Music Monday, August 9, 2021 – Excellent Tracks from Excellent Artists: Kim Woojin, 2Z, ONEUS

Four excellent new tracks from three excellent artists! Featuring Kim Woojin, 2Z and ONEUS.

“Ready Now” by Kim Woojin

Kim Woojin officially makes his solo debut with the release of his album The Moment : 未成年, A Minor. and its title track “Ready Now.” Similar to the excellent pre-release track “Still Dream,” “Ready Now” is an emotionally personal song for Woojin. Singing of being ready to start anew by putting past pains and struggles behind him, the song is a positive and affirming track that anyone who has followed Woojin’s career will understand its meaningful lyrics. Woojin’s vocals are on full display and he is also able to show his strong and charismatic performance skills. A really irresistible song that doesn’t sound like much of what is being released in Korean music today. And that’s a good thing.

The rest of the album including “My Growing Pains,” “In My Space,” “Purple Sky” and “Still Dream” is an excellent debut release for Woojin. All great songs signaling a great new start for him.

“East End” by 2Z

2Z always delivers. And they’re back with mini album Song 4 U. Their title track “East End” is a vibe of a song with poetic lyrics and a synth-infused melody resulting in a bit of dreamlike atmosphere. The fun music video sees the band doing a little bit of choreography as well to complete the energetic and happy feelings. I love it!

“Siren” by 2Z with Kayleigh featuring $UN.L

2Z also released a music video for “Siren,” a track that gets the band rocking out with a confident swagger. A different vibe, but equally great performance. The third track on the album “Cheesecake” also similarly sees them go hard, showing off their versatility.

Overall, a great trio of songs on this mini album.

“Shut Up Crazy Hot!” by ONEUS

ONEUS starts their special “ONEUS Theater” performance project with the release of the rowdy “Shut Up Crazy Hot!” With a cinematic music video to accompany it, the previously unreleased track is a perfect song to showcase the group’s performance skills.

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