Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One – Project Thouser (Part 2)

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Project Thouser is entering Phase 6 which involves compiling Zetsumerise Key data to complete the process. Gai tasks Yua with retrieving a specific Key. And to do that, she needs to act as a bodyguard for the Hiden-produced drama series.

After Yua leaves, Gai is surprised when Williamson Yotagaki pops into his office. Williamson has with him the just-completed Thousandriver. But he has other concerns. He wants Gai to explain about installing Naki’s data into Isamu without permission.

Isamu explains that it is so they can manipulate Ark. And Williamson shouldn’t have a problem since Gai is in charge of all ZAIA Japan decisions.

Williamson declares that Project Thouser will be frozen because of Gai’s actions that have resulted in Ark going out of control. Gai had a chance to fix his mistake, but instead acted in his own self-interest as usual.

Gai says he knows Ark the best. But Williamson drives home the point that Gai’s arrogance has brought this upon himself. Williamson adds that they both worked on Ark’s development, but he regrets ignoring Gai’s selfish scheming.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

“Ark should’ve been humanity’s hope, but you turned it into the devil!”

Williamson says Gai does not have what it takes to be president.

After Williamson leaves, Gai says he will 1000% complete Thouser.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

After driving Jin away, Yua tells Isamu that she might betray him one day. Isamu says when that happens, he’ll win. Later, Naki takes over Isamu’s body when Gai calls. Gai directs them to tell Horobi to obtain the final Zetsumerise Key so he can complete Thouser.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Yua reports to Gai about the drama project being in trouble. But Gai says this is all going according to his script.

Over in Daybreak, Horobi orders Assassin-chan to kill Owada.

Gai proceeds with his plans. To get everything, he must control everything. That is a president’s job. A.I.M.S. and are just his pawns in accomplishing that goal.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Gai proclaims that no one will stand his way of becoming Thouser.

After Isamu battles Assassin-chan, he heads back to the A.I.M.S. van only to have Naki take over once again. They report to Horobi that final preparations for Ikazuchi’s revival are ready. Horobi says MetsubouJinrai will finally be reunited.

Williamson pops in and approaches, knowing he is talking to Naki. He wants Naki to hand over all past and future data regarding Gai and Project Thouser. Because Gai has been acting recklessly, it is damaging ZAIA’s reputation.

Naki breaks free of Williamson’s control over them and points the gun at him. They will remain loyal to Gai as it is Ark’s will. Williamson knows Naki is lying and asks why they continue to obey Gai. He believes Naki has reached Singularity.

Naki remembers Gai shooting them after they mentioned about finding a way for Humagears and humans to peacefully co-exist. Williamson demands Naki tell him what is going on. Naki says they need the Thousandriver to defeat Ark.

Naki explains that being with Isamu has shown them that Ark is also an enemy to Humagears. Williamson asks if Naki will kill humans after. But Naki says they just want to be free.

Williamson is intrigued and wants Naki to explain more.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Over in Daybreak, Horobi tells Jin they have all they need for Ark’s triumphant return.

Williamson speaks with ZAIA development saying they first have to force Ark out, including driving it to land out of the water. But they will also need a vessel. And that vessel ends up being Horobi which needed to be destroyed in order for that to happen.

To facilitate this plan, Williamson gives Gai the Thousandriver.

Gai tells Yua that MetsubouJinrai’s defeat is going along pretty easily. But Yua says that is not true. A.I.M.S. is sacrificing so much, especially Isamu who has vowed to put his life on the line. Gai says that makes for a wonderful war movie. But as long as is defeated, Kamen Riders will become profitable weapons.

In the garage, Williamson approaches Yua and asks her to restore Horobi. But also make sure Gai knows nothing about it.

Naki calls Williamson and thanks him for his help. Williamson says that he was hopeful when Hiden and ZAIA worked together, but Daybreak ruined that. Now, Williamson wants to put his hopes in the Thousandriver and in Humagears.

Naki has one more request before Williamson leaves.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

After Jin’s death, Naki picks up the USB with all his memory data and hands it to Williamson. Naki asks Williamson to restore Jin in order to entrust the future of the project to him. Also, Naki would like Williamson to reset their data by reprogramming them. To ensure the success of the project, must be completely wiped out for now.

Williamson asks what Naki would like to do if the project is successful. But Naki says if successful, there is zero possibility that they will be freed. Williamson says to believe in a miracle.

Naki says they never considered having hope. They never realized how meaningful freedom was. Naki hopes for Jin, Ikazuchi, Horobi and them to be reunited in the future.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Over at ZAIA HQ, Gai appreciates his new Thousandriver and declares this to be his era.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Gai henshins for the first time.

As Williamson returns to the United States, he says they will create a brand new Humagear that will not be reliant on Ark or ZEA.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Episode Thoughts

Not as many clips as the first part of Project Thouser. But maybe since it’s been a while since Zero-One, I can’t tell which are clips and which are new. Lol

But overall, it’s been a great two-part special. I feel like it could’ve been a great full-length movie. There’s so much great dynamics here. Whether it’s Williamson vs Gai or Yua vs Gai or Naki vs Gai. Basically, everyone vs Gai. Lol

It was great to watch someone point out Gai’s arrogance to his face. And also address it since they didn’t necessarily do so too much in-series. Williamson’s role in Jin’s revival also was barely touched upon. So seeing how it came about here is so cool.

It’s awesome to see more Naki and what they went through behind the scenes. Lots of great character moments from them that really help to fill out their story.

And in that sense, I would have loved to have seen more of this in-series as well. Seeing Ryutaro Okada (one of my all-time favorite Kamen Rider actors) having to play Naki-in-Isamu would have been awesome to watch. And he definitely would’ve been able to deliver a great performance.

The one thing I did not like about this episode was having to relive Jin’s death again. Too sad. Huhu. I did wish we got to see a little more about how he is rebuilt. Maybe the moment that he awakens and Williamson fills him in on everything. Jin is arguably the best character from the season. And Daisuke Nakagawa also one of my all-time favorite Kamen Rider actors as well.

I did enjoy seeing the Yua-Isamu “I might betray you one day” scene. It’s so interesting and nostalgic to see that scene after what eventually happens in their relationship. This episode also does a good job of showing Yua’s struggle which was only touched upon briefly on the show before the final arc.

With Saber not really doing much for me right now, it’s so fun and enjoyable to watch Zero-One again. I care so much about these characters and seeing them, even in just a short special, makes me very happy.

Overall, there’s enough material to have Project Thouser actually be a full-length V-Cinema movie. I would have loved to have seen one. It would of course be more bloody and more dramatic. And with this cast, that would’ve been awesome. But what we got, it actually added a lot of extra context and foundation to what we saw in-series. And that’s always great.

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