Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 4 – “Vibing with a teenager?! No thanks!”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 4 – New Recruits

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 recap

Mucus brings in new friend Draknarok just as Void Knight has brought Boomtower to life. But he still needs the mysterious Nephrite Orb that can make him invincible. Void Knight orders Draknarok to steal it from the museum, but Boomtower says he will do it.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 recap

Meanwhile, the Rangers are at Buzzblast giving Zayto advice before his job interview. While waiting for Zayto, Ollie and Amelia meet a harmonica-playing applicant, Javi, who hopes to get the job so he can save up for a keytar.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 recap

Jane and Zayto come out of the room and she gives both him and Javi an assignment to determine who she will hire. Javi must write a story about the Nephrite Orb while Zayto must write a story about the state’s top high school athlete, Izzy Garcia.

Ollie and Amelia accompany Zayto as they find Izzy while she is training. Zayto is intrigued by all these strange things humans do in their free time, but he relates to Izzy as she currently practices her javelin throw. He approaches her and says he learned how to throw spears when he was a knight.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 recap

Izzy thinks that is a little odd. But when Zayto asks for an interview, she refuses and says she’s busy trying to improve her throw. Zayto proposes to give her a tip to have her throw her “spear” farther in exchange for an interview.

Zayto shows her a good technique and when she tries it out, it works. She agrees to the interview and they get right to it.

Turns out Warden Garcia is Izzy’s stepfather and he helps train her sometimes with the mantra that “practice makes perfect.”

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 recap

Over at the museum, Mucus, Boomtower and Draknarok arrive while Javi is interviewing a professor about the Orb. The Sporix trio swipe the Orb and leave. Javi calls the hotline to report the Sporix.

Solon alerts the Rangers and Zayto has to postpone the rest of the interview.

Warden Garcia is the first to arrive on the scene and orders Boomtower to drop the Orb. But Boomtower drops the warden instead, sending him flying.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 recap

The Rangers arrive and morph. Javi watches as they battle. The Rangers use some Key powerups and are able to knock the Orb out of Boomtower’s hands. While the Rangers have Boomtower and Draknarok tied up, Javi grabs the Orb and hops in the warden’s truck to drive off. Mucus splatters herself onto the truck to follow as the two Sporix leave.

The Rangers take Warden Garcia to the medical center just as J-Borg and a camerawoman arrive. Jane guides her through the live report, but it all goes crazy when Jane spills her drink on her keyboard.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 recap

Anyway, the Rangers greet Warden Garcia when he comes out of the medical center. Izzy comes running up to make sure her father’s alright, which he is. She is excited to meet the Rangers. But Warden Garcia says they need to find his truck which was taken by… his son Javier. He says Javi often disappears. But the police are looking for him and he will let the Rangers know once they find him and the Orb.

Warden Garcia leaves and Izzy says she can show the Rangers where her brother might be. Since their father doesn’t approve of Javi playing music, he has a secret spot where he goes to practice.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 recap

Javi arrives at his secret spot, not knowing Mucus is right on his tail. Mucus calls Boomtower and Draknarok who quickly arrive and take the Orb from Javi.

The others arrive and Izzy throws her javelin to knock the Orb out of Boomtower’s hands. While the Rangers fight off the Sporix, Javi and Izzy grab the Orb and hide behind a tree.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 recap

The Rangers are struggling, but Javi plays his harmonica which stops both Boomtower and Draknarok in their tracks. Izzy can feel the power emanating from the Orb. Javi takes it and smashes it on a rock. And inside are two Dino Keys.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 recap

Javi and Izzy each take one and they immediately morph. They are excited to become Rangers. But Izzy is not a fan of skirts, so she rips hers off.

Boomtower summons Hengemen and the Rangers take them on.

The siblings are able to drive Boomtower away and the Rangers surround Draknarok. But he embiggens and the Rangers hop into the Megazord to finish Draknarok off for good.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 recap

The Rangers are able to secure the Sporix blob and they teleport back to the command chamber and get to know each other.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 4 recap

They head to Buzzblast to apologize for missing the story deadline. But Jane gives Javi the job after his bravery and resourcefulness in trying to protect the Orb at the museum. Zayto congratulates him

Episode Thoughts

This was a great debut for the Garcia Sibs. Both characters were immediately relatable. And even endearing. All five Rangers have this sort of friendly nature, which for some reason feels refreshing. I have no idea why.

Anyway, having siblings on the team (and not as the 6th Ranger) is great and it was awesome to see their close relationship. Having Warden Buzzkill be their father is a nice touch. I’ve always liked having more family members for Rangers.

Izzy ripping her skirt off was both amusing and eyeroll-inducing at the same time. Lol It’s a clever move to get that detail out of the way and not worry about the footage the rest of the season though.

