Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 5 – “I know that look. You’re gassy, right?”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 5 – Winning Attitude

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 5 recap

After Izzy introduces her trainer and cousin Lily, a Special Olympics 1500m champion, to the Rangers, they all head to the command chamber to meet Solon.

Solon believes she knows where the rest of their zords are located and with the right tools, she could build something that would allow them to search for zord energy even underground.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 5 recap

On the other side of town, Jane and J-Borg are teaching children how to remain calm and report any Sporix sightings. Mucus and Boomtower arrive when a Sporix that crawls into Jane’s clothes becomes Sporix Beast Brineblast. Everyone screams and runs for safety before the Rangers arrive and morph.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 5 recap

Mucus summons some Hengemen. Zayto and Izzy use power up Keys, but Brineblast makes easy work of them. Javi uses a shield Key to block an attack from Boomtower who ends up whisking Brineblast away.

After finishing off the Hengemen, Mucus listens as the Rangers talk about finding tools for Solon and Izzy needing to leave for training with Lily. Mucus reports to Void Knight who manages to find a map where the zords could possibly be hidden. He will build a bomb for Boomtower to plant. Mucus wants to be involved, but Void Knight tells him to shut up.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 5 recap

At the track, Lily is running late because she went shopping with a friend. Izzy is upset because Lily has never been late before. She didn’t even eat lunch because she expected one of Lily’s amazing protein smoothies. Izzy reminds Lily that there’s nothing more important than winning and is very disappointed that she can no longer depend on her.

Lily says helping people is more important than winning. She offers Izzy a drink, but Izzy says she’ll be training on her own today.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 5 recap

Next day at the Junior State Championships, the Rangers come to cheer Izzy on. Javi sees Lily and calls over to her, but Lily doesn’t respond. Izzy doesn’t want to talk about what happened.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 5 recap

A young girl in a wheelchair approaches Izzy and introduces herself as Mona, Lily’s friend whom she accompanied grocery shopping yesterday. Mona says Lily helped her reach for things high up on the shelf. And she wanted to come cheer Izzy on too especially when Lily spoke so highly of her.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 5 recap

Runners are being called to the starting line and Mona wishes her well. Javi notices Izzy looks concerned and thinks she’s got gas. Izzy says she was rude to Lily and realizes how wrong she was. She wants to go talk to her, but Papa Garcia arrives. He notices her long face and also thinks she has gas.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 5 recap

Izzy has no choice but to head to the starting line. Her rival, Fern, gives her a catty good luck before they are off and running.

Elsewhere, Brineblast embiggens and sprays JaneBorg into a trash bin. They go rolling down the hill, crash into a police car and get a ticket.

Solon calls the Rangers and the others tell Izzy to continue with the Race.
She promises to come help if they need her. The Rangers hop in the Megazord and battle Brineblast.

But just then, Fern begins catching up only to trip on a branch and go rolling down a hill. She has twisted her ankle. Izzy debates whether to just leave her in the ditch or maintain her huge lead.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 5 recap

Remembering Lily’s words about helping over winning, Izzy decides to go down to help her rival. Izzy stays with Fern until help arrives. Fern thanks her, but now Izzy is dead last.

Before Izzy continues with the Race, she hears Boomtower and Mucus nearby and finds them drilling the bomb in to destroy the zords. Izzy steps out and morphs to drive them away.

Izzy calls the others and has an idea. She tells them to lure Brineblast to her location and get it to blast the mountain. It works. Izzy’s Tigerclaw zord emerges from the mountain and combines with the other zords to form the Dino Fury Megazord Claw Formation. And together, they finish off Brineblast.

Boomtower manages to pick up the Sporix blob and leaves with it.

Izzy hurries to complete the race. The Rangers congratulate her and she approaches Lily to apologize to her. Lily says of course she can forgive Izzy, especially what she did earlier to help Fern.

Izzy says she just remembered Lily saying winning isn’t everything. Even though she would have loved the medal. Lily decides to give Izzy her own medal instead.

Papa Garcia comes in and says he’s proud of Izzy for stopping to help Fern.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 5 recap

Episode Thoughts

I thought this was a great episode. It managed to deliver a good moral lesson without being condescending or patronizing to the kiddos.

