Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 28 – “Oh good heavens! How much more excitement am I expected to take?!”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 28 – Home and Away II

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 28

The zords and Sentinel Sword are badly damaged and must undergo major repairs. While Ronny, Dax and Will are out looking for Tyzonn, Mack is sure he must be in some kind of trouble. Otherwise, he would have been right there with them in the last battle.

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 28 – “Oh good heavens! How much more excitement am I expected to take?!”

On “Mercuria,” Tyzonn tells Vella that he can’t get over how real his Earth dreams are. She tells him to just give it time and those memories will just go away. The sooner he can get over his delusions, the sooner they can get on with their married life.

Meanwhile, Agrios continues rampaging in the city. Mack suggests he borrow the Flashpoint Megazord from Tyzonn while he’s gone. Hartford says he doesn’t have the proper training to pilot it. But Mack replies that all he needs is the right programming.

Despite his father’s objections, Mack insists. “Just. Do it. Mr. Hartford.”

Mig and Benglo are shocked to see the Flashpoint knowing it belongs to Tyzonn whom they killed. But they hear Mack’s voice from the cockpit instead.

The other Rangers arrive back in the command center and together they watch Mack as he battles the Fearcats.

Tyzonn and Vella are walking through the forest. He says that if he can just go back to Earth and check… Vella stops him right there. She is starting to get annoyed by Tyzonn’s insistence that his delusions are real. Tyzonn corrects himself and says if he can go to Earth for the first time and check that everything’s okay, then he can be okay too.

Vella can’t believe he would just leave her again and thinks he does not trust her. Tyzonn apologizes and hugs her, saying he will stop. They hug and Vella’s eyes glow an unnatural color.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 28

Mack refuses to give up against the Fearcats even though he is struggling. The alarms sound and Spencer reports that the Flashpoint is overloading. Hartford and the other Rangers plead with Mack to abort and get himself to safety. But Mack pushes the Megazord to the max.

The Fearcats are bombarding Mack and the Flashpoint can’t take much more. A frantically worried Hartford orders Mack to eject.

Miratrix and Kamdor realize they might have underestimated the Fearcats and that the Rangers are toast. Flurious and Moltor refuse to be subjugated by the Fearcats.

Flurious says he never thought he would say this, but “I think I hate them more than the Power Rangers!”

Mack pushes the Flashpoint to its overload maximum power. The Fearcats recognize what he’s trying to do and fear they will all explode and die at this rate.

“This is for you Rangers!”

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 28

Before Mack pushes the button, the other Rangers arrive in their zords. Mack disengages the max button and the Rangers work together. Hartford tells them he is sending backup.

Spencer tells Hartford that he is almost done with repairs on the Sentinel Sword. He’s also sent out an interdimensional signal that should be able to reach Tyzonn wherever he is.

“Spencer, what would I ever do without you.”
“For your sake sir, I hope you never have to find out.”

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 28

On “Mercuria,” Tyzonn talks about looking forward to rejoining the emergency responders squad. Vella can’t believe he’d want to go back and thought he would’ve moved on from that. He is surprised. Being a responder is what he’s always wanted. And that’s where they first met.

Vella says that’s all well and good, but she thought he had moved on. She hoped they could move on to other, more profitable things. Tyzonn says that doesn’t sound like her.

Suddenly, they hear a strange sound. It’s Tyzonn’s morpher and it falls out of Vella’s dress. He realizes it wasn’t a dream after all.

“Vella” reveals herself to be Crazar.

“It’s all been a big lie, you fool!”

She explains that she replicated Vella before the cave in, hoping it would come in handy. Tyzonn realizes Vella could still be alive.

They battle and Tyzonn is able to free himself from Crazar’s illusion.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 28

Tyzonn morphs and they battle some more. Despite Crazar threatening that her demise will mean Tyzonn never finds Vella, he says he will, one way or another. With a finisher, Tyzonn kills Crazar for good.

Tyzonn hurries over to help the others against the Fearcats.

Hartford and Spencer are relieved to see he is alright. Hartford sends over the Sentinel Sword as well.

“Oh good heavens! How much more excitement am I expected to take?!”

With their entire arsenal, the Rangers are able to destroy Agrios. But the Fearcats manage to eject themselves.

The Rangers find them and they battle.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 28

Tyzonn is able to kill Mig. And after a fierce battle with the others, Benglo is killed by Sentinel-powered Mack.

Up at the North Pole, Flurious happily celebrates the demise of the Fearcats. Moltor calls his brother to say with one less faction, he’ll be able to find the jewels. Flurious offers Moltor a position in his army. But Moltor refuses to work for him.

Kamdor, meanwhile, tells Miratrix that it’s time for their final move.

Back at the mansion, the Rangers present the Octavian Chalice to Hartford. But they have to do lots more research to figure out what the Fearcats meant when they said it had more than one use. Tyzonn says he will complete his mission with the team before he goes to search for Vella.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 28

Hartford asks to speak with Mack. He says he understands why Mack is still angry with him. Mack says he can’t feel angry because it is an emotion. Something androids don’t have. So if Hartford doesn’t like the way Mack’s been acting, he can upgrade to a different model.

Episode Thoughts

This was definitely a full, exciting episode. It was a great conclusion to the last episode. And it focused mostly on Mack’s continued struggles with his identity, Tyzonn overcoming his tragic past and the ultimate defeat of the Fearcats, one of the season’s three villain factions.

First, this is definitely how to craft a villain’s defeat. The stakes were raised very high. And the Fearcats’ demise was fitting to the threat they had posed all season. In addition, of course, to having killed Tyzonn’s teammates on Mercuria. Whether or not that includes the death of Vella, I guess we’ll wait and see. (I legit don’t remember if Tyzonn ever finds her again. Or if she’s really alive.)

But the way the Fearcats were defeated was epic and explosive. So many great action scenes. And both the New Zealand and Boukenger footage worked so well.

For Tyzonn’s story it was simply him being manipulated and put in an illusion by Crazar. Though I still like the purgatory implication. Still, connecting Tyzonn’s story with the Fearcats’ defeat was a great decision. And it was executed well.

So, this isn’t the first time we see Mack on an almost suicide mission to defeat the villains. And it is a fascinating story to tackle on the show. He feels equal parts invincible and disposable. He’s a robot, so he can just be rebuilt. But he’s also lost and unsure of his life. It’s a pretty heavy story, if you think deeper about it.

I might not have known it back when it first aired, but the show was definitely setting up Mack’s story to be the endgame for the season. And seeing how they continue to develop the aftermath of the iMack revelation is great.

Overall, one of the most exciting episodes of the season.

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