Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 11 – “I’ll get the sandwiches around here, if you don’t mind.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 11 – Face to Face

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 11

Mack and Spencer are trying to get Mr. Hartford to rest. But he is excitedly working on the new Sonic Streaker zord. Mack is ecstatic when his father says he will pilot the zord. Mack goes to tell the others all about it, so much that they grow a little annoyed by his repeated gushing.

Meanwhile, Flurious calls Moltor who tells him about the parchment that slipped right out of his fingers. Moltor vows to get it back. He summons Tyzonn and says if he can retrieve the parchment, their deal will be complete.

Back at the mansion, Rose says a professor at the university in England might help them decipher the parchment. Dax asks if he can come with since he’s never been to England before. Will suggests Mack also go along so he can tell Rose all about the new zord.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 11

Over in England, Tyzonn finds them just as they are speaking with the professor. He grabs the parchment and runs off. But Mack, Rose and Dax morph and chase after him. Bullox arrives to help Tyzonn.

Rose and Dax take on Bullox while Mack battles Tyzonn for the parchment.

Tyzonn drops a small pouch and he frantically collects the contents that have fallen out. That allows Mack to grab the parchment, but Tyzonn ends up ripping it in half.

Tyzonn and Bullox manage to escape with most of the parchment. Dax picks up one of the small shards that fell out of Tyzonn’s pouch and they return to the mansion.

The professor says all he can decipher out of the small piece of parchment is a mountain and diamond. Rose thanks him for his help. He says the university is very proud of Rose’s accomplishments and becoming a superhero. She suggests she return to the university to teach a class on it when this is all over.

Dax scans the small crystal shard from Tyzonn’s pouch and it ends up being a regular old piece of space quartz. Mack wonders why the alien got so upset over it. Dax jokes that he must be the most sensitive monster they’ve encountered yet. But he believes he’s just a regular old lizard freak.

Mack insists there’s something different about this guy.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 11

Moltor warns Tyzonn and Bullox that they better retrieve the rest of the parchment. So the two begin rampaging downtown to lure the Rangers.

Ronny takes the Transtek and the Rangers hurry over.

Bullox causes major destruction downtown, but Tyzonn says he should at least wait until people have evacuated first before destroying buildings. The Rangers help get the people to safety.

Suddenly, a large piece of rubble is about to fall on a woman. But Tyzonn leaps to help her. Ronny arrives just in time to catch the falling rubble.

Tyzonn tells the woman to hurry and get to safety. But she is freaked out by his appearance and runs away. Ronny orders Tyzonn to get away from the lady and she transforms the Transtek Armor.

Ronny shoots at Tyzonn and Bullox has had enough of this nonsense. He demands the parchment piece and orders Tyzonn to retrieve it. Mack and Tyzonn approach each other. But Mack demorphs, to the surprise of the others.

Mack says Tyzonn is not like the other lizards. Tyzonn pauses before saying that he is. Mack hands the parchment over. And just as Tyzonn is about to take it, Mack signals to the others. They shoot to tie up Bullox and Mack tries to grab hold of Tyzonn.

Bullox breaks free and summons Lava Lizards to take on the other Rangers.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 11

Mack chases after Tyzonn into the forest. They battle some more. Mack thinks about morphing, but instead tries to talk to Tyzonn again. He says they are not enemies. But Tyzonn just runs off and the chase continues until they reach a waterfall.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 11

Tyzonn looks at his reflection in the water and screams “No!” He stomps on his own reflection. Despite Tyzonn telling him to stay away, Mack is persistent in trying to talk to him, believing Tyzonn is not a bad guy. Mack asks who he really is.

“I am no one!” Tyzonn replies and says that it won’t matter when he is killed by Moltor for not having the whole parchment.

Tyzonn asks what the parchment is all about anyway. Mack explains that it will lead to a jewel of the Corona Aurora. Tyzonn is surprised that the Corona has been found. But he fears if it falls into Moltor’s hands, he will destroy all that is good. Mack says Tyzonn should hand over the parchment then so they can stop Moltor.

Tyzonn leaves.

The other Rangers have a tough time dealing with the Lava Lizards and then having to face Bullox. But Tyzonn arrives and tells Bullox to stop. He will no longer be a part of such evil.

Just then, Moltor arrives and Tyzonn remains defiant. He does not care about their deal anymore. Moltor slashes at Tyzonn, leaving a huge cut. But Tyzonn fights back. The two battle.

The Rangers think it is not fair for Moltor to battle a hurt Tyzonn. But before they can join in, Bullox tells them to mind their own business.

Moltor prepares a finisher at Tyzonn. But Mack arrives to push Tyzonn out of the way.

Mack morphs and battles Moltor. Moltor orders Bullox to finish off Tyzonn. But Mack again jumps in to save him.

Mack helps Tyzonn to safety, but Moltor and Bullox follow. The others are confused about what’s happening, but hurry after them as well.

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 11 – “I’ll get the sandwiches around here, if you don’t mind.”

Mack wraps a cloth around Tyzonn’s arm. Tyzonn thanks Mack for saving his life and they shake hands.

Tyzonn explains that he brought shame to his planet by bowing to Moltor’s will. Now he would like to help stop Moltor and make amends by showing Mack the parchment.

They join the two pieces together and the parchment is whole again.

The others follow the trail of alien blood as they search for Mack.

Mack tells Tyzonn they better get to the base right away. But they are stopped by a group of Lava Lizards.

Episode Thoughts

A very exciting episode! Lots of great action and obviously a big development in the story.

I definitely did not remember Tyzonn’s origin story. So I watched this episode like it was my first time. It was well-executed and a great introduction. I feel like it’s a very Sentai plot. But Sentai plots are usually good. So the fact that they were able to translate such an idea well is a good thing.

It was awesome seeing Moltor out on the field and dealing with traitor Tyzonn like that. It raises the stakes and helps build Tyzonn’s character as well. The way they slowly reveal his true colors is done well. And the pretty brutal actions by Moltor to kill Tyzonn who is being held prisoner by him help to make the eventual reveal in the next episode (I assume) all the more exciting and impactful.

Elsewhere, Spencer continuing to deliver perfect one-liners. The quick trip to London was fun and again gets the Rangers out of San Angeles. And I did not know there was a secret passage in the living room down to the base. Ronny pushing the button and sliding down was very cool. It’s as close to a secret agent/spy Power Rangers as we’re gonna get. (Hello not-Go-Busters)

Overall, an exciting episode that felt brand new to me. Great action, both Boukenger footage and original NZ footage. And effective writing to set-up the big introduction to our new friend.

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