The Sporix crew was okay this week. The whole Orb plot didn’t feel all too exciting, especially knowing it was just a way to pop out the Keys. But it got the job done.

There appeared to be a lot of original NZ fight footage too, especially in the forest. And they actually looked great. They were actually fun and dynamic. Not stiff and bland like recent seasons. So I hope that continues all season.

My nitpick of the week will obviously be the unnecessary scenes with Jane and J-Borg. That first scene especially went on far too long and obviously brings up less than enjoyable memories of comic duos past.

Honestly, the Rangers themselves have provided much better humor and comedy on their own already. So there’s really no need to shoehorn anything else in, especially sight gags and slapstick. Kids enjoy normal humor too, you know.

Overall, a strong episode and a great introduction to our new Rangers.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 4 – “Vibing with a teenager?! No thanks!”

  1. A new intro with 2 new rangers, Black and Green Ranger!

    Nice to see Zayto is applying for job as reporter at BuzzBlast.
    I’m curious what information he put on his résumé, especially since he’s alien, and obviously has to use a made-up address, academic level… and his last name (which I’m curious what it is).

    I like how two new characters/rangers were introduced and rangers meet them; Javi, the Black Ranger, who plays harmonica and like music, and Izzy, the Green Ranger, who is an athlete; coincidentally, Super Sentai that came out last year, Kiramager, also had Female Green Ranger (Sena), who was an athlete, which I find it interesting.
    While Javi didn’t have much interaction, I like how Zayto interacted with Izzy, where he was intrigued Earthling athletic and teaching how to throw javelin like knight (hey, another knight reference!).

    Since we have two new characters/rangers, we also have new villain/general, Boomtower, who was created by Void Knight. Not too much to say about him though.
    Before the battle begins, I like that Warden Garcia arrive on scene, and tells Boomtower to stop, even though he has no chance against alien from outer space; such a bravery indeed, which is why he’s probably my favorite supporting character of the season.
    Speaking of Warden Garcia, it’s kind of interesting that he’s father of Javi AND astep-father of Izzy, which is an interesting family structure.

    We get a comedic moment from Jane and J-Borg, or I would call it “Double-J”, with their live report.
    I really like the spilling drink on keyboard gag, where J-Borg read gibberish on teleprompter; reminds me of scene from Scary Movie 3. lol XD

    The highlight of the episode is of course introduction/birth of Black and Green Ranger.
    I like how Javi distract villains by his harmonica, which was clever move.
    I also find it clever, that since he can’t give up Nephrite Orb, a priceless mysterious artifact, he decides to destroy, only to have Dino Key, both Black AND Green happens to be in it, which was very convenient. I’m curious what would have happened had there not be keys inside; they would have been screwed indeed.

    Then the moment we all been waiting for since the trailer/preview.
    Probably one of the GREATEST moments EVER in franchise.
    A FIRST FEMALE GREEN RANGER… with skirt, even though in Ryusoulger, Green/Towa was male and didn’t have skirt.
    Then it gets even better, where she RIPS the skirt, which was really jaw dropping and such an EPIC moment. A very creative move for why Green has no skirt, despite female.
    I watched that scene over and over, and it’s one of the mind-blowing moments ever in franchise.
    It was also effective since it was done in slow motion, which makes it better.
    Didn’t know that skirt was detachable, since it tears off cleanly without damaging the suit.

    As for fight scene goes, it was choreographed really well.
    In fact, there were hardly any Sentai footage used for this episode, aside zord battle, which was nice. I like how Black and Green reacted to teleportation and Zord cockpit (sorry Green, no music).

    Nice to see Javi got the job for bravery and trying to protect the Orb.
    I’m curious how he explained what happened to the Orb now that it’s destroyed; most likely, he explained that it was destroyed in midst of battle.
    The main team is complete at last!

    Such a great and historical episode.
    Not only we have FIRST FEMALE GREEN RANGER, but the fact she RIPPED the skirt off was such an EPIC moment, that I’m impressed at Hasbro for doing something challenging and risky. The humor was decent, where it had a good use of robot humor, such as electrocution.
    The action was also great, using very little Sentai footage.
    While this might be too early, but it might be the best episode of pre-hiatus, but we see where we go from here.

  2. It was an amazing episode. The fights were awesome, not to mention they were original footage.

    But my favorite part was Warden Garcia. Few times we have seen a civilian almost get killed by a monster. Dino Fury didn’t pull any punches.

    1. Yes, one thing missing in recent seasons is that legitimate threat to civilians. It helps to show that sometimes in order to give the story some sense of danger and importance for the Rangers to fight.

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