I will be honest, when Mona came up to Izzy and told her that she was the friend Lily went shopping with yesterday, I couldn’t help but laugh. The moments when you realize you were a huge jerk are beyond embarrassing. But hilarious at the same time. Like, my immediate reaction was “Ooooo… Izzy, you messed up. *insertcringeemoji*” lol

It’s a realistic moment. And Izzy of course acknowledges it and wants to make things right.

Though I can’t imagine Izzy would ever be someone who would even consider leaving someone injured in a ditch just so she could win a medal. I think they could’ve done without that whole rival subplot in the episode and still have gotten the message across very well.

It’s always great to meet Rangers’ family members. So I very much enjoyed scenes with Izzy, Javi, Lily and even Papa Garcia. During their introduction, they sort of implied that Papa Garcia was some overbearing “win at all costs” parent. But thankfully, we see in this episode that it’s far less pressure. And actually a wonderful family-supported effort.

This was a much better episode about winning and competition than whatever that video game cheating episode was on Beast Morphers, that’s for sure.

I will assume they are setting up Void Knight’s continued abuse of Mucus which will lead Mucus to defect towards the end of the season similar to what Ryusoulger tried to do with Kureon.

More Jane-Borg shenanigans. The kid calling the hotline was amusing and okay. But see, that moment where both Javi and their father thought Izzy had gas? Now that’s a good fart joke. And one kids would be amused by. There’s enough comedy, physical or not, without needing to shoehorn cartoonish slapstick. TPTB, whoever they are, should understand that. Kids will buy Power Rangers toys not because the comic duo get slimed or flattened by an anvil. They’ll buy them because the Power Rangers are cool superheroes.

Anyway, forget all of that. And focus on the rest of this great, enjoyable episode. This is the kind of accessible moral of the week episode that doesn’t need to talk down to its audience. No condescension. No pretentiousness. Just a realistic and grounded story presented in an action-filled package.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 5 – “I know that look. You’re gassy, right?”

  1. Nice to see a real Special Olympics athlete Sarah Dalton, as Izzy’s cousin Lily.
    It’s not often you see real athlete appear in kids TV show.
    Since this was sports themed episode due to Izzy being athlete and had special guest by Olympic athlete, I guess this is somewhat promotion for upcoming Tokyo Olympic (which was originally planned for last year (2020) but delayed due to pandemic), even though this is not Sports Special unlike Beast Morphers last year.

    As for “Double-J”, it was nice for them to teach kids about Sporix and what to do when you see one. While it was corny and cheesy, at least they were warning public about threats in public, which you don’t see from comedic relief.
    Giant monster and trash cart gag was little over the top and too long though.
    Little girl calling Rangers Hotline was adorable.

    Nice to see more of Izzy character, where it was nice she helped injured athlete, even despite it cost her victory.
    New Zord and it’s Tiger; similar to Trini/MMPR Yellow, whose Sentai counter part was also male.

    Boomtower took the Sporix this time, where Sporix count is now tied.

    I like the moral of the week for this episode, where there’s always something more important than winning.
    This was very solid sports centric episode, which we haven’t seen in while.
    I kind of wished they saved Olympic Athlete appearance for Sports Special, but nevertheless it’s improvement over Beast Morphers Sports Special.
    It was also very strong Izzy episode, despite her second appearance.
    So far, Izzy is probably going to be my favorite ranger of the season and Warden/Papa Garcia is going to be my favorite supporting character; it would be interesting if Family Garcia ended up as best family of franchise.

    Looking forward to see Javi centric episode.

    1. In only 2 episodes, the Garcias are already better written than the other families in most recent seasons. Maybe except Ravi and Commander Shaw who had a great relationship and story compared to the rest of BM.

  2. It was a good Izzy episode. But there were 2 details I can’t still overlook.

    One, the transition between original and Sentai footage in the fight was easily noticeable, from cloudy to sunny. I know nobody can control the weather, but in previous episodes the transitions were more subtle.

    Two, they said the Zord was buried underground, but then it turns out it was inside a mountain. It was a bit weird.

    1. Oh! I didn’t notice that difference with the footage this time.

      With the underground zord, I just assumed the trail for the race went up the mountain. So it was in the mountain, but technically still underground.

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