Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 32 (12) – “I’ll need my crew!”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 32 (12) – Finders Keepers

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 32

The Rangers have killed Ryjack and they are now on the search for his ship full of Ranger Relics. Having split up, Zoey has found it first. But some mysterious being is also on its way toward it. The others tell Zoey to wait for them, but she attempts to enter the ship by herself.

Zoey triggers the self-destruct mechanism in Ryjack’s ship and she gets blown away.

Scrozzle has also been searching for Ryjack’s ship and finds it just as it explodes. Evox orders Blaze and Roxy to go and salvage what they can. Scrozzle gives them Ryjack’s Reanimator to help.

Blaze and Roxy find Snide’s sword and they decide to reanimize him. They run away just as Zoey regains consciousness.

Zoey wakes up to find Keeper looking through the rubble and she immediately assumes he is bad just by his outward appearance. She finds a Compliance Collar and tosses it at Keeper’s neck.

The boys arrive and they immediately recognize Keeper from Ranger History Class. Zoey must have failed that one.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 32

Anyway, Keeper says he just wanted to retrieve the weapons stolen by Ryjack. Ravi can’t believe Zoey would attack Keeper before even knowing who he was.

The Rangers look through the Ranger Relics and find Lord Zedd’s staff, among other things that are thrown in just to please nostalgia-loving, rose-colored glasses-wearing old fans.

Devon apologizes to Keeper and tosses him into the back of a GB boxtruck. Which is actually being driven by a Vivix. So much for being careful.

Devon, Ravi and Zoey morph and chase after the truck. But a swarm of Vivix stops them, allowing the truck to get away. A Dimensional Portal opens up and out pops Tyler, Chase, Koda and Ivan. They battle against more old foot soldiers before they can reach the boxtruck Devon stuffed Keeper in.

Blaze, Roxy and Snide are able to take Keeper into custody, especially considering he has a Compliance Collar. Back at the Crystal Dimension, Evox orders Keeper to give him a Ranger History Class.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 32

Back at GBHQ, the Dino Charge Rangers and Commander Shaw pile on Zoey for being so reckless earlier. Nate comes to his girl’s defense. But Zoey admits that she has made many mistakes today. She apologizes to the Dino Charge Rangers and the Beast Morphers Rangers say they will work as a team to get Keeper back.

Evox contacts GBHQ and tells them he will kill Keeper if they don’t hand over the old Ranger toys. Commander Shaw immediately agrees to terms because Keeper’s vast knowledge is dangerous to be kept in Evox’s hands.

They will save Keeper and then work to immediately retrieve the old toys. Tyler says they have to focus on Keeper though and Zoey assures him that will happen.

The Rangers head to the location where Scrozzle, Snide and Keeper are already waiting. They hand over the old toys which Scrozzle quickly takes back to the Crystal Dimension. Snide, meanwhile, laughs at the Rangers’ foolishness.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 32

The Rangers morph. The Beast Morphers Rangers leave to take on the Gigadrone while the Dino Charge Rangers, including Shelby and Riley, take on Snide.

Scrozzle reanimates Sledge, Poisandra, Curio, Wrench and Fury to send over and help Snide.

Keeper just stands and watches until the Beast Morphers Rangers return. Zoey takes Keeper and the Rangers run away back to GBHQ.

They remove the Compliance Collar. Keeper says he has no recollection of his time with Evox. But Zoey is overconfident that they will be able to handle every single thing that comes their way.

The Dino Charge Rangers return home.

Keeper thanks the Beast Morphers Rangers. Zoey again apologizes for profiling Keeper earlier.

Keeper says he has other business to attend to and leaves.

Commander Shaw warns that more crossover action is ahead.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 32

Episode Thoughts

A generally above-average episode. And again, mostly because of guest stars. It certainly wasn’t because of anything the Beast Morphers Rangers did.

