Music Monday, March 29, 2021 – Vibe with These Four Tracks from ATO6, Earth Kim, I’ll and Wynn

A debut, a comeback and two amazing OSTs. Get into a vibe with these tracks from ATO6, Earth Kim, I’ll and Wynn.A debut, a comeback and two amazing OSTs. Get into a vibe with these tracks from ATO6, Earth Kim, I’ll and Wynn.

“Runway” by ATO6

The members of YGK Plus group ATO6 are all models and they bring their stylish charisma to this stylish and charismatic track “Runway.” Their vocal harmonies and smooth rap make this song quite an unexpected treat.

“Say What You Want” by Earth Kim

Kim Sunggu, former member of the group HIGH4, returns with a new solo track and a new stage name. Earth Kim released “Say What You Want” a few weeks ago, but its music video was only just released this week. The acoustic R&B song highlights his soulful vocals which help bring to life the emotional, sentimental lyrics. A great song.

For my other two songs this week, I wanted to highlight two amazing OSTs from two dramas I recently watched.

“Be Ok” by I’ll from Zombie Detective

The first is the track “Be Ok” from the drama Zombie Detective. I was immediately drawn to the emotional and haunting track. It was a perfect song for the series’ deeper, more pensive moments in between the fun and hilarity. When looking up more of the song, I was pleasantly surprised it is actually performed by I’ll (No Jeong-hun) of the great band Hoppipolla, which I recently discovered and have been listening to.

“널 닮은 너 (You Resemble You)” by Wynn from Perfume

Another drama I just finished is the 2019 KBS series Perfume. It’s a hilarious, heartfelt series. But this track definitely stood out for me. “You Resemble You” by solo artist Wynn is a vibe of a song. The emotional lyrics and smooth vocals from Wynn give a similar feeling for the drama as “Be Ok” did for Zombie Detective. A perfect song highlighting the quieter, more emotional moments of the series. And thanks to this song, I’ve definitely found another artist I will be following more.

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