Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 36 – RAP

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 36 Recap

In the darkness, Garuza senses the Emperor approaching, but it’s only Yodonna. She informs him that Carantula is taking the lead for this episode and has gone to Earth to personally ensure his plan’s success.

Over at the coconut tree, the Mashins are helping Sena, Sayo and Shiguru pick outfits for the Crystas celebration. It is a holy festival day in Crystalia where Crystalians express their gratitude while having big parties.

Zabyun says there is one rule that must be followed on Crystas. But before he can say it, the Kiramagers have to rush out to face Carantula who is rapping downtown. Literally.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 36 Recap

Juuru and Takamichi, having been out buying groceries, arrive late to the scene and find the other four seemingly frozen. Juuru and Takamichi believe they’ve already dealt with the situation. But they bring them back to the coconut tree when something seems off.

Tametomo, Sena, Sayo and Shiguru suddenly criticize the Mashin, calling Crystalians selfish. The Stones cannot believe the harsh words. Especially when today is Crystas. Takamichi explains that as a day of gratitude, you are not allowed to insult or criticize anyone. Any such language on this day is offensive and will ban you from parties.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 36 Recap

The four Kiramagers don’t really care to participate anyway. The Mashins shut them out and say they are finished.

Juuru and Takamichi head outside and find that the citizens seem to be experiencing the same thing as their four friends. Turns out Carantula’s rapping drives people to insult each other when their hearts are infected with darkness. He hopes that will generate an unlimited amount of dark energy.

Carantula further explains that he insulted Tametomo, Sena, Sayo and Shiguru earlier.

Juuru and Takamichi henshin to take on Bechats. But when Takamichi takes on Carantula, he gets insulted and has his heart taken over by darkness like the others.

Juuru stops Takamichi from insulting him and he heads back to the coconut tree to try and convince the Mashin to snap out of their sulking. Muryou comes in with x-rays of the others showing their hearts having been struck by insults. He suggests they give the hearts some kind of positive shock that can eradicate the negative dark energy.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 36 Recap

Juuru finds Fire by the water and tries to explain the situation. He says the others didn’t mean what they said. But Fire says there was an ounce of truth in what they had said. He admits that the Stones have been staying here with the Kiramagers for their own purposes and that Crystalia and Earth are two separate worlds.

Fire says maybe it would’ve been better if they never met. Juuru refuses to agree with that and calls Fire an idiot.

Just then, Yodonna arrives to invite Juuru to an MC battle where Juuru will face Carantula.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 36 Recap

The other Kiramagers heckle Juuru as he faces both Carantula and Yodonna in rap battles. While Carantula and Yodonna spit hot fire insults at him, Juuru loses both rounds when he merely expresses his positive resolve.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 36 Recap

Bechats force Juuru to dehenshin. Suddenly, Mabushina comes running as Fire drags her in. She says he was worried about Juuru.

Juuru cannot believe it and begins to rap about Fire’s worry being too little, too late. Fire decides to rap his response as well and the two go at it. They talk about Juuru’s character development over the season and the fact that they all have a strong bond.

That gets the audience of Bechats cheering and the meter measuring audience response breaks when it overloads toward Juuru’s side. The rapper host explains to Carantula that Juuru wins because of his respectful diss.

The Kiramagers are freed from their darkness hearts. They henshin and battle Bechats. But Carantula hops onto a Jamenju and rampages around the city.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 36 Recap

All the Mashins arrive, saying they were touched by the rap battle. The Kiramagers apologize for the harsh words. Oradin says he forgives them as he felt their gratitude.

The Mashins and the Kiramagers team up to finish the job. Yodonna curses humans and she gets a hit inside of her as well.

The Kiramagers hop into Kiramaizin, King Express Zabyun, Gigant Driller and Grateful Phoenix. Together they completely obliterate Carantula’s Jamenju.

Later, Fire apologizes for what he said to Juuru about wishing they never met. Juuru says it’s alright and asks Fire for them to be together forever.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 36 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Definitely not a holiday episode I’ll be rewatching any time soon. Lol It was honestly a little awkward. It felt a little bit like they were phoning it in. Which is uncommon for Kiramager. I wasn’t really feeling the episode at all, actually, until Juuru and Fire’s rap battle. But even then, it was merely amusing rather than emotionally meaningful.

The idea of the episode is good. Especially with the idea of Crystas as a day of gratitude, this could have been a great episode where we see the two sides go through realizing they’ve taken each other for granted. And then coming together to reinforce their bonds.

Instead, the prevailing feeling from this episode was they wanted to promote all the mecha toys for all the last-minute Christmas shopping parents may be doing this week for the kiddies.

Even the idea of the rap battle being respectful could be an episode on its own where the Kiramagers express their concerns and valid criticism toward each other in a healthy way. But like the rest of the episode, it all felt insincere and flat.

Kind of sad being Christmas week and having probably one of the weakest episodes of Kiramager so far. (Though not as horrible as Juuru’s girlfriend episode!) But I won’t hold it against a season that’s been otherwise great.

The one interesting part of the episode was right at the beginning where Garuza senses the Emperor, but it was only Yodonna. I hope that’s actually something important for later.

Anyway, Merry Crystas!

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  1. , Merry Crystas Everyone!

    And yeah, the raps were TERRIBLE but I did appreciate the sentiment Red and Fire plus the fact that a true is filled with RESPECT and not malice. A good message.

  2. Awesome episode but Kakihara is NOT Juru’s girlfriend…I would HATE it if she was, HATE. IT! Juru’s too cute for that bit– You know the drill!

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