Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 10 – “Who cares about colors?! We’re not Power Rangers.”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 10 – Phoning Home

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 10 Recap

Mucus has finished uploading Ranger data into and painting their new general. Void Knight places a Sporix into the general’s body and that brings the master of disguise Slyther to life. Mucus hopes to be friends with him, but Slyther brushes her aside.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 10 Recap

Over in the forest, Zayto is finishing up new antennas that should help him contact Rafcon. Solon brings him a snack using a Rafconian recipe she found in his notes. But Zayto shows her a memory that reveals the recipe is actually for dog food. Solon apologizes and suggests they order pineapple pizza next time.

Zayto records and sends a message to the people of Rafcon. Watching this, Slyther has an idea.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 10 Recap

Over at Buzzblast, Jane turns J-Borg into a cat and a dog chases her out of the building. The Rangers are saved from this insanity when Zayto calls them over for training.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 10 Recap

Just then, a supposed knight named Arla from Rafcon appears before them. Zayto is so excited to know Rafcon is doing fine and still has knights. After reading Izzy and Javi’s minds by shaking their hands, Arla explains that Rafconians have such advanced technology, they’ve found a way to decisively defeat the Sporix.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 10 Recap

Arla warns them of prying ears, so Zayto teleports them down to the command chamber. Solon is surprised by the stranger and appears suspicious of her. Solon notes that it hasn’t been that long since Zayto sent the message this morning, but also how their systems would’ve detected the alien ship arriving in their orbit. Arla maintains that they have advanced technology that trumps any of this “old” tech they have here.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 10 Recap

Arla asks to see the Sporix they’ve captured already so she can destroy them. Solon refuses to hand them over to easily. She wants Arla to prove herself by reading her mind first. But Zayto says Arla has to do no such thing. Arla feigns exhaustion and the others lead her to a sleep room.

Zayto is upset with Solon and asks why she’s being such an unwelcoming jerk. Solon says something doesn’t sit right with her and they must ensure the Sporix doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 10 Recap

After the others leave Arla by herself in the room, she transforms back into Slyther and contacts Void Knight to ask for a distraction. Void Knight heads into the city to with some Hengemen to distract the Rangers.

They hurry over, morph, do a roll call and battle.

Back at the command chamber, Arla emerges from the sleeping room and Solon offers her a Rafconian snack. Arla takes a bite and her liking this Rafcon dog food is Solon’s confirmation that Arla has been a fraud all along.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 10 Recap

Slyther reveals himself and Solon quickly teleports them outside of the command chamber. After sparring for a bit, Slyther blasts Solon and takes her communicator to teleport himself back downstairs.

The Rangers return to the chamber when Void Knight suddenly retreats in the middle of their battle. Arla tells them Solon went out for a walk, but that raises some red flags for the others so they go out to look for her. Zayto stays behind and apologizes to Arla for Solon being so mean. Arla acknowledges that maybe she was a little harsh by insulting their old technology.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 10 Recap

Anyway, Arla says they must get the Sporix to her ship in order to destroy them using the built-in technology. Zayto notices Solon’s communicator on the table and when he opens the Sporix drawer, he grabs Arla’s arm to scan her memory. He sees the moment Slyther contacted Void Knight from earlier.

Slyther reverts back to his real form and Zayto teleports them out of the chamber. The others arrive as Slyther summons Hengemen.

After battle, Slyther embiggens and transforms into Roostafa. Zayto uses an old technique to summon the zords without Solon and the Rangers hop into the Megazord. They defeat Roostafa, but Slyther is able to land safely in front Double J in the middle of the city.

Mucus helps Slyther up and finds that he has amnesia. So Mucus says that Slyther is actually nice and that they’re good friends.

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 10 – “Who cares about colors?! We’re not Power Rangers.”

Back at the command chamber, the Rangers help care for Solon. Zayto apologizes for doubting her. Solon apologizes for feeding him dog food and says she is proud of him.

The others say they are sure Zayto will find his peoples in the future.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 10 Recap

Zayto sends another message to Rafcon.

Episode Thoughts

A mostly good episode thanks to it being essentially a Solon focus. Sort of. I enjoyed every one of her scenes this episode. Though I wish they let her kick more ass than she did. Still, she was the wise mentor who knew better and is always an excellent support for the team. Maybe even the heart of the team.

Also, she likes pineapple pizza? Even more reason to love her!

But anyway, two episodes in a row where the Rangers completely disregard the opinions of one of their own. Which of course led to trouble that could’ve been completely avoidable if they had been thinking straight. The lesson for the kiddos, trust your friends over some random stranger. Lol

Speaking of kiddos, both Double J scenes were so unnecessary. But I guess it’s for the kids because apparently that’s all they like to watch. Random catpeople getting chased by dogs. And then inserting them into the middle of the zord battle? For what?

I enjoyed Slyther’s introduction and I like that they carried over some of Wiserue’s personality. As well as some hints of the similar dynamic with Mucus/Kureon.

Again, it’s good to see Void Knight out in the field and being hands-on instead of just sitting in his lair all season.

But overall, I enjoyed this episode a lot thanks to Solon. More Solon=Good Dino Fury.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 10 – “Who cares about colors?! We’re not Power Rangers.”

  1. Of these 3 new episodes, this was my favorite.

    I was glad they continued Zayto’s story with his home planet. But boy, Slyther really stole the show. Charming and smart, considering his amazing plan was improvised by spying the Rangers.

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