Music Monday, March 15, 2021 – BDC, GHOST9, TRITOPS, Park Jihoon, IZ, Casper True, J.UNA, KIMMUSEUM, SB19, OWV, DONTGIVEAFXXK, Bobby

It was another busy week of new releases! Here’s 12(!) tracks you should definitely check out! Featuring BDC, GHOST9, TRITOPS, Park Jihoon, IZ, Casper True, J.UNA, KIMMUSEUM, SB19, OWV, DONTGIVEAFUCK and Bobby.

“Moon Rider” by BDC

It took eleven months for BDC to release new music between their debut in 2019 and the release of their first mini album last year. They cut that wait time in half this time as they continue their The Intersection series with “Discovery,” their second mini album. The rookie group took a huge leap forward with their release last year. And they continue their growth and evolution with the title track “Moon Rider.” A catchy dance track, “Moon Rider” allows the three members of BDC to be their most confident yet. Strong vocals matched with a great performance make for an instantly engaging comeback.

“Seoul” by GHOST9

“Seoul” is definitely my favorite title track so far from rookie group GHOST9. The rousing invitation to South Korea’s capital metropolis is an energetic dance track. The proud lyrics play as both a celebratory party night anthem and a Seoul tourism ad. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The vibrant music video brings it all together with GHOST9’s fiery performance sealing the deal. “Seoul” definitely has you wishing you were partying there right now. (Safely of course.) Or at least driving across the many Han River bridges blasting this song at full volume.

“Green Frog (2021 Version)” by TRITOPS

TRITOPS is one of the most underrated vocal groups. And last week, they released a brand-new version of their 2013 single “Green Frog.” The emotional ballad showcases the group’s excellent, powerful vocals. You can always expect a passionate performance from them. And that’s definitely the case once again here.

“Call U Up (feat. Lee Hi)” by Park Jihoon

Park Jihoon’s smooth vocals and charisma are back with the soulful vibes of “Call U Up.” The song is in the vibe of my favorite Park Jihoon tracks. And Lee Hi adds that extra bit of vocal perfection to the excellent track.

“Say Yes” by IZ (아이즈)

Band IZ has released great music since their debut in 2017. And they make their latest comeback with emotional rock ballad “Say Yes.” The meaningful lyrics are about escaping a long winter to find oneself. And member Jihoo’s excellent vocals convey the stirring message. Definitely an underrated band, “Say Yes” is another track that deserves much attention.

“ME” by Casper True

Casper continues releasing some excellent tracks. And he does it again with this emotional and soulful track “ME.” Casper’s smooth vocals convey the lyrics about a couple drifting apart so well. It’s been a joy to see Casper releasing such great tracks.

“Knock Knock” by J.UNA with Hong Isaac

Soloist J.UNA teams up with Hong Isaac for this sentimental, nostalgic track “Knock Knock.” The laid-back, acoustic vibe of the song highlights the conversational style of the sincere lyrics. Simply a great song.

“Next Door” by KIMMUSEUM featuring Ted Park

KIMMUSEUM’s latest “Next Door” is another showcase for his silky-smooth vocals. Accompanied by Ted Park, the song is a melodic, though wistful track addressing a former lover.

“What?” by SB19

SB19, as the youngins would say these days, SNAPPED. Their latest song “What?” is definitely not what I would have ever expected from the Filipino boy group. But it represents a huge leap forward for them as well as for OPM in general, I think. Aside from the big budget production for the music video (on par with some of the biggest K-pop groups’ epic MVs), the song itself is a roaring rock-infused pop/hip-hop dance track. Slightly patriotic (the “What?” partly referring to the Filipino word for flag: watawat), the song is really about standing tall and raising your flag, whatever that flag may be or represent. It’s an empowering, anthemic song that SB19 matches with an electric performance. The group teases a new era for themselves and this is definitely an exciting start.

“Roar” by OWV

From the winning group JO1 to all the groups formed out of other finalists, Season 1 of Produce 101 Japan has indeed produced a lot of great talents and music. OWV is definitely one of those groups. Their just released MV for upcoming 3rd single “Roar” is a great showcase of that talent and charisma. It is a solid dance track that commands attention thanks to their strong, fierce performance.

“Moon” by DONTGIVEAFUCK (디지에프)

Duo DONTGIVEAFUCK make their debut with this excellent vibe of a song in “Moon.” The smooth rap and vocals from members Day Off and Milanho come together for an uptempo R&B track that has a tinge of mellow, romantic softness as they let someone know just how much they mean to them. The song is as impactful as their name! And definitely a duo to keep an eye on.

“Break It Down,” Bobby

“Break It Down” is one of my favorite songs from Bobby’s new album “Lucky Man.” So I was happy to see this live performance of the song for Culture Neon. I’d love to see live performances of my other faves from the album too.

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