Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Chapter 7: The Sword of the King, Lies in Avalon.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 7 Recap

As Rintaro enters Liberation, Sophia and Tetsuo explain that it is a training ground where time moves differently and can put an enormous, life threatening strain on the body.

They forget about Rintaro and refocus on Touma having found the way to reach Avalon which is in an alternate dimension just like in the legend of King Arthur. Thinking about the clue of two dragons and a light, Kento believes he must accompany Touma on his journey. Especially as they expect Calibur to be waiting at the door to Avalon as well.

Kento henshins and uses his swordsmanship to connect the 13 stories into the diagram needed to open the rift he and Touma can enter through to find the door to Avalon. Calibur is doing the exact same thing, only backwards.

They all make their way through the psychedelic portal.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 7 Recap

With Calibur on his way to Avalon, Storious suggests they take the time to further their plans. Zooous is eager to get back out there, but Storious says it’s time for Legeiel to get some screentime for a change.

Mei excitedly finds Touma’s manuscript for the month on the counter and is about to call her friends to hang out. But she remembers what Rintaro went through and wonders if he is alright.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 7 Recap

Rintaro is in Liberation, doing all he can to train and be strong enough to wield the same power his master did using three volumes.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 7 Recap

Meanwhile, Ogami-san and Ren hurry downtown where Legeiel and Medusa Megid are turning people to stone in three different booked-off sections of the city.

Touma and Kento run into Calibur who henshins right in front of them. Kento henshins and summons his Gatriker for Touma to hop on and continue with. But Touma believes Calibur will follow them to Avalon anyway. So they might as well head over together and deal with him there.

Calibur knocks Kento down and charges toward Touma demanding he hand over Brave Dragon. But Touma and Calibur’s dragons unite in the light and open the door to Avalon.

Kento holds on to Calibur to allow Touma to run toward Avalon by himself.

Touma finds himself in a bright white space of nothing. A mysterious figure appears and says that whatever Touma believes will be. He warns Touma not to seek the great power. But Touma says he needs to save the world.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 7 Recap

Sophia approaches Slash, but Tetsuo says he is not ready yet.

Just then, Rintaro stumbles out of Liberation with the new Tenkuu no Pegasus Book.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 7 Recap

Mei gets caught up in the chaos when Storious grabs hold of her by the neck. Zooous grabs her from the front and is excited to eat her. He tosses her in the air and Mei prepares to say goodbye to the world.

But just as Zooous opens his big mouth to swallow Mei, Rintaro arrives and catches her.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 7 Recap

With hearts in her eyes, Mei thanks Rintaro and he tells her to get to safety as he lets her down.

Rintaro whips out the Peter Fantasista and Tenkuu no Pegasus Books and locks them in to three volume uphenshin.

Mei sends Rintaro some hearts as he battles Zooous with all the new power he’s been able to acquire.

Mei continues cheering Rintaro on as he delivers a finisher against Medusa.

The city is debooked and the stone people are back to normal.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 7 Recap

Mei runs over and jumps on Rintaro with a big hug.

Meanwhile, the mysterious figure continues to tell Touma that whatever he believes shall be. So Touma closes his eyes and manifests the King of Arthur Book. The figure says this begins his trail to prove his worthiness.

Touma is transported to caves where he faces a powerful foe. Touma is able to unsheathe his sword and two book henshins with King of Arthur. He easily finishes off the foe, but remembers his trials are just beginning.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 7 Recap

Episode Thoughts

I will admit upfront, the thing I was most interested in with this episode was seeing the Rintaro-Mei ship sail. It was amazing and very unexpected. I thought we’d just have to keep a Rintaro-Mei ship in our headcanon. But they’re actually putting it out there so brazenly like that. lol

Now, I will be a little cautious and hope that this is actually going to be a continuing thread through the season. Like, I hope they’re actually going to pursue something romantically between the two. Or if not, at least build up their friendship to the point that we’ll get that moment where one of them will jump into battle to save the other. As best friends, as lovers. Whichever.

At the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re only being teased. And Mei is just that crazy and excited with everyone.

But for now, I bask in the glow of a legitimately cute and sweet moment for them. And a nice, quick conclusion to their three-episode mini-arc.

Mei was hilarious all episode. But it was definitely a Rintaro-focused mini-arc. We met his master and we saw his resolve leading to being able to wield the new power. Honestly, that should’ve been an episode all on its own. But it’s fine.

Now on to the other, less interesting, stuff in the episode.

Just kidding. But, you know. Actually, the next most interesting part of the episode was getting to see Storious, Legeiel and Zooous for a relatively extended bit of time. The show really needs to speed it up a little with their development.

Next up is Tetsuo and Sophia nudging him towards becoming Slash (again?). We don’t know much of Tetsuo’s backstory. So it might be coming soon, I assume.

And finally, the search for Avalon and King of Arthur. It was a little bit of an underwhelming journey. Especially when all Touma did was close his eyes and the Book pops out.

I honestly didn’t feel much excitement or feel the stakes were high with whatever Touma and Kento were doing. Even though it would’ve meant Touma can’t henshin. There’s just so much going on, it’s hard to be interested in this part of the episode when almost everything else was more exciting and fun.

I will say, Touma is badass when he’s serious and angry. Though there was moment where it sounded like someone else dubbed over Touma’s lines when he forcefully yelled over to Kento that they should go on ahead to the Avalon door together. Very odd, but I liked the image of strong and firm Touma.

Overall, I’ll remember this episode as the start of Rintaro and Mei’s love story. Whether it’s show canon or headcanon, who knows. But I enjoyed the cute moments and was mildly interested in everything else.

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  1. Rintaro’s new form looks Badass but Evil..I like it!

    And yeah this was definitely the beginning of a Rintaro and Mei ship. We’ll see what happens.

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