Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 8 – “I can smell your feet and your fear!”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 8 – Unexpected Visitor

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 8 – “I can smell your feet and your fear!”

The Rangers have just defeated the embiggened Doomsnake. Void Knight has Wolfgang marking its territory with a sound wave which causes the Megazord to dismantle. The Rangers have to eject and Void Knight has Mucus retrieve Doomsnake’s Sporix blob while they’re distracted.

While the Rangers figure out what happened, a bird starts flying around them and it turns out to be Mick. He introduces himself and asks for a selfie with them to add to his collection.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 8 Recap

They ask what he’s doing here and he explains that he’s been following the Nexus Prism which landed somewhere near here. Mick suggests they work together to find it, but Zayto firmly says no since they don’t even know who the hell he is. They’ve got more important things to do. Zayto tells the others to go figure out what happened to their zords while he goes talk to Solon.

Mucus hears their entire conversation and hurries to report to Void Knight.

Over at Buzzblast, Mick tries to sneak in to use the computers to look for more information on the possible location of the Nexus Prism. Amelia and Javi are surprised to see him there. But J-Borg notices he is a trespasser and tries to throw him out of the building. Mick turns into a basketball, slams into the cake Jane is frosting for a video and gets whacked outside by J-Borg.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 8 Recap

Amelia and Javi follow Mick outside. Wolfgang arrives to try and capture him. But Mick turns into a toy car and drives away. Wolfgang lets slip that Void Knight is after the Nexus Prism and he turns his attention to the five Rangers who have assembled and morph.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 8 Recap

The Rangers use power up Keys, but Wolfgang is able to dismantle their Boost Sleeves just like he did to their Megazord.

The Rangers whisk Mick back to the command chamber where he shows them the Ranger Database that he has been keeping up to date. He uses it to explain that the Nexus Prism is the deus ex machina of Ninja Steel. Zayto changes his rude tune from earlier and says protecting the Prism is their priority now.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 8 Recap

Solon is able to use the database and the information available to them to find the Prism has landed near the waterfront. While the Rangers teleport over to it, Solon and Mick will work on something to silence Wolfgang.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 8 Recap

The Rangers find the Nexus Prism and Zayto reads its mind. He sees the Morphin Masters were the ones who made the Prism in the first place and sent it out into the universe to fight evil. That’s when it arrived on Earth to give the Ninja Steel their powers. When their mission was done, it left until it would be needed again.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 8 Recap

All along, the Morphin Masters have been the franchise’s deus ex machina… err, have been watching all the Ranger seasons including this one, being able to help when needed.

Boomtower and Wolfgang arrive and the Prism spins into the ocean.

The Rangers morph and they battle the two beasts. Wolfgang tries to collapse a hill above them, but Mick arrives with a doggie treat that stifles Wolfgang’s howling.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 8 Recap

Wolfgang and Boomtower both embiggen and the Rangers hop in their Megazord. They finish off Wolfgang and Mucus is able to grab the Sporix blob. Boomtower tries to shoot at the Rangers, but they counter it from above and destroy him for good as well.

Mucus tries to catch the Sporix blob, but Izzy grabs it instead.

Just then, the Nexus Prism flies out of the water and back up into space.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 8 Recap

Mucus delivers Wolfgang’s blob to Void Knight who adds it to his Sporix bank, He is anxious to collect enough Sporix. He leaves Mucus and goes into his secret room where an unconscious blonde woman is floating around in a large pod. Void Knight says soon he and his love will be together again.

Back at the command chamber, the Rangers put Boomtower’s blob into their own safe spot. But they’re feeling very hungry. Not knowing the candy drops on the table are the fail attempts for Wolfgang’s silencer, the Rangers eat them and begin talking in animal sounds.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 8 Recap

Mick says they just need a jolt. Solon roars and they are back to normal.

Zayto apologizes to Mick for being a jerk earlier. Mick says they’re all amazing Rangers.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 8 Recap

Zayto asks if Mick knows of Rafcon, but he doesn’t. Anyway, it’s time for Mick to go chase after the Nexus Prism some more. He calls for a space taxi and invites the Rangers to come eat at his steakhouse when it’s open for business.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 8 Recap

Episode Thoughts

So this episode probably best encapsulates my current apathy to the franchise that I wrote about last year. Morphin Masters? The Deus ex Prism? Morphin Grid. I honestly don’t care about any of those things.

I mainly enjoyed Mick randomly popping up just because Kelson Henderson is awesome. And brings up fun memories of the Disney Era.

Otherwise, I only take any of this “world expanding” as some morsels (doggie treats?) for the rose-colored glasses-wearing old fans. Though I don’t really know of any fans actually clamoring for an origin story for the Nexus Prism.

Before this season, I didn’t even know the Moprhin Masters existed. So all of that goes over my head. And the fact that they are apparently behind everything from gems to power-ups to whatever, leaves me going “Uh… okay.”

Like I mentioned in my long rant about my apathy, I am beyond caring about continuity on Power Rangers. 15 years ago when I was a teenager watching the show? Maybe I would have been whining about lack of continuity. But I think my expanding into Sentai and Kamen Rider has sort of eased me out of such nitpicking and allowed me to just go with the flow and enjoy (or not) each season and team as they are without having to try and connecting things to each other.

