Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 7 – “I’d hate for you to pull a muscle.”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 7 – Stego Search

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 7 Recap

Solon has finished her new Zord Finder and they try to see if it can find Javi’s Stego Spike Zord. But no luck. Solon believes it might be dormant and all they need to do is use their Keys to wake it up.

Downtown, Javi is testing out his new keytar and he draws a crowd. Double J are out looking for a story that could go viral on Buzzblast and hurry over to record Javi’s impromptu performance.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 7 Recap

Jane is impressed and says she wishes she could play too. Javi says anyone can make music, even androids. The three of them give it a try. J-Borg begins singing while Jane raps to Javi’s music. Unfortunately, Papa Garcia arrives and breaks up the performance.

Papa Garcia is upset that Javi would waste his money on a keytar especially after having tried out several instruments already this month. Javi says he enjoys trying out new instruments.

Papa Garcia shakes his head, disappointed in Javi. He takes the keytar and leaves to get a refund for it.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 7 Recap

Javi heads to the command chamber. The others tell him about momentarily detecting a signal to his Zord. Something seemed to activate the Zord, but stopped. Javi tells them to let him know.

The Rangers notice something’s off and wonder if he is having the tummy troubles Izzy mentioned earlier. Javi gets snippy with them and says he’s fine. He teleports away. Izzy says she will go talk to him.

Meanwhile, Boomtower steals a Sporix blob to power himself up as he’s tired of waiting for Void Knight who keeps spending time alone in his secret room.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 7 Recap

Izzy finds Javi in the plaza. But before he can tell her what’s wrong, Boomtower, Mucus and Hengemen arrive.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 7 Recap

Izzy and Javi morph and take care of the Hengemen before focusing on Boomtower. The others arrive to help. But Boomtower’s power up forces Zayto, Ollie and Amelia to demorph. Izzy and Javi try to take over, but Boomtower easily counters Izzy’s attack.

Izzy gets thrown down the steps and is in pain. The others tell Javi to get Izzy to safety. Void Knight arrives and scolds Boomtower for stealing the Sporix. They and Mucus teleport away, leaving Zayto, Ollie and Amelia to take care of the remaining Hengemen.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 7 Recap

Warden Garcia arrives. Javi says the Black Ranger was able to save them from the monster attack and that he tried to protect Izzy himself. But Papa Garcia chides Javi for being perfectly fine while his sister is hurt.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 7 Recap

“You didn’t try hard enough!”

Javi snaps at the other Rangers and hops in the car with his family.

Back at the command chamber, the Rangers talk about how salty Javi has been. Solon shows them the viral video of Papa Garcia embarrassing his son in public earlier.

Javi arrives and updates them on Izzy. Zayto and Amelia try to comfort him, but Javi says it’s alright.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 7 Recap

Ollie realizes that it is possible Javi’s music playing is what the Stego Zord responded to earlier. Solon tells Javi to play an instrument so they can test it out. Javi pulls out his whistle and as he plays, the Zord begins sending out a signal. Solon believes Javi’s instrument amplifies his Ranger energy.

Solon finds the location of the Zord, but Boomtower is attacking the city. Zayto, Ollie and Amelia go take care of that while Javi goes to the woods to wake his zord up.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 7 Recap

Javi’s whistle playing has his zord pop out of the ground. And just in time as the others are having trouble against the embiggened Boomtower. They combine into the Dino Fury Megazord Spike Formation and are able to debiggen Boomtower back to size.

The Rangers head to Buzzblast. Izzy is doing much better. Zayto, Ollie and Amelia gift Javi with a new keytar they all chipped in for. Javi thanks them. He apologizes for not being more open about his feelings. But he will from now on since they’re his friends.

Javi plays the keytar for the office. Everyone joins in the dancing, including J-Borg who spins so much she drills a hole in the floor all the way to a water main.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 7 Recap

Episode Thoughts

A good, solid episode. The plot itself is certainly nothing new for Power Rangers. In fact, we did this last season on Beast Morphers of course. But it was great as a character focus for Javi. And even for the Garcias again.

I think the biggest thing was the interesting dynamic with the Garcias. There’s some underlying tension there that implies Javi is a disappointment and complete opposite of the successful champion Izzy in Papa Garcia’s eyes. I doubt they’re going to go any deeper into that story other than the eventual episode Papa Garcia accepts Javi’s music. But it was some nice character moments nonetheless.

Again, Solon is awesome. She has been so great as a mentor. This episode was great in being more subtle with the lesson of the week. It should be done more like that than the hitting you over the head with it.

I loved the great, though quick unmorphed battle in the middle of the episode. It’s very refreshing to see a well-choreographed fight scene that is actually exciting.

Overall, it might not be a memorable episode. But it was an enjoyable one.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 7 – “I’d hate for you to pull a muscle.”

  1. After 2 weeks of female rangers focus episodes, we’re back to search for remaining zord for Javi/Black Ranger.

    Nice to see Javi’s love of music is brought on. Warden/Pop Garcia was really strict regards to Javi’s hobby; sounds vaguely familiar, though I can understand Pop is more into athletic than music, given his occupation.. I find it weird that Pop seems to lean favor towards stepdaughter Izzy than actual son; somewhat bizarre family relationship.
    Regardless, I hope Pop accept Javi’s later this season.

    This is going to be minor nitpick, but I’m no music expert, where I’m not too familiar with instruments, that keytar does NOT look like it cost $900; at most, it looks like $300~$400.
    I’m curious how Javi saved that much money, after spending on other instruments in past; I highly doubt that his recent job at BuzzBlast earned that much, so he must have had couple of jobs prior. I’ll say this, when I was around Javi’s age, I certainly didn’t saved half of that amount. lol XD

    I like that Javi’s Zord, Stego Spike Zord, was responded and summoned by Javi’s music ability which was quite fitting.

    It’s kind of interesting that Boomtower took Void Knight Sporix and let him keep it, which I didn’t see it coming. I guess Void Knight really trust Boomtower and it makes me wonder if Mucus gets to keep one if Void Knight gets more (probably not).

    It was nice that rangers used their money to buy Javi a new keytar (an exact same one!), but where did Zayto got money? Did he get a new job offscreen? I guess Ollie and Amelia paid for it.
    As for Double J, their humor (and dancing) worked quite well; though they are in bit of trouble for hitting water main. lol XD

    Overall, a very strong Black Ranger focus episode, which we haven’t seen in while.
    I like the idea of ranger’s talent, in this case music, summons a zord which is neat idea; IIRC, same thing happened for Wild Force Deer Zord.
    I also like the original fight sequence and Izzy getting injured (and getting cast) was quite realistic.
    The family relationship of Garcia was interesting as well.

    1. That’s true. $900 is a lot of money for someone who didn’t have a job a few weeks ago. hehe

      Good point about Izzy getting injured. I guess it had to do with matching Ryusoulger mecha battle footage. But it worked very well in the story. And it is “nice” to see Rangers actually get injured from time to time. It shows that they face a lot of danger, but are still very heroic.

  2. Another great episode.

    We got the first unmorphed fight since the premiere. I really hope to see what’s the reason behind why Warden Garcia is so mean with Javi and the music, after seeing he was always nice to Izzy.

    1. Yeah, it was very surprising to see the show would go there with the Garcias. I don’t expect them to go deep with it, but we’ll see what happens. It’s a very interesting idea.

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