will play out for her. Like Dan Tae, this is a good first step for Seo Jin’s road to punishment. Not the ultimate punishment, but a fitting first strike. And one now instituted by Su Ryeon? Even better!

Elsewhere, it was great to see lots of things for Rona to do this episode.

First, Rona being upset that her mother died for Eun Byeol is very much justified and I loved to see it. It was funny to see Rona saying she should’ve minded her own business about Eun Byeol. Indeed! lol No need to be a saint in a soap opera, you know? lol

But then there was Rona’s revelation that she knew all along that Yoon Cheol was her father was well-done. I think it worked much better than other similarly expository scenes. Because here, it related a bit to that earlier conversation with Su Ryeon about why Yoon Hee would go to great lengths to help Eun Byeol. And especially now that Rona is fully aware of all that has happened and is happening, it hits her even harder that she is alone. An emotional scene.

Speaking of emotional, the scene with Jenny and Dong Pil was also affecting. I think I almost teared up when Dong Pil said he was going on a business trip to “Dubai.” I think it speaks more to Jenny’s growth into an endearing character rather than sympathizing with Dong Pil.

Dong Pil has certainly admitted his faults and will pay for them now. But it’s all his own doing. The real victims are Ma Ri and more so Jenny. So the moment Jenny realized Dong Pil was going back to jail, it was really an emotional moment. She loved her father, was betrayed by her father and now she will lose her father once more. It would be painful for anyone, especially for Jenny.

Also, it was great watching Ma Ri all episode. Most especially her scene with Jun Ki. Would’ve loved to have seen kickass Ma Ri more during the series.

I appreciate seeing how they used Jun Ki and Ms. Jin this episode. Still mere plot devices instead of actual characters, but it was great to see them back and actually have big roles to play in the endgame anyway.

Speaking of plot devices, more and more Kyu Jin, Sang A and Min Hyuk feel very much like they actually are mere pieces to the puzzle instead of their own characters too. Half-comic relief (though not funny most of the time), half-plot device. And now they’ve been shipped overseas.

Sang A slinking away with the document to the paper company is an intriguing little moment. But we’ll see.

During this episode, I couldn’t help but think the way the story is playing out reminds me of when Filipino soap operas get repeatedly extended and they have to drag things out longer with absurd plot twists. Evading the incompetent cops especially screams Filipino teleserye. Lol

Thankfully, Penthouse is a bit more glossy and much prettier to look at, at the very least. So it makes it more fun.

Overall, another strong episode as we head into the final weeks.

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