Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 17 – “I’ve got better lines than that. And I’m not even a god.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 17 – It’s Hammer Time

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 17

The Hammer of Thor and the Cannon of Ki Amuk are causing the system to go on the fritz. Rose said she tried to fix it earlier, but it didn’t work. Ronny says she can take care of it. She gives the control panel a little bump and everything’s fine now.

Meanwhile, the Yanomami Statue isn’t giving them any Earth-bound clues on the location of the jewel. But Rose is able to figure it out. The statue’s face is on Mars. But that does not mean the jewel is on Mars. Only that the face is staring at the actual location of the jewel. Rose works her magic and finds the location is Mexico.

The Rangers make their way south of the border where Miratrix and Kamdor are waiting for them. They demand the relics and Miratrix summons a magician monster, Top Hat, that immediately embiggens.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 17

The Rangers morph and hop into their zords. After switching arms on their Megazords, the Rangers are able to defeat Top Hat for good.

With the Rangers exhausted from the battle, Flurious sees this as an opportunity to finish them off. He sends Chillers and the Rangers take them on while Ronny guards the hammer and cannon. But Ronny is surprised when Thor appears behind her.

Thor demands he hand over the hammer, but Ronny says they will do that when they’re done with it. Suddenly, Thor apologizes and believes Ronny is actually the goddess Freya. The others are in trouble with the Chillers. Thor says he can help if Ronny lets him use the hammer. He promises to give it back afterwards.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 17

Ronny reluctantly hands it over and Thor slams the hammer on the ground, destroying the Chillers instantly.

Back at the mansion, Ronny is upset at Thor who refuses to give the hammer back. Thor’s rudeness, especially when he demands cake from Spencer, begins to rub them the wrong way. Will calls him a punk, but Thor wants to whisk Freya away as his bride.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 17

Still in Mexico, the others find a location. They use the cannon to try and blow a hole into a rock formation, but it doesn’t work. Rose says they need Thor’s hammer.

Hartford offers a blank check to Thor, but all Thor wants is Freya. Ronny is disgusted. But when Thor hears them mention the Corona Aurora, he is more than happy to help. Though quite suspiciously.

They head back to Mexico and Thor tries his hammer on the rock. But Ronny notices he’s acting like a petulant child, especially when he can’t even leave a mark on the rock.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 17

Moltor pops in and sends his Lava Lizards to retrieve the relics. The Rangers morph and Moltor himself battles the Rangers as well. Ronny asks Thor for help, but he refuses. Just then, a crash of thunder and the real Thor appears.

Moltor is afraid of two Thors so he leaves.

Turns out the “Thor” they’ve been interacting with is Loki. He traipses off with the hammer. Back at the mansion, the real Thor says Loki has been searching for the hammer forever. The only thing he wants more is the goddess Freya. That gives Ronny an idea.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 17

Ronny dresses as Freya and lures Loki to a boat. She makes it appear that she is trapped by Thor and the Rangers and can only marry him if they hand over the hammer.

Loki obliges and Ronny tosses the hammer to Thor. But when Loki wants a kiss from Freya, she pulls off the mask to reveal she was Spencer all along.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 17

“I don’t normally kiss on the first date.”

Spencer smashes the cake onto Loki’s face.

Ronny and Thor return to Mexico with the others. But Flurious arrives.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 17

The Rangers morph and battle Chillers while Thor goes head-to-head with Flurious. Meanwhile, the Fearcats Mig and Benglo have arrived in San Angeles with their new robo. Hartford calls the Rangers and they hurry over while Tyzonn stays behind with Thor to drive Flurious away.

The Rangers hop into the DriveMax Megazord. And with Tyzonn arriving, they are able to take on the Fearcats together. Thor marvels at the Rangers’ strength and power.

When the Rangers are in a little trouble, Thor uses his hammer to attack the Fearcats’ robo. That gives the Rangers an opening. They upgattai to the DriveMax Ultrazord and destroy the Fearcats’ robo for good.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 17

Back in Mexico, the Rangers try to use the cannon and hammer together. And it works! The rock formation explodes and inside is a relic that isn’t the jewel, but has a high reading.

Ronny gives Thor his hammer back and thanks him for his help. Thor wishes the Rangers good luck before he leaves.

Just then, Moltor pops back in and grabs the relic for himself.

Episode Thoughts

It was a fun, very packed episode. There was a lot of action. But what I enjoyed was how it was still a well-balanced mix of morphed and unmorphed scenes. We got several on-ground battles (highlighted by several full team morphs), a few zord battles AND unmorphed non-action scenes with actual plot too.

I vaguely remember this episode so it still felt new. I didn’t even expect that twist with Spencer and the mask. Though I shouldn’t be surprised considering he’s done that a few times already. (Does he pop up in masks a lot during the season? I don’t remember lol) But that was a hilarious moment. Spencer is definitely a GOAT ally on PR.

The episode used the Boukenger footage creatively as well and was able to tie in with the Ronny-Thor/Loki plot with those scenes. It was a fun plot for the episode.

The unmorphed battle with the Chillers was so good. And being the first episode where all three villain factions make moves, it also made sense to be so action-packed.

And the cliffhanger? I like a good cliffhanger on a well-written serialized show like this one. 😉 Add in the globetrotting again, it just makes for a good time.

Overall, an exciting and fun episode.

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