Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 2 – “Nobody hijacks my tech!”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 2 – Sporix Unleashed

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 2 recap

In the forest, Zayto helps Ollie and Amelia get the morphing sequence just right. He tells them that the three other Dino Keys were lost with the original Rangers, so it’s only the three of them. But he’s got Boost Keys for them for power-ups.

Solon calls them and they test out their teleportation skills down to the command chamber. Ollie feels nauseous whenever they teleport.

Solon says she has their defense systems back online, so no one can get into the base but them. She has also put the T-Rex Champion Zord on standby.

They ignore Amelia asking about who names the zords. Instead, Solon shows them Void Knight’s scanner she found while cleaning up the chamber. Amelia says she will notify police and local media to warn everyone about the Sporix.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 2 recap

But Ollie has an idea to combine his mom’s scanning drone and the technology in Void Knight’s Sporix detector. Solon says that might be dangerous, but Ollie says she worries too much. He is sure he and his mom can figure it out if they had enough time.

Zayto says they don’t. Ollie acquiesces and they teleport into the city. Ollie and Amelia say Zayto needs to blend in a little more. To start, he shows them he can retract his antennae.

They head to park headquarters where they run into Warden Garcia and Mama Akana after he has filled her in on all park regulations. He has also banned them from going near Dinohenge. The Rangers say they would like to report a threat. But their description of Sporix doesn’t really make the warden a believer and tells them to stop wasting his time.

Amelia says she can try talking to Jane at Buzzblast for help.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 2 recap

Amelia and Zayto go on ahead while Ollie speaks privately with his mom. He assures her that Sporix are real and shows her Void Knight’s scanner. He tells her about combining it with her drone and she thinks that’s a great idea.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 2 recap

Over at Buzzblast, Jane has assembled the entire team to introduce them to her Hartford Robotics-produced android J-Borg whom she hopes to train to be her successor. She demonstrates J-Borg’s capabilities by getting her to sign a bunch of documents and then collect all the pages that she has just scattered all over the place.

Before Amelia can talk to Jane, one of her writers alerts her to a viral video of a Sporix Beast popping up near the dam site. Jane gets that writer to dig up more info.

Void Knight, accompanied by Shockhorn, try to get into the command chamber, but the defense system works to keep them out. They hide behind a tree when Ollie and his mother arrive.

Zayto calls Ollie about the Sporix at the dam site. Mama Akana says she has everything under control here. Ollie thanks her and hurries off.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 2 recap

The Rangers arrive at the dam site where they meet the Sporix, Mucus.

The Rangers morph. Zayto slashes at Mucus and she turns to slime.

Shockhorn appears and the Rangers have a much more difficult time against him. Zayto uses the Stink Boost Key to fart and drive the Sporix Beast on its back. Though Ollie and Amelia get the brunt of it.

Shockhorn summon some Hengemen to deal with the Rangers. Mucus excitedly asks Shockhorn to take her to his leader. They leave.

The Rangers head back to the command chamber. Ollie tells them about his mother working on the scanning drone. Zayto and Amelia say that was not the plan especially when Solon warned combining alien and human technology could be dangerous.

Ollie is annoyed that they are doubting his mother’s capabilities. Zayto says even if she is able to do it safely, she could be in danger if Void Knight comes back for his scanner.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 2 recap

They teleport above ground where Mama Akana is surrounded by Void Knight, Mucus and Shockhorn, forcing her to scan for Sporix.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 2 recap

The Rangers morph and run over to take on Void Knight and Shockhorn. Mucus tries to keep tabs on Mama Akana, but she whips her up in cable and slams her against a tree.

Mama Akana flies her drone, but it crash lands right onto Shockhorn who gets blown away. The scanner is destroyed and Void Knight vows to make her pay. He and Mucus leave.

Ollie tries to disguise his voice when telling his mother to get to safety. She thinks he sounds very familiar, but she thanks them nonetheless.

Shockhorn embiggens. Solon deploys the T-Rex Champion Zord for Zayto. Ollie and Amelia use Boost Keys to try and slow down the Sporix Beast until he arrives.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 2 recap

Zayto activates his zord’s battle mode and hops in to easily force Shockhorn back into a regular Sporix. Zayto explains that defeating an embiggened Sporix Beast doesn’t destroy it. Instead, it turns back into a Sporix blob and is even more powerful now. They try to retrieve it, but Void Knight comes to pick it up instead.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 2 recap

The Rangers head back to the command chamber. Zayto commends Ollie and Amelia for doing well today. Ollie says he still messed up and put his mom in danger by not sticking to their plan. He apologizes. But Amelia and Zayto say that’s alright.

While a morphed Zayto delivers a PSA to the city to report any Sporix sightings, Void Knight brings Mucus to Area 62. This abandoned government facility will be their new headquarters.

Void Knight puts the Sporix in a machine to collect the energy for his plan.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 2 recap

Episode Thoughts

A good 2nd episode. I enjoyed seeing more of Ollie and his mother together. Some quick exposition scenes to explain Sporix Beasts and the power-ups. And a so-so introduction to… Mucus?!

First of all, there’s really no reason they couldn’t tell Mama Akana they are Rangers. Especially with her expertise, she could probably help them a lot more than just when Ollie vaguely asks. If anything, Mama Akana is the counterpart of Ryusoulger‘s Papa Naohisa Tatsui and even Ui as well as Ranger allies with knowledge of all things prehistoric.

