Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 36 (16) – “It’s dangerous for us to spend any more time in each other’s bodies.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 36 (16) – The Silva Switch

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 36

Steel wishes he could taste ice cream. Nate surprises him by saying he’s been working on a way to turn Steel into a real boy. The Burke Sibs have been helping tweak the neural aligners to accomplish that goal. But the melting ice cream in Steel’s hand causes a short-circuit and activates the not ready- neural aligners to switch their bodies.

Steel is excited, but Nate says they have to return to their old bodies before the molecules decay. Steel convinces Nate to let him use his body for a day.

The Rangers have to hurry out when Blaze and a Robotron rampage downtown trying to steal some Morph X. Nate has trouble dealing with the weight of Steel’s body.

Blaze and the Robotron retreat. While Nate has to go back to GBHQ for maintenance on Steel’s body, the other go enjoy the beach for Steel. They tell Nate all about it when they meet at Riptide.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 36

Steel orders all the flavors of smoothies so he can finally try them and he loves it. So much so that he breaks into a full-on musical number about being human.

The others are so hyped by their High School Musical moment. And Nate realizes he has taken being a human for granted. They all remember to appreciate being human from now on.

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 36 (16) – “It’s dangerous for us to spend any more time in each other’s bodies.”

The Rangers hurry over to deal with Blaze and the Robotron again. They morph this time and battle the Robotron while Blaze goes to collect more Morph X. Devon, Ravi and Zoey go Beast X. But Blaze has a brand new and more powerful body.

Blaze kills the Robotron as he is no longer needed, takes all the Morph X and leaves. The Morph X energizes Evox and commends Blaze for his good work. Roxy is suspicious of Blaze’s power up.

A Gigadrone is arriving. But the molecular decay is accelerating. So Nate heads back to GBHQ to prepare their return to their bodies while the others hop into the zords to take care of the Gigadrone.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 36

Later, Nate and Steel switch back to their own bodies. Steel is grateful for the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a human.

Episode Thoughts

So this was a pretty good episode. Everything was going well. Steel’s a fun character. But then… they decide to break into song?! What in the world?!

First of all, they should’ve mixed this plot with the plot of the episode with Nate’s parents. Would’ve been a great, fun episode with all the potential shenanigans they could’ve done with the two plots mixed together.

The Blaze-Roxy stuff was also interesting because relatively speaking, any kind of plot and character development with the villains is welcome considering they’ve been static and almost irrelevant most of the time.

But the musical number. My goodness.

I’m watching this episode after now seven weeks of AMAZING character songs from across the Pacific on Kiramager. And this does not even compare. If I look back in the future at what episode effectively killed what little goodwill I had left for Power Rangers. It would probably be this episode.

(And *spoiler alert*, the entire season ends with this same song. Good grief!)

This might be the point where I have to accept that I’ve grown out of Power Rangers and no amount of nostalgia will keep me interested or looking forward to anything related to it in the future. I’ll still enjoy my favorite seasons of the past. But if there was a last straw for me after this post about my apathy, it will be this episode as well.

I will say, I probably wouldn’t have as much a problem with the musical number if this were a holiday special or something. I can appreciate a fun moment like that if done well. But the song was horrible. And to just throw it in there like it’s a normal occurrence? For a season that is supposedly the most serious or whatever of the combined Saban Brands/Hasbro Era? Nope. Nope nope.

3 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 36 (16) – “It’s dangerous for us to spend any more time in each other’s bodies.”

  1. Throughout the nearly 30 years of franchise, there has been handful of musical episodes, but nothing come close to weirdness and zaniness as this. When the season premiered last year, I NEVER imagined in million years that there would musical, so I went completely off guard for this one. Not only this was musical episode, but also body swap (main plot) as well, so it killed two birds with one stone; or put scoops of ice cream in one cone. lol XD

    As for song itself, despite mixed reception from general audience and fan, I thought it was fine for what it was. While the lyrics itself, for how being human is awesome, is very mixed, the overall score and choreography was top notch. It was strangely entertaining. Nate’s actor, Abraham Rodriguez, did a pretty good job with playing Steel, despite bad lip sync. It’s nice that real-Blaze AND real-Roxy is back, even though they had nothing to do with this episode.

    I noticed that this season has weird message of anti-robot(ism), where being human is better than robot, which happened with Chaku (turned back to human) and Steel who wants to be human. Though to be fair, for Steel case, part of him has Nate (human) DNA, so it’s kind of make sense by story standpoint, since he’s essentially Pinocchio, but at this point in time, he should accept for who he is already, regardless if he turns human or not; it’s no wonder why Beast Bots Trio had so little screen time and presence (thank god, they don’t have human DNA. That would have been worse. lol XD

    Overall, this episode was very… strange.
    A weird hybrid of body swap AND musical, yet it was strangely entertaining… for very awkward reasons. I really can’t comprehend how I should feel about it, even few days after seeing it (months if you count international spoiler, which I didn’t see).
    Normally, this is an episode I should really hate and despise, but surprisingly (and strangely) I didn’t. I enjoyed it for what it was; though, it’s possible I had a very rough and stressful week, so maybe that why I wasn’t too upset, for watching something like this.
    It’s not the best episode or filler by any means, but it had a weird sense of fun, enjoyment, and touching moments…. so yeah?

    It’s a guilty pleasure. A biggest guilty pleasure of franchise IMO.
    This sounds controversial, but something like this is a part of uniqueness and charm to long lasting franchise, and I applaud Hasbro for trying something difference and creative for one, even if overall reception has been mixed. For better or worse, it’s an “interesting” chapter of franchise.

    Now, where’s my Power Rangers musical?
    On second thought, I want MUSICAL themed Power Rangers!

  2. The High School Musical moment was great because of one thing: At long last, the whole band was togheter. The Rangers, Ben, Betty, AND Blaze & Roxy. Just the way it should have been since the begginning of Season 2.

    Also, I have noticed that after the team-up arc, the production have really improved the original fight scenes, especially the unmorphed ones.

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