Music Monday Feature – Ultimate Bias: Kang Insoo

I’ve already expressed my admiration for one of my favorite K-pop groups MYNAME during their 9th anniversary last year. But within that ultimate bias of a group, is an ultimate bias of a member. And his name is Kang Insoo!

I’ve been a fan of Insoo’s since first getting into MYNAME after their debut. Over the years, he’s become one of the few artists I really look up to and admire. Talented and humble, Insoo has definitely put in the work and has done very well for himself and for MYNAME.

Insoo had been studying ballet when he first auditioned for Superstar K.

A memorable moment from his time on the reality competition was a visit with friend and MBLAQ leader Seungho who gave him encouragement ahead of his audition. At the time, MBLAQ was really making a name for themselves. And during that visit is a moment where Insoo longingly looks on as Seungho is approached by adoring fans.

Though unsuccessful on Superstar K, Insoo would get his chance to gain fans of his own when he debuted in MYNAME in 2011.

After becoming a fan of MYNAME, it wouldn’t be until seeing Insoo on KBS’ Let’s Go Dream Team that he would grab my attention.

Insoo becoming a regular member of Dream Team was a great opportunity for me and many other fans to get to know him much better. And through the program, Insoo was able to show his fun, affable personality. Not only that, he showed off his athleticism too.

In the coming years, Insoo would truly become #fitnessgoals. As exemplified by him being the first male star to land on the cover of Men’s Health twice!

Insoo is also a great basketball player and a big fan of Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry. So much so, he flew to Oakland in 2016 just to watch him play.

Also, did you know his infectious laugh can brighten up anyone’s day?

Insoo’s talent, personality and work ethic all come together on his YouTube Channel, Kyang Insoo:

Featuring vlogs of his workouts or behind the scenes of his various projects and even livestreams to interact with fans; it has provided him another opportunity to have people get to know him.

In 2017, before serving his mandatory military service, Insoo was able to release his first solo album in Japan entitled Naked.

Led by the title track “Naked Love,” the album gave Insoo the opportunity to step into the spotlight to show off his vocals and dance skills with magnetic performances.

After completing his military service, Insoo signed with iMe Korea. And in addition to appearing on the basketball variety show Handsome Tigers, Insoo would go on to star in a Korean BL web drama Wish You with IMFACT’s Lee Sang.

It was a wonderful lead acting debut for Insoo. And he’d continue on with more roles as well as a full circle moment starring as the lead in the musical stage adaptation of Navillera where he starred as a ballet dancer.

Now, Insoo has just released his first ever solo Korean single “Love Yourself”:

The beautiful and meaningful song might be a bit of a contrast to his solo Japanese debut. But it is very much a reflection of Insoo at this point in his career. A wonderfully affirming and encouraging song highlighting his great vocals.

It’s been awesome to watch and follow Insoo all these years. He’s definitely a role model and a true idol for me. And I am so excited to see what’s ahead for him.

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