Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 22 – Let’s Have a Bullfighting Party!

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 22 Recap

Bullfighting World is going around turning people and Kikainoids into bulls. The Zenkaigers quickly jump into action, but have trouble going up against the bull people.

Kaito calls on the Zenkaiju Gear, but Gaon tells them it ran away from home after eating some of his cooking.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 22 Recap

Stacey watches from around the corner and flashes back to Ijirude suggesting what he must do to remain in Bokkowaus’ good graces.

The Zenkaigers get blown away by Bullfighting World. Zyuran blames Gaon for causing the Zenkaiju Gear to run away, saying that if it were a human kid messing with his cooking, he wouldn’t have had a problem. But because it was a machine, he was too harsh.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 22 Recap

Kaito gets Zyuran to let go of Gaon who says he’ll just have to go find the Zenkaiju Gear. Vroom and Magine also look around while Kaito and Zyuran try looking for Bullfighting World.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 22 Recap

Zyuran runs into the Goldtsuikers. Zox and the twins think Bullfighting World seems interesting so they head out to look for him too. Zyuran asks Flint about the Zenkaiju Gear running away. But she says it doesn’t have sophisticated enough AI to do such a thing. It’s probably just caught somewhere, but will be able to come when they really need it.

Zyuran feels bad about being so harsh with Gaon.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 22 Recap

Gaon sits on a park bench and thinks about his prejudice. He sees a Kikainoid child trip and fall. But the human kids help the Kikainoid up and go off to play some more. Gaon realizes that he might have been wrong to feel the way he does toward Kikainoids. Especially when his fellow Kikainoid Zenkaigers accept him even when he can be a jerk.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 22 Recap

Meanwhile, Kaito heads back to the shop where he sees Stacey enjoying some ice cream. He stays outside and listens.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 22 Recap

Secchan keeps his eyes on Stacey and warns him not to try anything funny. Stacey asks Grandma Yacchan about Secchan and she explains that her son Isao and his wife Mitsuko created him. Grandma Yacchan talks about how they disappeared ten years ago and that they’re still hopeful for their safety. She asks him to let them know if he sees them around.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 22 Recap

Downtown, Bullfighting World controls his bull people by switching which color they should target. Vroom and Magine call Secchan and lets Kaito know.

Stacey also gets up to leave. Grandma Yacchan tells him to come back soon, but he says this might be his last visit. She gives him a free snack coupon with the message “You’re always welcome here!! :)” on the back.

Zox and Zyuran arrive on the scene and henshin. Zyuran, Vroom and Magine get turned into bulls. But Zox uses a Gingaman Gear to give Zox the power to befriend them and the other bulls for a short while.

Kaito and Gaon arrive together. Gaon watches as Kaito and the others struggle against Bullfighting World and the other bulls. Gaon has had enough and steps forward. That makes Bullfighting World focus the bulls on yellow, allowing Kaito to summon Zenkaiju Gear and work with Zox to finish off Bullfighting World by going Super.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 22 Recap

Gaon is grateful that everyone is back to normal and says that sometimes he has to get his butt kicked by everyone. He asks them to consider this payback for all the times he’s been so cold to them.

Zyuran apologizes for jumping to conclusions, but Gaon says he was right that he has had childish prejudices.

Dai Bullfighting World appears and Kaito and Zox are able to finish it off when they embiggen.

Suddenly, Stacey declares this is the day he takes Kaito down. He henshins and hops into Battle Caesar Robo II to face off against Kaito. Zox joins the fun.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 22 Recap

Episode Thoughts

One of the fuller and substantive episodes of Zenkaiger in a while, which is a very welcome sight. The biggest thing to come out of this episode was definitely Gaon finally snapping out of his anti-Kikainoid prejudice.

While I’m side-eyeing the show not explaining why he is so prejudiced against Kikainoids, at least we can (I hope) move on from Gaon’s obsession with humans. I know the human fetish was played for laughs (though it certainly wasn’t funny to me). But with that out of the way, hopefully they can do something better with Gaon’s character as well as try new, more serious dynamics between the Zenkaigers.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I thought they would go with Gaon having had a traumatic experience related to Kikainoids or something. But the way they brushed off his prejudice this episode, I doubt they’d go back and do something deeper with some sort of backstory. A missed opportunity to redeem some curious decision making with how they’ve written Gaon. But oh well. Let’s hope things get better moving forward.

The other big development was of course the continued Stacey/Goshikida drama. Though no new clues about the possible connection, we did get Grandma Yacchan telling Stacey more about Papa and Mama Goshikida going missing.

The most important scene, I think, is Grandma Yacchan giving Stacey that coupon with the nice message on the back. It continues to establish this sort of mother-son relationship they’ve developed. Even if they’re not really mother and son, just having that connection and genuine friendship is very nice to watch. And it will help make whatever revelations are ahead feel earned and have strong emotional foundation.

I also liked seeing the more serious Kaito once again as he sat outside listening to Grandma Yacchan and Stacey talking. Kaito’s overly happy personality can get a bit much sometimes. But my hope is that they can explore the idea that he puts on a jolly face just to hide the pain and struggles he keeps inside. Especially when it comes to his missing parents.

I suppose the revelation of Stacey’s true identity/connection to the family will be a huge moment for Kaito’s story.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode a lot more than some of the recent weeks. Two very distinct plots this episode and both filled the half hour very well.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 22 – Let’s Have a Bullfighting Party!

  1. I am happy that the show finally addressed Gaon’s discrimination against his fellow machines. Something I thought they would NEVER address.

    1. Right? I would’ve liked them to have gone a bit deeper than what they did. Like maybe WHY he is that way. But just getting this is unexpected and very welcome.

  2. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Gaon episode, since the show doesn’t spend much time with Kikanoido, despite they are main characters of the show.
    I mentioned that Gaon is my favorite among the 4 Kikanoids, due to his somewhat complicated background, and this was probably his strongest episode so far.
    Didn’t expect Zenkaiju Gear has will of its own, by running away.
    It’s not everyday you get to see collector’s item behave that way. lol XD

    I like how Stacey reacted from seeing Kaito’s parent, as he has some kind of connection.
    Nice end episode on cliffhanging, where Battle Caesar Robo got new make over, for revenge.

    Overall, definitely a stronger episode I’ve seen from this show so far, where one of Kikanoido got focus AND Stacey had its moment and back in action.

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