Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 39 – The Emperor is a Sniper

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap

Emperor Yodon is giving orders to Yodonna to kill all the Kiramagers at once. But he also tells Yodonna to stand down. That’s because the Emperor will be taking on his other form as Shadon.

The Emperor orders Garuza to accompany Shadon, his executioner, to Earth. Carantula had no idea this elite hunter was also one of the Emperor’s alter egos.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap

Meanwhile downtown, Tametomo is with the Crystalia sibs as they shop for a nice ring. Takamichi buys one for her as she is celebrating Kishinjinse, a sort of coming-of-age celebration. Takamichi says Mabushina will always be his cute little sister. But she says she’s already a grown adult. Her annoyance causes her to light the store up and it seems to add some extra shine to all the pieces of jewelry there.

At the coconut tree, the Mashins are telling the others about Kishinjinse and they agree they should have a fun celebration for Mabushina.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap

Takamichi, Mabushina and Tametomo are walking down the street, not knowing that Shadon is perched up on a rooftop ready to shoot. Garuza informs him that the two Kiramagers are accompanied by Princess Mabushina. That gives Shadon a good plan.

Shadon shoots at them, hitting a glass window before shooting at Mabushina’s feet. They believe Mabushina is the target and they run around the corner to find a safe place while they call the others for help.

Shadon explains to Garuza that he is using Mabushina as bait to draw all the Kiramagers out to protect her. Then he can shoot them all dead at once.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap

The others arrive and they hurry toward a nearby warehouse. But before they can walk in, Shadon shoots directly at Mabushina. Takamichi hears the shot and he henshins before shielding his sister.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap

Takamichi takes the bullet and suddenly turns into a mud ball. Mabushina picks the ball up and the Kiramagers henshin. Tametomo uses Kiramai Vision to spot Shadon on a rooftop. He tells the others to hurry inside and borrows Juuru’s sword in order to shoot using the Kiramai Buster right at Shadon’s scope.
Tametomo joins the others inside and tells Juuru to guard the door while Sena guards the windows. Shiguru uses Kiramai Vision to scan the interior.

Sayo asks Mabushina if she knows what happened to Takamichi. Mabushina believes her brother is still alive. She knows of the Yodon hunter who turns targets into mud balls before handing them over to clients.

Suddenly, Sayo notices a red laser pointing right at Mabushina. She shields her and takes the bullet, turning her into a mud ball as well.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap

The Kiramagers see that Shadon is inside the building with them which is impossible since they were watching all the entry points. Shiguru spots Shadon and yanks him out of the floor. They realize he can hide in the shadows.

Shiguru says they need to hurry outside where there are no shadows for Shadon to lurk around. They head to an open field near a school. But Garuza suddenly appears in Smog Jouki, casting a huge shadow over the field. That gives Shadon the area he needs to get close.

The Kiramagers try their best to shield themselves from the attacks. But a Jamenju appears to create an even bigger shadow area. Shadon has free reign over the field and is able to shoot at Shiguru.

Juuru calls Fire and the others and they form Kiramaizin. But they struggle against the Jamenju. After a huge attack, the Mashin ungattai. Juuru calls Oradin and Hakobu.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap

Tametomo and Sena keep their eyes peeled. But Shadon is still able to sneak up on them using their own shadows. Mabushina uses her bright light to distract Shadon for a moment. But Shadon tosses a grenade at them, forcing both Tametomo and Sena to dehenshin.

They ask Mabushina if she’s okay and she says she is, thanks to them. Mabushina suggests that she surrender herself to Shadon so they can be spared. This is the only thing she can do.

Tametomo, however, realizes that Shadon is not after Mabushina. He has figured out that Shadon was just using her to lure them out and that they are the real targets.

Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 39 – The Emperor is a Sniper

Mabushina again says it is her fault that everyone else is in danger. She kept saying she was already an adult when in reality she’s actually helpless and pathetic.

Tametomo says he has a plan and he needs Mabushina’s help. All she has to do is wait for his signal.

Meanwhile, Oradin notices the hinge on the Jamenju’s claw head. He tells Juuru to target it and they are able to snap the top half of the claw off. That allows them to finish off the Jamenju for good.

As the sun begins to set, the shadows are becoming longer and thus more dangerous. Tametomo decides to call Shadon out and challenges him to a duel. Shadon just laughs and shoots at Tametomo as they battle across the field.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap

Shadon prepares a decisive bullet. Tametomo runs and leaps into a bush, but he appears to get hit by Shadon’s shot. Shadon makes sure the mud ball is there before he turns his attention to the two remaining Kiramagers. He tells Garuza to fall back.