I know many fans go crazy over such continuity things, but I’m definitely not one of them. Anymore.

One thing I’ve noticed with these two Hasbro seasons is they actually try too hard to explain things or try to give things some kind of real world foundation. When really, it’s not always necessary. There’s a balance to be found between Gosei’s “There’s a simple explanation for that” and having a character describing the chemical reactions of a new toy.

Anyway, this episode was mostly about validating the Nexus Prism’s existence. I guess so the show can have it spin onto the scene when they need a “simple explanation” for something. It spinning into the water is obviously going to lead into the introduction of *spoiler*.

As a plot driven episode, there wasn’t anything new to add to each character. Though Zayto being so aggressively standoffish to Mick at the beginning was awkward only because he has been quite the opposite during the short time we’ve known him. Turns out it was the lesson of the week. Though of all the lessons of the week this season, this was the most shoehorned in.

Speaking of, we got another shoehorned Double J scene when the show was perfectly fine with the Rangers speaking in animal tongue at the end being the episode’s source of comedy. Not to mention Mick’s various shapeshifting.

Shows how much I care or remember about Ninja Steel when I didn’t even remember Mick could shapeshift. Was that a thing during the season? I absolutely don’t remember that.

The big twist or rather reveal of the episode was Void Knight’s endgame being the revival of his dearly beloved floating in that pod. Should be interesting to see how that plays out. I don’t know why, but I stumbled upon comments saying the show would possibly use Madame Noir’s suit from ToQger for this lady. And all I’m thinking is “Please leave ToQger alone. Ruining Baron Nero’s face is bad enough!”

Overall, probably the least interesting episode for me so far this season. I’ve appreciated the character-driven episodes we’ve gotten for each Ranger’s focus ep. So this plot driven episode focusing on things I have zero care for certainly wasn’t going to excite me.

3 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 8 – “I can smell your feet and your fear!”

  1. The episode starts with megazord fight, which I didn’t see it coming.
    It’s kind of weird to see megazord falling apart into so many pieces.

    Didn’t expect to see Mick from Ninja Steel or anyone to make a cameo for this season; then again, Kelson does live in New Zealand, where made it easier for filming, and the image has been leaked BEFORE season premiered on social media. While this part of the show wasn’t surprising, it’s nice to see Kelson come back, making it 5 consecutive years, from Ninja Steel in 2017, to appear in Power Rangers, 12 (or 11 if you condense both halves of Ninja (and Super) Steel) seasons to appear in franchise overall (voice and physical).

    The Double J cake gag was weird, but at least it was very short and only appearance of this episode.

    I like that we learn more about Morphin Masters, who appeared in first episode, where they were the one created various of power sources for rangers, such as Energems and Nexus Prism, that played important part for this episode. Usually, exposition like this would occur towards the end of the season, so it was refreshing to learn about it, this early in the season, especially before hiatus. I really hope they show up again.

    Nice catch Mucus and nice catch Green, where both teams got Sporix this time.

    The BIGGEST surprise of this episode was what’s inside the secret room, where there’s a woman inside the chamber, whom I’m assuming is Void Knight’s wife. Now I’m REALLY curious who’s the identity/human form of Void Knight looks like
    Nice to see Solon roar! That was big surprise indeed as well. lol XD

    Due to appearance Mick and Nexus Prism, this episode felt like a quasi-crossover of Dino Fury and Ninja Steel, yet it was an interesting to learn more about Morphin Masters and why Void Knight is desperate of collecting Sporix. In last few years of franchise, we normally get backstory and exposition like this towards the end, where most of the time spending filler, but I give a credit to Hasbro for giving important information at this point in season, especially before hiatus which was perfect timing. It’s also interesting that 6th Ranger (Gold) wasn’t introduced or mentioned, aside from appearing briefly in flashback in first episode; I personally think it was a right choice NOT to introduce new ranger, where it needs more room to breathe.

    Overall, a very solid episode right before hiatus.

    So far, among the 3 ongoing tokusatsu shows this year (2021), I personally think Dino Fury is the best so far. While the show has its few issues, I give Hasbro a credit for trying something different and there are few improvements compared to last decade, where they are taking risks.
    Zenkaiger, while it has almost same amount of episodes, has been average ~ OK level, where it’s still in area of “better anniversary series than Zyuohger” and Kamen Rider Saber, despite in its 30s, still struggle to tell a good STORY and several issues I already addressed.

    On the ranking from best to worst, it’s Power Rangers Dino Fury > Zenkaiger > Kamen Rider Saber.
    I know you’re going to disagree heavily on this one, due to your attitude towards franchise these days, but hey we all have different taste.
    At this rate, by the end of the year/season, I think Dino Fury might be the winner, though who knows.

    1. I wonder if revealing Void Knight’s endgame this early means he will not be the final boss. His story might even be the climax of this first “half” of the season at Episode 20 maybe and then a new villain next year.

  2. Now this is my favorite epside so far.

    Void Knight’s revelation was so unexpected. But just like in episode 2, Bert Selen’s music in this one was amazing. Themes like the one where the Rangers find the Nexus Prism and the Megazord finisher are some of the best in the show for now.

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