Music Monday, July 12, 2021 (Part 2) – Minzy, SF9, OWV, BXK

It’s a hot, sexy summer with Minzy, SF9, OWV, BXK.

“TEAMO” by Minzy

Minzy has had some great releases as a solo artist so far. But “TEAMO” is a vibe of a song that will definitely get you on your feet. The Latin-infused dance track is an irresistible tune with Minzy’s effortless performance bringing it all home. So good!

“Tear Drop” by SF9

I’m sure the “S” in “SF9” means “sexy.” At least that’s the impression with the release of their latest comeback. The boys that deliver sensational feeling with every performance show off that talent and charisma once again with the dance track “Tear Drop.”

“Get Away” by OWV

Japanese group OWV release their summer track “Get Away” and its bright, colorful, fun vibes are perfect for the season. A very different track from their hard-hitting debut. But a great showcase for the rookie group’s versatility. Great song!

“Excuse Me” by BXK

Rookie group BXK return with their first comeback track “Excuse Me.” The song is a fiery rock-infused hip-hop track and the group effortlessly shows off their talent and charisma with the strong performance.

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