Sena calls Juuru who hurries over in Grateful Phoenix. But Sena gets shot from the back and is turned into a ball. Shadon explains that he was able to get close thanks to the huge shadow that Juuru cast with Grateful Phoenix.

Shadon points his gun at Juuru’s head. Before he can shoot, however, Tametomo yells out to Mabushina to shine.

Mabushina lets out her bright light and with help from the Mashin are able to light up all around Shadon. There are no shadows anywhere around.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap

Tametomo appears and explains that he had actually blocked Shadon’s bullet and the ball he saw was Takamichi’s. He had then called the Mashins to come over and help provide light from all around, preventing any shadows for Shadon to hide in.

Shadon says the Jamenju should’ve taken the Mashins out of commission. But Tametomo remembers how Mabushina’s light is able to make other gems shine. Not only that, their desire and resolve to save their friends makes them stronger as well.

Tametomo goes Kiraful Go. He and Shadon shoot at each other. But Tametomo blocks the bullet and instead is able to land a direct hit on Shadon.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap

The Kiramagers are returned to their normal selves and they share a happy reunion.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap

Just then, Shadon appears. But as he explodes, Emperor Yodon emerges in his normal embiggened form. The Shadon mask on his shoulder shatters and the Emperor is incensed. He vows revenge as he leaves.

Mabushina faces the Kiramagers and again apologizes for putting them all in danger.

Takamichi steps forward and tells her not to get it twisted. They didn’t protect her because they thought she was weak. They did it because they care about her, Juuru adds.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap

Sayo, Shiguru and Sena all say Mabushina means so much them and that just being around her always makes them smile.

Mabushina is very touched. Tametomo says she shouldn’t worry about being an adult or not. It was thanks to her that they were able to defeat Shadon, after all.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 39 Recap

Mabushina begins to cry. But she says they are tears of joy. She tells them she is so grateful to have been able to meet them all.

Episode Thoughts

*wipes tears*
No, I’m not crying. You are!
*wipes tears*

Well, actually yeah I am tearing up quite a bit. Going into this episode, I definitely did not expect a MaGMCM. But they definitely delivered one here. Though I should’ve expected it knowing it was a Mabushina-focus. Mabushina episodes never disappoint.

That last scene of Mabushina apologizing to everyone, thinking she was at fault because she’s still a little kid that needs to be babied. But no no. The others say they wanted to protect her because they care about her. That’s what friends, no, families are for. As soon as they said that, I lost it. Before I knew it, my eyes were welling up and the tears started flowing.

What a wonderful, beautiful moment. It’s such a great scene that really tells the story of the season. They all care about each other very much. They lift each other up. They are each other’s kirakira whenever they might be feeling a little dark sometimes.

Kiramager has really brought back the ToQger feels for me. The battle between light and dark. Close friends who sincerely care about each other. Great villains. A great overall story. Just wonderful. (Gonna need the ToQger/Kiramager crossover though. Make it happen Toei!)

The final scene was so well done and so meaningful especially after such a dramatic and heavy episode. They were getting shot at by a terrifying sniper, for goodness sakes. If it weren’t for the rubber monster, you’d think you were watching some live-action political thriller or something. It was pretty dramatic. And I think the writing was so good in having the Kiramagers be so frantic and almost helpless throughout the episode. (Music on point as always too.) They didn’t know what to do. This was a type of foe they’ve never faced before.

And Shadon was legit terrifying. Perfectly matching the Emperor’s vibe. It’s almost a shame that he was only here for one episode. But I guess his purpose as an assassin certainly fits better as a one-episode plot rather than dragging it out over a few.

“I am so grateful to have met you all!” OMG. When you throw out lines like that with these incredibly likeable and loveable characters, you can be sure I’m sitting in a puddle of my own tears.

Though essentially a Mabushina-focus, the others still got a chance to contribute their part. Especially Tametomo who got the sub-focus of the episode with him showing off his skills again. But the teamwork was still at the forefront. Especially when they were all trying to keep Mabushina safe in a tense and frantic situation.

The designs were also awesome this episode. Both for Shadon and the Jamenju. The mecha battle was so exciting.

But an even bigger reason I’m crying is the fact that there’s only SIX episodes left! Thanks a lot COVID-19. Ugh. First Zero-One and now Kiramager, two seasons that deserved the full 50. Only to get cut short because of the darned virus.

I hope Toei does a few specials for Kiramager like they’re doing for Zero-One. Though I know there’s lots more opportunities for Kamen Rider to get extra content like that since they have so many supporting characters to focus such specials and moves around. With Sentai, it’s not as easy. But with such a great cast and great characters, I just want moar!

Anyway, I really loved this episode. It might become one of my favorites of the season. It was dramatic, emotional and meaningful. A great plot, but even better character moments for our heroes. Just so good.

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