Music Monday, February 15, 2021 – Kim Wooseok, Gaho, NOA, J.UNA

Four great tracks from four great solo artists!

“Sugar,” Kim Woo Seok

UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok returns “Sugar” it’s definitely a different vibe of a track from his solo debut. “Red Moon” was an uber-sexy, dramatic dance track. “Sugar,” meanwhile, is brighter, romantic though with still a bit of flirty playfulness sprinkled in. It’s definitely as sweet and tasty as the title suggests. The line “You got the best of me, you got it all.” in the chorus is especially catchy and perfectly captures the overall good vibes of the song. A great comeback track.

“Home,” Gaho

Gaho’s breathtaking vocals are on full display with the poignant “Home.” The song takes on an acoustic feel at the start with Gaho’s vocals right at the heart of it before it soars toward its resounding climax. Just simply an excellent track.

Meanwhile, YouTube recommendations come through once again as they introduce me to two great new (to me) artists.

“Too Young,” NOA

NOA is a Japanese singer-songwriter under Amuse Inc., one of Japan’s biggest entertainment companies. A former YG trainee, NOA releases his first EP entitled Too Young, led by the title track of the same name.

With smooth verses and a catchy chorus, “Too Young” is an immediately engaging song. NOA’s silky voice and top visuals bring it all together. The rest of the album is excellent as well. “Better,” “Friends,” “Multiverse” and English and Korean versions of “Lights Up.” It’s definitely different to pick a favorite track.

“Foolish,” J.UNA

J.UNA debuted last year and just released his newest song “Foolish,” which is the song that popped up for me. And thank goodness it did! “Foolish” is a great, soulful track and is definitely the kind of vibe I enjoy. Will definitely keep an eye on him too.

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