Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 15 – “I thought it was kinda cute the way you totally choked.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 15 – Behind the Scenes
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 15

Flurious is intent on acquiring the legendary Cannon of Ki Amuk. Kamdor walks in and proposes an alliance in order to retrieve the cannon and eliminate the Mercury Ranger.

Over at the mansion, Tyzonn tries to get Hartford to tell him about his zords. But Hartford wants to keep it a secret for now. Spencer comes in to say that Hartford has a guest, old college friend Jessica Jeffries. She is the host of Good Morning San Angeles and would like to interview the Rangers for the show. Hartford hesitates, but he decides to let the Rangers have a moment in the spotlight for once.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 15

The Rangers are on set. Ronny, no stranger to media appearances, tries to get the others to just relax and have fun. Though Dax is very nervous as this is his first time in the spotlight.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 15

During the commercial break, a disguised Miratrix approaches Jessica and hands her “commendation medals” from the mayor for the Rangers. Jessica says she’d be happy to present them.

After the live show, the Rangers get up to leave. But Tyzonn feels a little woozy. He says it’s just from the hot lights. The fake medals were actually made by Kamdor to react negatively to Tyzonn’s mercury.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 15

Meanwhile, Flurious shows Norg his new robot. But the Fearcats steal it and head for the Ki Amuk Cannon themselves.

Back at the mansion, Hartford tells them the Yanomami has readings from Indonesia. So the Rangers morph before they head off. But Tyzonn is unable to and seems to grow weaker.

The others go to Indonesia without him. But the Fearcats are already there. While Mig fights the Rangers above ground, Benglo uses Flurious’ robot to drill into the earth and reach the cannon.

The Fearcats hop into the robot and can now use the cannon with it. The Rangers hop into the DriveMax, but the Fearcats are still too powerful for them. The Megazord is forced to separate and the zords are damaged so much that the Rangers have to abandon them for now. The Fearcats decide to head downtown to destroy the city.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 15

Jessica and her cameraman are about to go cover some poodles, but when there is an alert about the attack, she says they need to go cover that instead. People are running for their lives. Jessica asks one of those people what’s happened and he says that the Power Rangers have been defeated. The cameraman says it’s over and they need to get out of here. But Jessica believes there’s more to the story. She takes her heels off and hops back into the van.

They hurry over to the mansion and tells Hartford that she checked with the mayor’s office and they never sent over any medals. She takes the medal off of Tyzonn and he is able to get back to normal.

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 15 – “I thought it was kinda cute the way you totally choked.”

The Rangers are on the streets filled with rubble and say it’s not over yet. They morph and ask Spencer to send all the zords they have left. The Rangers are unfortunately forced out of the zords by the Fearcats.

But just then, Tyzonn comes rolling in with his brand new zords. After helping to put out fires in the city, Tyzonn combines the three zords into the new Flashpoint Megazord.

Tyzonn is able to shoot the cannon out of the robot’s hand and drives the Fearcats out. They vow to destroy Tyzonn in the future.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 15

Tyzonn sees the cannon shrink and he leaps out of his Megazord to catch it.

In the ice cave, Flurious and Kamdor point fingers at each other for their failed plan. The Fearcats walk in and say they are the only ones who will kill Tyzonn. Flurious can’t believe they would show their faces here again after stealing the robot. The four of them start to battle each other as Norg watches.

Back at the mansion, the Rangers show Spencer their real medals from the mayor. Hartford says the Cannon of Ki Amuk may hold the key to their search.

Good Morning San Angeles is on and the Rangers hurry over to see Jessica announcing she is leaving the show. She’s taking a job as a field reporter, her dream job, at Global News Network. But before she signs off, she would like to thank Hartford and the Rangers for being an inspiration to everyone.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 15

Episode Thoughts

This was a fun episode. Not necessarily some big episode for Tyzonn’s Megazord debut. But it had a good plot and good action.

Hartford’s friend Jessica was great. It’s always nice to have guest characters pop in. It’s refreshing. But she was also great being the intrepid reporter who goes out of her way to not only report the story as a real journalist, but use that journalism skill to figure out what happened.

That’s the kind of good guest character you should have on the show.

The talk show scene was fun in the beginning. And it helped set up the main plot of the episode, of course. It was also great because it allowed for some funny one liners relating to the Rangers’ personalities.

All the villains actually had solid plans this episode. They failed, but they were good plans on paper. And at the very least, worked somewhat before reporter Jessica and Tyzonn’s new zord threw their wrenches into those plans.

The brawl at the end with Flurious, Kamdor and the Fearcats was awesome. It’s just out of control and crazy. It’s a dynamic not seen on other seasons and it’s fun here on OO. It’s interesting because even if the villains are at each other’s throats, it doesn’t mean they are less of a threat to the Rangers. It adds some unpredictability to what is, admittedly, a familiar formula on Power Rangers.

Also, it was a quick visit, but nice to see “Indonesia” on the show. I’m sure it was the first time many children would’ve even heard of such a country. hehe

Overall, a very fun and enjoyable episode.

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