Just like they tossed Amelia a “There’s a good explanation for that” with the zord names, I wondered if they would try to explain why they need to keep their identity a secret to Mama Akana.

Not putting her in danger isn’t really an explanation especially when it was so awesome to see her whip Mucus up like that on her own. Definitely hope to see more of it. And what’s wrong with making her an ally who can fight and defend herself. When recent seasons have the comic relief duo get caught up in Looney Toons-type shenanigans and live to tell the tale, I think having a badass non-Ranger ally getting into small battles here and there would be quite normal. And much welcome.

Hope they don’t drag that plot thread into Dino Super Fury at least.

Anyway, it was a good Ollie pseudo-focus episode and it was nice to see more of his character here while still giving Amelia and Zayto enough to do as well.

Just like that scene at Buzzblast. I’m not sure if J-Borg will be a season-long thing. If not, then that entire scene went on too long if it was just something to feed the rose-tinted spectacles-wearing old fans. Lol

I appreciate the unintended Humagear reference and the callback to Operation Overdrive. (I’m sure certain fans broke out in hives just seeing anything related to OO again on the show. *rolleyes*)

The main outcome of the scene was getting the viral video of Mucus and showing how the news of Sporix gets broken to the city. So the J-Borg stuff was just extra. I guess the comic relief replacement for the slapstick characters of the past. Still, seeing Amelia at her workplace is a good thing and helps with world building both for the season and for franchise continuity (for anyone who cares).

I think though that we should’ve gotten a Zayto fish out of water episode first and then maybe the Ollie-focus next week. Since we got a great introduction to Ollie and Amelia in the premiere, I think we should have met Zayto more this 2nd episode. Not necessarily him being wowed by everything in the city. But maybe longer scenes of him and his antennae or getting him new clothes or actually getting a reaction from him about the extinction of dinosaurs. Things like that.

Maybe that’s next week.

As for nitpicks this episode, I’m actually kind of annoyed that they didn’t give American Kureon a better name. Mucus?! Come on now.

The morphing sequence is really bland and makes it feel longer than it is or should be. The CGI smoke too definitely makes me wish for some Koichisplosions, post-stock morph. You never realize how much stuff like that adds to the show until they’re gone, you know?

And yes! Farts were involved in the making of this episode. But that was definitely Ryusoulger‘s fault. Lol So Dino Fury gets a pass.

Overall, it was a good Episode 2. The action wasn’t as exciting as the premiere. But the character moments, especially from Ollie and Mama Akana were great.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 2 – “Nobody hijacks my tech!”

  1. It’s interesting to see rangers practicing with their morphing, since last time Ollie and Amelia morphed on accident; it’s something we don’t get to see so often these days.

    I like that collector item (RyuSoul) they are using is called “key”, since they are shaped like key; glad they didn’t come up with lame name like DinoSoul. lol XD

    Nice to see teleportation is back and what I find interesting is that Ollie and Amelia felt weird and sick after they teleported, which is something refreshing. If felt realistic, that human can feel motion sickness for using transportation that can travel in speed of light; especially for Ollie, which was somewhat of running gag.

    I like how rangers are spreading awareness of Sporix, which was released in previous episode, by using social media and telling it to Warden Garcia; who is probably my favorite supporting character so far.

    Nice to see Operation Overdrive reference and callback (Hartford Robotics); how coincidence, since you’re reviewing that season. J-Borg was pretty interesting and hopefully stay for entire run of season.

    The first Sporix is Mucus. What a creative name indeed. lol XD
    Judging from the way she talks, looks like she’s going to fill the position for comedic relief, which was handled by supporting character, so it’s nice to see villain fill that position.

    The first group ranger morph was handled pretty well. I like that it mentions Morphin Grid, which played major role in previous season (Beast Morphers). While rangers are wearing black spandex yet again, I like how there were creativity for directing and it had really nice roll calls!
    I also like explosion on the back, where it had designated color for each ranger.

    A very clever usage of Stink Boost Key, without mentioning fart. lol

    Nice to see Dr. Akana fought Mucus, by using power cable and slams her against tree.
    Much like Commander Shaw of Beast Morphers, it’s nice to see strong mother (of Blue Ranger).

    Power Rangers original zord cockpit has returned, since Beast Morphers relied heavily on Sentai footage (though, there were few original). I like the design of cockpit, despite using greyish color, similar to previous seasons.
    I also like the design of Mega Fury Saber, which screams FURY! I like how stabbing technique, mimic punching/finishing move, which I find it clever.

    I like how Zayto/Red delivers PSA to warn citizens about Sporix and remind to call and text on HOTLINE, which was very clever. I also like that he has red smartphone, which is nice touch.

    It’s interesting to see Void Knight and Mucus finds their new headquarter at abandoned facility, Area 62, which is a nice nod to Area 51. I wonder what it was originally used for.
    I’m also curious what Void Knight is going to with all those Sporix.

    A very solid episode, where it was nice to see rangers, Ollie and Amelia, LEARN how to morph and teleport, which was refreshing to see.
    I also like the world building and setting so far and supporting characters has been pretty solid.
    Still looking forward to see what comes next.

    1. Yes its good world building so far.

      Good point about Area 62. I wonder if its past will be a story in the future. I hope so. It would be nice to have such surprising stories instead of the heavy handrd morals and lessons of the past few years.

  2. Gotta say, I enjoyed this episode more than the first one.

    The morphin’ sequence was so SICK, and once again, the music was the best of the whole show.

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