Music Monday, May 24, 2021 (Part 1) – TO1, 2Z, Kalen Anzai, ONEWE

An amazing comeback, a wonderful new discovery (for me) and a pair of special performances of two excellent tracks. Featuring TO1, 2Z, Kalen Anzai and ONEWE.

“Son of Beast” by TO1

Wow! I love this so much! TO1 (formerly known as TOO) comes roaring back with “Son of Beast.” The group signals their rebirth after some label troubles with this excellent title track and equally great album. The catchy dance track and its infectious hook of a chorus where the boys confidently proclaim they are a “son of a beast” is just irresistible. Melodic, soft verses and bridge paired with powerful raps and the earworm of a chorus all make for one of the best and most likable tracks of the year so far!

“All I Need (Rain Live)” by 2Z

2Z released their first full-length album last month including the double title tracks “O@SIS” and “Stupid.” And earlier this month, they released a special “Rain Live” video of the track “All I Need” which they released last year and is part of the full album. “All I Need” was actually one of my favorite songs of 2020. And you get to really appreciate main vocalist Hojin’s mesmerizing and powerful voice as he sings the song in the rain. This special video is a great treat and amazing vibe.

“キミとボクの歌/Our Song” by Kalen Anzai

I always love getting my eyes and ears opened to new music. And that’s definitely what happened when I stumbled upon “キミとボクの歌” (“Our Song”) by Kalen Anzai. And I did so because I was watching videos of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid alum Shouma Kai in the currently playing Romeo and Juliette musical. Shouma appears in the one of several music videos for this wonderful track that popped up. The song (as far as I can understand) tell of memories of a past relationship and the conflicting feelings of wanting to move on and wanting to go back. Kalen Anzai’s vocals are just beautiful and bring the melancholic lyrics with the soaring music together. It’s an emotional track, but one you just can’t help but listen to on repeat. Definitely checking out more of Kalen Anzai after this!

“Feeling Good” by ONEWE

ONEWE has come a long way. And to celebrate their 2nd anniversary as ONEWE, the talented band released this special version of “Feeling Good.” The brand originally released the song in 2016 when they were still indie band M.A.S. 0094. As the title says, the song is a feel good track with happy vibes. And though it celebrates ONEWE’s 2nd anniversary, it is also a wonderful celebration of the band. The music video is an almost shot-for-shot remake of the original. From M.A.S. 0094 to MAS to ONEWE, their growth has been really wonderful to watch. And seeing them now enjoying success, it’s a great moment.

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