Recap: The Amazing Race 32, Episode 9 – “I just feel bad for him that I have my fingers in his mouth. But he’s been a good boy.”

Recap: The Amazing Race 32, Episode 9 – This is Not Payback, This is Karma

The Amazing Race 32 Episode 9 Recap The Amazing Race 32 Episode 9 Recap

Eswar finally finishes the Road Block and he and Aparna can join the others in making their way to Charminar by auto rickshaw. Kaylynn, meanwhile, just gets started.

At Charminar, teams find a Blind Detour. In This, teams must roll a cart of bangle bracelets to a shop and then search through to complete a matching set for a waiting bride. In That, teams must take a mold for a patient’s teeth and then clean, polish and fit a new set of dentures for another.

Riley & Maddison, DeAngelo & Gary, Will & James and Hung & Chee choose This. Eswar & Aparna choose That. Hung & Chee decide to switch Detours when they find out what the Detours actually are.

The Amazing Race 32 Episode 9 Recap The Amazing Race 32 Episode 9 Recap

Riley & Maddison remain in first place and can now make their way to Taj Falaknuma Palace. There, teams must dress in traditional outfits and ride a horse and buggy with local rich people.

Riley & Maddison arrive at the Yield and of course choose Kaylynn & Hayley to ensure their elimination.

Recap: The Amazing Race 32, Episode 9 – “I just feel bad for him that I have my fingers in his mouth. But he’s been a good boy.” The Amazing Race 32 Episode 9 Recap

They open the next clue revealing the Road Block: Who wants to set things straight? For this Road Block, teams must prepare the long table for a royal dinner based on an example. Once they have ten correct, matching settings, they will receive the next clue.

Riley gets started with the Road Block with James and Gary close behind.

Eswar & Aparna and Hung & Chee finish the dentures and leave. Kaylynn & Hayley also choose the teeths.

Back at the Road Block, Riley and James share information with each other but not Gary about measuring their settings. James declares the Mine Five is dead.

Riley & Maddison run to the nearby Pit Stop and claim their first place win along with a seven day Caribbean cruise.

The Amazing Race 32 Episode 9 Recap The Amazing Race 32 Episode 9 Recap

Before James leaves, he tells Hung everything she needs to know to complete the Road Block correctly. He and Will check in as Team #2.

DeAngelo calls Hayley & Kaylynn cockroaches as the sisters arrive and learn they have been Yielded again. DeAngelo & Gary check in as Team #3 followed by Hung & Chee and Eswar & Aparna.

That means, as it was expected at the start of the Mega Leg, Hayley & Kaylynn are last and eliminated.

The Amazing Race 32 Episode 9 Recap The Amazing Race 32 Episode 9 Recap

Episode Thoughts

You can feel that this “half” of the Mega Leg was less packed and not as well-planned out as the first half of the Leg. This would be a pretty poor Leg on its own, tbh. Only three locations, basically. So they pretty much copped out on this Mega Leg. It was really just a Leg and a half. Traditional SuperLegs/KOR Legs/TBC Legs were longer and more difficult.

They actually got out of actually planning a full 9th Leg in the guise of this Mega Leg. Anything to save money with the smaller budget I guess.

It helps that this episode aired alongside Episode 8. Originally, this episode was to air on its own tonight. So I can’t imagine how worse the episode might have been in that case. Especially when it was painfully obvious that Hayley & Kaylynn were doomed from the start.

Anyway. Have both Detours in a Blind Detour always been on the one clue? I thought you could only know what the Detour was if you went to that specific location. Like, if you chose This, you wouldn’t know what the other Detour was unless you actually went to That location?

The bangles Detour was good. You like a good market and cart task on TAR. The dentures Detour is a recycled TAR task though. And only one team at a time? Definitely not a balanced Detour.

The extra task, if we can call it that, was fine. Teams should’ve cleaned the buggy or something. Or even pulled the rich couple themselves and not use a horse.

The Road Block was also okay. A typical attention to detail task. But any good the task had was negated by the alliance talk popping up again and ruining everything.

Both Yields were also right before the last tasks of would-be Legs 8 and 9. Yields and U-Turns at the end of Legs have always been bad since it ensured the team’s elimination.

So as a whole, this much-hyped “Mega Leg” was okay. Not the monumental, game-changing historic moment they made it out to be. But certainly an above average outing for this season.

My Subjective Team Rankings

The Amazing Race 32 Kaylynn Haley The Amazing Race 32 Aparna Eswar GAP The Amazing Race 32 Hung Chee The Amazing Race 32 Gary Deangelo The Amazing Race 32 Riley Maddison The Amazing Race 32 Will James

At the beginning of the Race, I never expected I would like Kaylynn & Hayley this much. But that’s thanks to the Mine Five. The sisters have actually been a fun team to watch this season. And as lucky as they may seem, they’ve had to claw their way back a few times. And they did. Plus, they never gave up. Even though they had no other team to hold their hand. They were called “cockroaches” and looked down upon by the other teams this Leg. But they can take pride in the fact that they made it this far on their own. Something not many teams can say on this season.

Eswar & Aparna, being #5 in the now dead alliance are in big danger next week. And that’s sad considering they’re probably the only team left that I want to actively root for because I like them.

Hung & Chee continue to really fall behind and are not looking like the dominant team that came right out of the gate earlier this season. Gary & DeAngelo, interestingly enough, did well on their own this Mega Leg without someone feeding them answers.

Riley & Maddison were kind of unlikeable in the front most of the Leg. And the continued hand-holding with “true alliance”-mates Will & James was just again, not very appealing or exciting to watch.

Episode Quotes

Hung: “If the patient needed a colonoscopy, I’d do it too.”

Hung: “You can’t even imagine the disgustingness that comes out of their little bodies.”

Kaylynn: “I just feel bad for him that I have my fingers in his mouth. But he’s been a good boy and he’s gonna get a lollipop afterwards.”

Rich Local: “How I wish I was a female, I would’ve worn it.”

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