Music Monday, June 7, 2021 (Part 1) – Summer vibes with Ra Mi Ran & Mirani, GHOST9, Paul Kim and Ha Sung Woon

Get ready for summer with the perfect vibes from Ra Mi Ran and Mirani, GHOST9, Paul Kim and Ha Sung Woon!

“RAMIRANI” by Ra Mi Ran and Mirani

Actress Ra Mi Ran showed off her musical skills as part of the Unnies project group from Sister’s Slam Dunk. And she’s back with a special collaboration with indie rapper Mirani. “RAMIRANI” is an empowering rock-infused track. It’s hard not to vibe right along with the two talented artists. An unexpected, but very welcome bright and fun track.

“Up All Night” by GHOST9

Keeping up the bright vibes for the season is GHOST9 who follow up their excellent “Seoul” comeback with the fun, summery “Up All Night.” The energetic pop track allows the rookie group to show off their youthful charms as their title tracks so far have been strong, charismatic efforts.

“We Make a Good Pair/Perfect Match” by Paul Kim

Singer-songwriter Paul Kim offers up a refreshing remake of Sung Si Kyung’s “We Make a Good Pair.” As the title of the project album says, this is very much a Summer:re track. The good vibes of the sweet, romantic track are effortlessly conveyed in the bright music video and through Paul Kim’s sweet vocals.

“Sneakers” by Ha Sung Woon

Ha Sung Woon’s “Sneakers” is the perfect summer escape anthem. His latest title track is a breezy song about being free to run and explore, certainly a timely sentiment for many. Ha Sung Woon’s always smooth vocals power the positive, uplifting vibes of this catchy comeback.

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