Music Monday, March 8, 2021 – Five Great Tracks from Four Great Artists: Demian, Chan, ATEEZ, VERIVERY

Not four, but FIVE! great new tracks I loved this past week! The latest comebacks from three favorites and another amazing new discovery.

“Love%, (Feat. DAWN)” by Demian

My favorite new artist of 2020, the talented Demian is back with his fourth single “A Blue Not Blues” and its title track “Love%”. His most uptempo track yet has Demian introducing a different side of himself with this moody dance track that will have you vibing in no time. The bouncy melody is a fascinating contrast to the almost melancholic lyrics. And the dramatic music video, which has Demian showing off his acting skills for the first time, is a perfect visual pairing for the song. Definitely something different from him, but as great as all his releases so far.

The single album also features Demian’s soothing vocals in wonderful piano-based ballad “One More Night.”

“Anymore” and “Answer Me” by Chan

YouTube recommendations come through yet again with this excellent track from soloist Chan. “Answer Me” is a vibe of a song. The soulful R&B track features Chan’s warm vocals telling a story of longing after a separation.

But what’s so interesting is that after discovering “Answer Me,” I checked out his song “Anymore” featuring BIGONE which was released a few weeks before. And turns out it’s actually the precursor to “Answer Me.” “Anymore” has Chan telling a girl he does not love her anymore in quite an insistent and confident way. But Chan’s vocals and the music give off a hint of vulnerability. And that perfectly leads into “Answer Me,” which of course, talks about actually missing that same girl.

So I definitely suggest listening to “Anymore” first and then “Answer Me” after. One of the best music experiences you’ll have this year!

“Fireworks (I’m the One)” by ATEEZ

It’s never a surprise to get a powerful and impactful track from ATEEZ. And “Fireworks (I’m the One)” is just that. The group has already very much established their sound and style. And they return with another track that showcases their versatility and charisma. The mellow, vocal-powered verses sandwich the rousing chorus, making this an irresistible, repeat-worthy track.

“Get Away” by VERIVERY

VERIVERY comes back with perhaps their most mature and most charismatic title track yet. “Get Away” has a sort of gothic feel. A vibe you might have seen from their label sunbaes VIXX a few years ago. After well-deserved attention after their appearance on Road to Kingdom, their music has continued VERIVERY’s evolution. And “Get Away” exemplifies their stylistic growth as well as their growth as performers. It’s a captivating track.

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