Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2) Special – “You’re no lady, just another monster.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2) Special – Making Bad

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Making Bad

Scrozzle has modified the Reanimizer to allow the reanimated clones of past season villains to come back stronger than before with the use of diamonds. To decide who to bring back, Scrozzle pops in some Power Rangers DVDs to watch old episodes.

First up, he presents Koragg from Mystic Force. But Roxy reminds them Koragg turned good and she proceeds to show them awesome clips from an actual good season.

Over at Riptide, the current Rangers watch the Breaking News talking about an invisible diamond thief (in reality, Scrozzle’s new Robtron Thieftron). Ravi correctly wonders if Evox is behind this, but Nate thinks that’s an absolutely absurd idea and completely out of the question. Ravi proceeds to lay out even more correct analysis which convinces Devon and they, along with Zoey, head to the next possible jewelry store.

Back in the Crystal Dimension, Roxy proposes they resurrect Astronema. Scrozzle pops in an In Space episode. But Blaze points out that Astronema not only turned good, she became the Pink Ranger.

Scrozzle then panders to the MMPR-only crowd by suggesting Lord Zedd. But Roxy says he’ll just stab Evox in the back.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Making Bad

Meanwhile, Ravi, Devon and Zoey spot the Robotron and chase after it. Devon is able to retrieve the stolen diamonds. The Rangers morph and quickly destroy Thieftron.

Back at GBHQ, Nate begrudgingly admits he was wrong and Ravi was right. Steel says Ravi would make a great detective.

While Poisandra and Curio take over with the next diamond heist, Blaze suggests they resurrect Psycho Red. After watching more In Space and Lost Galaxy episodes, they decide that’s not a good idea either.

Scrozzle has sent a Gigadrone and Nate and Steel go take it on while the others wait at the diamond center. Poisandra and Curio arrive and hurry inside the warehouse where they are met by Ravi, Zoey and Devon.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Making Bad

Fury and Wrench appear and the four of them battle the Rangers. Nate and Steel arrive and together they destroy the Dino Charge clones.

Back at the Crystal Dimenson, Scrozzle, Blaze and Roxy try to comfort Sledge. But Evox has finally made a choice as to who to resurrect: Goldar.

For the ultimate MMPR-only fan pandering, Scrozzle cues up a Mighty Morphin clip before they reanimate a souped-up Goldar.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Making Bad

After Goldar destroys Sledge, he and Evox make preparations for the dino crossover.

Episode Thoughts

So it’s refreshing that the clip show isn’t a holiday episode. But it’s also very awkward to have the clips be old seasons and then have to compare them to Beast Morphers.

Take Mystic Force, for example. The clips they used (though very spoilerish for anyone who hasn’t watched lol) showed the climax of one of the season’s big stories. Imagine that! A Power Rangers season with an actual story.

Same for the Astronema clips as well. A time when Power Rangers was able to balance both the silly and the serious. Instead of just lecturing little kids using fart jokes and throwing bones to the rose-colored glasses-wearing nostalgic old fans.

Anyway! This was an above-average clip show. Which means it was pretty good considering most clip shows are horrible.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2) Special – “You’re no lady, just another monster.”

  1. So instead of Halloween Special, we got a Villain Special this time.

    It’s nice that instead of getting usual tradition of Halloween and Christmas Special, we got something different in forms of Athletic and Villains Specials, which is rather refreshing. I hope Hasbro continues with this for later season (Dino Fury and beyond).

    Apparently, not only Steel was detective in “Believe It or Not”, but Ravi as well, by noticing an alphabetical pattern of diamond stores. Very clever indeed.

    Nice to see clips from older seasons, where all of them happened to be from Saban and Disney Era (No Neo-Saban/Saban Brands) which was 4:3 aspect ratio (full screen). An interesting choice for villains they shown, where half of them turned good (Koragg, Astronema). It’s kind of weird that they didn’t mentioned that Zedd turned to human from Zordon’s Energy Wave; instead they mentioned that he used bomb to destroy King Mondo and his crew, where Scrozzle was appalled, which I find it funny.

    Kind of weird that of all the villains that was chose to bring back, they chose Goldar, with new forms (from Kyoryuger vs. Go-busters). I guess diamonds allow past villains to get new form/body.

    Sledge and his crews are wiped out (yet again), but I have a feeling that they might come back in Dino Fury… I think.

    No Ben and Betty again; what a surprise.

    Overall, a decent clip show, despite horrible re-dubbing of past season clips, where some of the characters are horribly placed (I know it’s the right issue and technical stuff, but still). It’s nice that clip shows don’t need to rely on Holidays (Halloween and Christmas) and tries something different for a change. It also helps it has set up for next episode, making this Episode 12.5. The clip shows in Beast Morphers have been pretty decent, which is huge improvement from last few years.

    1. I agree. They can do clip shows that are not holiday themed. But I don’t know that it will be the norm for Dino Fury. They will still have holiday episodes maybe for the first year or second year. ( if there is one)

  2. I like the fact that even this clip show is the continuity of the plot we have seen untill now.

    I also like how Blaze and Roxy were the ones correcting the bad guys (and even themselves) on their choices, it kinda is a reference with Nate and Ravi about Keeper last episode. All 4 of them were the original Beast Morphers team, so I suppose they studied a lot of Ranger history.

    And of course, Ravi being a detective was a reference to his Sherlock Holmes costume in the Halloween special.

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