Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 30 – “I never believed in hocus pocus until I got this job.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 30 – Two Fallen Foes

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

The Octavian Chalice was thought to have magical qualities in the event of a solar eclipse. Ancient Greeks would use it to ask for water, for example, during a dry season. Rose was able to essentially confirm that the chalice in their possession is the same one used by the ancient Greeks. At the moment of totality during an eclipse, it is said that a corona would be visible. Rose thinks they can ask the Chalice where the jewel is.

Luckily for them, the next solar eclipse is this afternoon. The Rangers hurry over to Greece. But Miratrix and Kamdor are already there waiting for them.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

Will takes it personally when Kamdor mocks him as a failure. The Rangers morph and they battle Miratrix and Kamdor while trying to keep the Chalice safely in their possession.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

Miratrix is able to fight the Chalice off of Ronny. But Sentinel Mack blasts Miratrix and she drops the Chalice. Ronny is able to take it back. But Kamdor blasts the others and charges toward her.

Mack battles Kamdor and is able to drive him back. Miratrix says she almost had the Chalice. But Kamdor grabs her by the collar and says she has failed him for the last time. He takes Miratrix and they leave.

Miratrix gets on her knees and apologizes. But Kamdor is not having any of it anymore.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

“I was wrong to think you could be more than you are! You’re just a worthless, greedy underling! I have no use for you!”

Hearing these words enrage Miratrix. She gets up and vows to become more powerful than him to the point that he will kneel before her.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

The Rangers arrive at the pedestal and place the Chalice on it. Rose guides the others to stand around it and hold hands as they wait for totality.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

The Chalice begins to light up. The Rangers raise their hands to the sky and Rose asks it how to find the last jewel of the Corona.

Suddenly, Miratrix comes running, shoves the Rangers out of the way and grabs the Chalice asking it to give her power and energy.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

The Chalice allows Miratrix to embiggen into a terrifying new form. Mack tells Ronny and Tyzonn to try and break Miratrix’s connection to the Chalice while the rest of them hop into their zords to try and fight her off.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

Ronny and Tyzonn are initially unable to break through a barrier surrounding the Chalice. A torrential downpour begins as the others struggle against a powerful Miratrix. Tyzonn uses his mercury form to open a path for Ronny to jump in and grab the Chalice.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

That weakens Miratrix and allows the Rangers to destroy her new form and return her to size.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

The eclipse is over and the Chalice transforms into a large plate. But Kamdor arrives, blasts Ronny and Tyzonn and catches the flying plate. He laughs that his plan has worked perfectly. He admits that he was training Miratrix all these years just to wait for the right time to use her.

Kamdor laughs as he traps Miratrix in the pendant and heads to his cave with the plate relic. Little does he know, Norg is hiding in the cave and sees Kamdor decide to use the Blue Sapphire to distract the Rangers while he looks for the final jewel.

After Kamdor leaves, Norg is able to get the Blue Sapphire to fall right into his lap.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

Kamdor calls the Rangers out. But Hartford discovers that a large meteor is heading towards Earth. The Rangers hop into the zords to try and stop it, but Will says he will take on Kamdor to settle the score.

The Rangers give everything they’ve got to destroy the meteor. Will has to summon the Hovertek Cycle and uses his Drive Slammer to counter Kamdor’s different attacks. Kamdor cannot believe Will is so strong. With one final slash, Kamdor explodes and is destroyed.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

“That was one tough hombre!”

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

Will brings the plate back to the command center and confirms Miratrix and Kamdor are no more.

“From now on, I’ll run a background check on all the girls I date.”

Hartford commends the Rangers on a job well done, especially Mack. “Thanks Mr. Hartford,” Mack replies.

Rose looks at the engravings on the plate and sees the same beetles from before. They must return to Egypt.

Meanwhile, Norg brings the Blue Sapphire to Flurious. He is excited to finally be useful to Flurious. But Flurious takes the jewel and tells him to stop bothering him.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

Over in Egypt, the Rangers head down into the tombs. Rose notices the shape of a statue is engraved onto the plate, so she places it into its hands. A door opens into a secret room.

They believe they have found the final jewel, but it is inside a stone enclosure. Will tries to use his equipment to open it, but nothing works. Rose notices that they might need the key that is engraved into the stone.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 30

Moltor watches the Rangers’ moves from his fiery pit.

Episode Thoughts

The final arc truly begins. And it was an action-packed episode. They managed to really squeeze in a lot of events in this episode without it feeling rushed or too full.

The main focus was the demise of Kamdor and Miratrix of course. And pretty much every single battle, a mix of original NZ footage and Boukenger footage, were all excellent action sequences. Great choreography and great special effects. It was a fitting end to essentially the 3rd ranked villain faction.

Sometimes, especially in the more recent seasons, general and villain defeats have been so flat and treated like mere MOTW battles. Not here. Miratrix and Kamdor went out with a bang. And that’s well-deserved.

(Though Miratrix being trapped in a pendant certainly leaves open the possibility for her to pop up in the future, even though I know it wouldn’t even be a consideration.)

I would love it though. Ria Vandervis was so great as Miratrix all season. She definitely added a different kind of vibe for the villains who were a mix of prosthetics (Flurious) and suits (Moltor and Kamdor). It was a good mix.

With the plot, there was a nice parallel between Norg and Miratrix wanting to be useful to their masters. And both masters treating them like crap. Only difference is Miratrix realizes her worth (albeit too late) and Norg is his bumbling obedient self. Very interesting dynamics to pull from to help give a foundation to this episode.

The show was able to tie Kamdor and Miratrix’s defeat to the search for the final jewel as well. A good bit of creativity, especially including Flurious, Norg and Moltor too.

Using Tyzonn’s power, drawing on Will-Kamdor’s history and even throwing in Mack’s cold “Mr. Hartford” to his father at the end; I enjoyed all the different character touches. A good balance of character and plot here.

Overall, a great and exciting episode to really kick off this finale arc.

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