Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 39 (19) – “How does it feel to be responsible for the destruction of all human civilization?”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 39 (19) – Source Code

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 39

Nate says he has developed a failproof way to disintegrate the Evox virus. They head to the holding cell, lower the shields and Nate shoots the antivirus at Evox.

What they don’t know, however, is Evox has already infected GBHQ computer systems. And it is all according to keikaku.

Evox leaves the holding cell and inserts himself into the computer to reach the Morph X towers. The Rangers hurry to try and destroy the computers with direct access to the Morphing Grid. But it’s no use. The Rangers chase after Evox throughout GBHQ until they reach the vault.

Evox pulls out a case containing the RPM morphers and taking one of them out, is able to repair himself using the data inside it. Evox says they are powerless against him and Nate should know why.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 39

Evox explains that he is actually Venjix. And he begins his exposition by recounting how Nate had been recklessly experimenting with old Ranger technology, Morph X and snake DNA. That included using the RPM Cell Shift Morpher which was able to release the Venjix virus resulting in Evox’s current snake-inspired form.

Evoxenjix shoots at them and walks through GBHQ. Nate cannot believe he is responsible for this entire season’s nonexistent story.

The Burke Sibs stand in Evenjox’s way, but he just ties them up and walks away. The Rangers morph and join the Beast Bots in the garage exit to match with Go-Busters footage before the Beast Bots disappear again. Venjox summons some Robotrons to battle the Rangers while Devon tries to take on Evojix himself.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 39

Vevox taunts Nate about being responsible for the extinction of the human race before shooting him and forcing him to demorph. Evix disappears.

Zoey finds Nate in the lab as he beats himself up over not being a boy genius as advertised. He snaps at Zoey who is only trying to calm him down and tells her to get out of his face.

Zoey heads to the command center and asks Devon if he can help her call Dr. K.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 39

Later, Dr. K walks through the portal in front of Nate and narrates RPM clips. She says they should work together to save this world, but Nate refuses. Dr. K takes a seat and says she will just wait until Nate is done feeling sorry for himself.

Nate snaps at Dr. K and makes it seem like she has no idea what she is talking about. Dr. K says to solve any problem, you have to take the first step and not just sulk around doing nothing.

Dr. K’s words serve as a slap on the head for Nate and he decides they can start by looking at the Venjix source code in the morpher.

The other Rangers are watching from the door and they congratulate Zoey for being able to help Nate snap out of his pity party even though it was actually Dr. K who did it.

Over in the Crystal Dimension, Evoxenjix shows Blaze and Scrozzle the access codes for the Morph X towers around the world which they will activate and take over the Morphin Grid.

Blaze says he will go and enter the codes. But after he leaves, Venjox also gives Scrozzle the access codes and says he is the key to the plan’s success.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 39

Back at GBHQ, Dr. K concludes that they have developed an Evox vaccine. But Nate is still very negative and doesn’t think any of this will work. Dr. K is confident.

The others come in to say that Blaze has been spotted and they need Nate to come with. Nate wants to just stay here in the lab. But Dr. K says she can probably do a better job on her own will finish the antivirus so Nate can help his teammates in battle.

Ben and Betty walk in and try to insert themselves into the story. Dr. K instead has them mix up a special kind of fuel that seems very much like tea just so they can leave her alone.

The Rangers find Blaze. They morph and battle, but Blaze is much too powerful for them. They find an opportunity for Nate to test out the antivirus vaccine bow. They shoot at Blaze and he explodes. They celebrate the death of roboBlaze.

Back at GBHQ, Nate thanks Zoey for lifting him up at his lowest point.

Over in the command center, Commander Shaw asks Dr. K if she can stay. But Dr. K says she must return to Corinth and start checking their own systems for traces of Venjix.

Nate thanks Dr. K for saving Beast Morphers.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 39

Dr. K: “You are guaranteed to face challenges in life. But you don’t need to face them alone. Not when you’ve got such good support around you.”

The Burke Sibs come in with Dr. K’s fuel. Ben is appalled that they did not know it was tea. But Dr. K says they performed admirably and are welcome in her lab anytime.

Dr. K says the Beast Morphers have a beautiful world and reminds them to keep it safe.

Dr. K hops into the portal and returns to her own, better season of the franchise.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 39

Just then, the Morph X towers around the world are being activated. Evox laughs at the Rangers for being so preoccupied with Blaze that they didn’t even know Scrozzle was actually the one activating the towers.

Now the end of the world has begun.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 39

Episode Thoughts

I will say Dr. K is the best thing to happen to Beast Morphers. That’s for sure. You just compare Olivia Tennet’s delivery and the actual lines they gave her to the rest of the season? And it’s night and day. And considering that she actually had great lines of dialogue (a lot of it almost like hilariously judgmental shade at the characters of this season), you start to wonder where this writing was all season.

