Music Monday, May 24, 2021 (Part 2) – BTS, OnlyOneOf, ENHYPEN, Wonho featuring Kiiara

An irresistible summer jam and a trio of mature vibes. Featuring BTS, OnlyOneOf, ENHYPEN, Wonho featuring Kiiara.

“Butter” by BTS

I’ll say it upfront, “Butter” is my favorite BTS title track since perhaps “Spring Day.” They’ve released fine songs since then. But “Butter” is just a fun, irresistible track. Just good vibes all around and the catchiest of choruses. A few of their recent title tracks took a while for me to really get used to. Especially after having been used to their more epic dramatic titles before them. But “Butter” was a track I immediately loved as soon as I first watched the MV.

“Into You” by OnlyOneOf (KB, Love, Rie)

I’ve been meaning to check out the buzzy web series The Sweet Blood. But I got a quick taste of it this week thanks to the release of its OST “Into You” by OnlyOneOf members KB, Love and Rie. It’s a great, flirtatious track. (Certainly something OnlyOneOf is no stranger to.) And the vibe-setting R&B melody matches well with the members’ smooth vocals.

“Fever” by ENHYPEN

I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the rest of ENHYPEN’s latest album yet other than “Drunk-Dazed.” But the group released a music video for follow-up track “Fever” last week. It is a different vibe from their title track, but a great showcase of what the group is capable of. If their two title tracks so far have highlighted their youthful energy, “Fever” has the group effortlessly slowing it down with a more mature sound. It’s an exciting look at what could be ahead for the talented super rookies.

“Ain’t About You” by Wonho featuring Kiiara

Wonho releases the music video for “Ain’t About You,” his collab with American singer-songwriter Kiiara that is part of his recent Love Synonym Pt.2: Right for Us album. The music video perfectly brings the song’s fun, cheeky back-and-forth to life and it’s great to see both artists performing the song together (though apart).

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