Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 11 – “Now I know what a burrito feels like.”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 11 – McScary Manor

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 11 Recap

Trying to figure out what story they should cover next, Javi jokes about a potential ghost-involved story which Amelia instantly gets excited about. It’s just too bad that ghost stories are hard to come by. That is, until Pop-pop comes in to Buzzblast to tell his granddaughter about his experience this morning.

Pop-pop had been working at a creepy old mansion when he began hearing strange noises and was forced to run out. Amelia wants to go investigate, but Pop-pop advises against it.

Jane comes and brings Pop-pop to the air conditioner that needs fixing. Amelia immediately prepares to go to the manor house, not only to prove to everyone that ghosts are real, but also to prove Ollie wrong.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 11 Recap

Amelia takes her just-serviced Spook Snare and the keys to the mansion that Pop-pop left and hurries over. But instead of a ghost, she finds Sporix Beast Tombtress.

Amelia calls the Rangers. But Tombtress binds her and she has to maneuver herself around against attacks until they arrive. Izzy slices the bandages off Amelia.

Tombtress then shoots Javi with a Mood Blast that makes him very emotional.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 11 Recap

The Rangers morph, but emotional Javi has to sit out as the others take on Tombtress. Tombtress shoots Amelia with the Mood Blast and she blames Ollie for doubting her and making her want to prove him wrong about ghosts, leading to this entire situation.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 11 Recap

Emotional Javi and Grumpy Amelia need to hurry back to Buzzblast and work. But when Pop-pop asks Amelia about the keys he left on her desk, she has to admit she went to the mansion even after he told her not to. That causes Amelia to snap at her grandfather and says he always forbids her to do things even if they’re important to her. She tells him to stop treating her like a child. He is surprised by her attitude and heads to the mansion to look for the keys.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 11 Recap

Turns out, Javi actually found the keys earlier and they’re in his pocket. Amelia has an idea on how to return the keys to Pop-pop without revealing that Javi is a Ranger.

A morphed Amelia finds Pop-pop searching through the house and she gives him the keys. In exchange, he shows her the Dino Fury Key he just found.

Pop-pop thanks the Pink Ranger for saving Amelia earlier. He explains that he might come across as being overprotective. But Amelia’s parents were lost in mysterious circumstances when she was a baby. Since then, he promised to look after her, especially as Amelia seems to pursue the paranormal to perhaps figure out what happened to them.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 11 Recap

The Pink Ranger tells Pop-pop that his granddaughter still loves him.

The others call and Amelia hurries over. Tombtress shoots Izzy with a Mood Blast as well as Zayto and Ollie. That leaves Amelia who uses the new Blazing Dino Key to upmorph. After she attacks, Tombtress embiggens.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 11 Recap

With the others too emotional, Amelia takes Zayto’s Key and asks Solon to send the T-Rex Champion Zord. But a brand-new friend pops out of the ground. Solon explains that the Dimetro Blazing Zord appeared after she used its Key.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 11 Recap

The new zord combines with T-Rex to form the T-Rex Blazing Megazord. Amelia and Javi take the lead to finish off Tombtress for good.

Back at Buzzblast, Amelia apologizes to her Pop-pop for being a jerk earlier. She says she is so thankful to have someone who cares so much for her and will do all she can to make him proud. He says he’s already proud of her and her parents would have been too if they were here.

Jane challenges Pop-pop to an indoor snowball fight.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 11 Recap

Episode Thoughts

A new zord debut, but still very much a filler episode. Thankfully, it was an enjoyable one. A good Amelia focus episode. It was great to see more of her relationship with Pop-pop and also get something about her past as well. I wonder if her missing (dead?) parents will be a plot point in the future. If not, that’s perfectly fine. It can simply be something to help fill out Amelia as a character. Which it did here, especially with her relationship with her grandfather.

It was definitely a strong focus episode with Amelia actually taking the lead throughout, even in the zord battle. Not something you see every day. And Javi played a good supporting role in Amelia’s focus.

Another awesome part of this episode was the manor itself. Using that actual location looked so different from most scenes in modern Power Rangers filmed on a soundstage or studio. Those scenes usually look very much like they are filmed in a closed space. But the indoor and outdoor scenes at that old house looked very nice and added a lot to the overall feel of the episode.

Overall, these three Netflix premiere episodes have actually been pretty good. The season has improved over these 11 episodes so far with good development for most of the characters and solid action.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 11 – “Now I know what a burrito feels like.”

  1. This was my second favorite episode.

    Amelia was awesome and we knew more about her backstory. The mansion was a real change of place. But the villains’ plan wasn’t as explained as last episode. They didn’t explained why there was a Dino Key in there. But worst of all…there wasn’t a single appereance of Slyther.

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