Now before we talk about the supposed shocker of this episode, let’s rewind back to almost ten years ago when Go-Busters first aired. I was one of the many annoying people to mention how it would make for a great RPM sequel if adapted to Power Rangers. Now, this was also a time when there was still plenty of hope in the franchise. That somehow Samurai and Megaforce were just anomalies.

So the foundation for a direct RPM sequel was there. Messiah was Venjix. The same Ranger colors. Just make it a direct sequel and go. Of course, plenty of fans thought that was absurd. But it doesn’t hurt to dream and think about possibilities.

Fast forward to whenever it was first revealed that Olivia Tennet would be making an appearance on the season. But even more so back to this summer when this episode first aired abroad.

As soon as I heard about, read about and then watched the episode, I felt nothing. I definitely did not feel like “Wow, my dream has come true!” Partly because I’ve lost all hope in Power Rangers and would love to keep Power Rangers as far away as possible from Sentai and other PR seasons I actually like and in this case, love.

But another reason is that my cynical, negative side pops up. Just like the deus ex machina of “Ranger History Class,” stuff like guest stars and now connecting this season to RPM all feel like half-hearted attempts at dogwhistles… I mean Easter eggs for all those old, rose-colored glasses-wearing fans. But that doesn’t excuse poor writing that even little kids in the target demo roll their eyes at.

The revelation that Evox was Venjix landed with a thud. It’s not like this was an OMG IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW moment! Nope, it was just pulling something out of thin air. There was no build up or development toward the revelation or even Evox’s plan. No, they don’t need to drop obvious hints throughout the season. But aside from there being no rising tension regarding Evox’s endgame or his “real identity,” this finale feels like any other MOTW. And that speaks to the show resisting any kind of serialized narrative.

Anyway, did they ever explain why all this Ranger technology is at GBHQ other than wanting to satisfy the rose-colored glasses-wearing “old” fans who are only looking for nostalgia and Easter eggs?

Also, Grid Battleforce controls the entire worldwide network of Morph X, yet they have the most lax and incompetent security ever. Nice!

Overall, a pretty blah penultimate episode. But my apathy to it definitely is not meant to take away from anyone who loved it or enjoyed it. If you love the RPM connection, then more power to you.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 39 (19) – “How does it feel to be responsible for the destruction of all human civilization?”

  1. This was a great episode.

    So Venjix’s revelation was the ultimate purpose of the Ranger vault, and I can’t help notice that, in the flashback, there was a Megaforce morpher. Probably it was Jake’s, the Black SNAKE Megaforce Ranger, maybe that’s where Nate got Morphing Grid-powered snake DNA. If there’s one thing Beast Morphers excels at is in details like those.

    And Dr. K was a nice addition. Helping Nate using her own experience was amazing. I think it would have been perfect to bring back the whole RPM team to help the Beast Morphers Rangers defeat Venjix once and for all.

    1. I wouldn’t have wanted to see RPM make a one episode cameo. Especially for a finale. It should be more about the current team than having to bring back old Rangers. Especially when they did that already just a few weeks ago.

  2. Since we’re onto last 2 episodes to wrap up the season, we FINALLY found out who Evox is.
    He’s Evox, a main villain from RPM!
    It’s kind of interesting, that when Go-busters was airing in 2012, many Power Ranger fan speculated that adaptation might be RPM sequel/continuation, due to similar color and aesthetics, and Messiah would be resurrected/upgraded Venjix; didn’t expect some of those came true, 8 years later.

    While it was nice that show gave an explanation of how he was brought back by using flashback of younger Nate, experimenting on Cell Shift Morpher, where Venjix was trapped in RPM finale, fused with snake DNA giving birth to Venjix; it doesn’t explain how Cell Shift Morpher ended up in “The Vault” (which came out of nowhere) and why it took so long for him to come back, but at least SOME explanation is better than nothing I suppose, which was problems with last few seasons.
    I wasn’t completely surprised with this reveal, since I’ve seen RPM and it has been speculated by fan for several years, but the way they executed was somewhat creative and clever, particularly for those who hasn’t seen RPM, since it provided flashback for that season as well.
    It was also nice that Andrew Laing voiced Venjix in RPM and is credited as Randall Ewing in Beast Morphers, to distinguish voices.

    Dr. K and Nate moment was pretty good and memorable.
    Talk about Clash of Geniuses!
    It was great to see Olivia Tennent again and I like that she is much calmer and mature she was than RPM. I also like her interaction with Ben and Betty, which was handled very clever.
    The “tea gag” was handled perfectly.
    Before Dr. K went back to Corinth, I like that she stated that she’s going to check the system for any traces of Venjix, which is a nice set-up for possible/potential crossover for future season.

    Overall, it was very solid build-up for upcoming finale.
    Despite having plot-hole of whereabout of Cell Shift Morpher from “The Vault”, it was nice fan service for RPM.
    Probably the best crossover (sort of) of this season.

    Looking forward to see how everything wraps-up.

    R.I.P. Robo Blaze

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