Music Monday, May 10, 2021 (Part 1) – Soothing Sounds for the Season from VAV, CLASSMATE, Aivan and Shaun

Sit back, relax and enjoy these four perfect tracks for the season from VAV, CLASSMATE, Aivan and Shaun.

“Always” by VAV

On the day that member ACE becomes the group’s second member to enlist and fulfill their military duties, VAV releases the special single album “Always.” The title track is a sweet acoustic ballad where the group promises to always be there for their fans. The single album also includes two solo tracks from ACE. “Goodbye” is a bittersweet track about saying goodbye to someone while wishing them well and a hope of seeing each other someday in the future. Meanwhile, “Dry Flower” is a more up-tempo dance track about letting yourself get lost in your feelings after falling for someone.

The album is definitely a nice treat for fans. And we wish ACE well during his service!

“Our Moment” by CLASSMATE

I first discovered CLASSMATE (클래스메이트) last November with the release of “Four Seasons.” And after listening to the song and watching the music video, I immediately went on to learn more about them, listen to more of their music and started following them. This talented vocal group completes their three-part Three and One: Three Primary Colors project with title track “Our Moment.” The group showcases their powerful vocals in this emotional rock ballad. I love it.

The trio also has an excellent drama version of the music video that does even more to bring the beautiful, though bittersweet song to life:


Talented singer-songwriter Aivan returns with the romantic track “AI.” A perfect song for the season, Aivan is able to show off his smooth and soothing vocals as he sings to that special someone that has captured his attention. The sweet music video is a great companion to the song as well. If you haven’t yet, definitely check out Aivan’s excellent discography.

“Closed Ending” by Shaun

With double title tracks “Closed Ending” and “Blue,” Shaun releases new single album #0055b7 as his first new bit of music after completing his military service. “Closed Ending” is a dreamlike melody similar to his hit “Way Back Home” featuring lyrics telling the story of the eve of a breakup. The whimsical music video matches its late spring vibes. “Blue,” meanwhile, features rapper Wonstein and electric guitar adding a cool, hip vibe.

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