I know this episode is leading up to the use of the big Dino reunion movie that shoved the Go-Busters aside. Certainly perfect for Saban Brands and Hasbro and their dinosaur obsession to incorporate here on Beast Morphers.

The plot of the episode itself could’ve used some work. Much of the tension in the episode was because of the Beast Morphers lack of common sense and oversight. Zoey profiled Keeper and essentially arrested him based on his appearance. (Plus, didn’t we already go through this just last week when they did the same thing to Captain Chaku?)

Then stuffing Keeper into the back of a boxtruck without even checking who was driving. Not to mention the fact that it was the back of a boxtruck with zero ventilation! Umm… okay.

The obvious pandering to the old nostalgia-seeking, rose-colored glasses-wearing fans is also very tiring. Ranger History Class? Lord Zedd’s staff? I honestly don’t care. And apparently this continues all the way to the end of the season. So, Beast Morphers‘s final arc will basically just be about crossovers and guest stars. That says a lot about the Beast Morphers themselves.

Anyway, Scrozzle’s delivery of his “There’s a catch. It just exploded.” line in that scene at the beginning was very amusing. And the explosion Snide sends at the Rangers when Shebly and Riley arrive is hilarious since it was so obviously a transition to the Sentai footage.

Overall, another above-average episode for Beast Morphers. But not for the same reason most people will have for possibly liking this ep.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 32 (12) – “I’ll need my crew!”

  1. Even though Ryjack is dead now, his Reanimator, Compliance Collar, and collection of weapons were essencial in this epsiode.

    I love how after the hiatus each episode, even though it has its own central plot, has something that will play an important role in the next episodes. That’s something I’ve really missed in the Neo Saban era.

  2. Sorry for the delay; I had a busy week.

    Didn’t expect to see another crossover so soon after 2-parter with Chaku (Gavan Type-G), since I was expecting another filler before another; but given the amount of episode remains, I guess they really have to move on.
    It seems to be that next few episodes are going to focus and relies heavily on crossover for final showdown with Evox, which is kind of unique and weird, but I give them credit for a build-up, despite being bit rushed.

    It’s been 2 years since (Super) Ninja Steel, and we’re already seeing Dino Charge rangers return again; this time as full team.
    I find it interesting that Hasbro used footage from Kyoryuger vs. Go-busters, a crossover movie that came out during Kyoryuger, a show that came out after Go-busters. As someone who has seen both shows, its kind of felt awkward to see a crossover for a show future (Kyoryuger 2013), used in past (Go-busters 2012) series. But I digress.

    Is it me, or “Beast Morphers Rangers mistaking/judging someone (ally) as villain and attack immediately”, has become a running gag? They did the same thing with Chaku and now Keeper? I can sort of understand Chaku, since NONE of the Rangers knew who he was, since they didn’t know about Space Police, but Zoey should have known Keeper, even with the hood and from the back, consider the fact they should have learned from “History Class”; especially since Keeper is a mentor. I swear, if rangers saw Cruger (SPD), they would probably attack him immediately, assuming he’s villain. I really hope they don’t do it for third time. Undeniably, the weakest part of the episode.

    As for crossover aspect, I thought it was handled very well.
    Even though it was somewhat tiring to see Dino Charge Rangers AGAIN (as full team this time), since they just appeared 2-years/1-adaptation ago, it was still nice to see 4/6 rangers out of the suits. It’s kind of shame that Michal Taber (Riley) and Camille Hyde (Shelby) did not reprised their role (voice only); apparently, they were busy with other projects at the time.
    Since upcoming season is going to be another dinosaur with Dino Fury (Kyoryuger), I have a feeling we are going to see them again (individually or as group); though I’m pretty sure Yoshi Sudarso (Koda) would like to be in it.

    Nice to see props (weapons) of villains from past seasons from Ryjack’s ship. Didn’t expect to see Lord Zedd staff, which should have disintegrated; or maybe it belongs to Thrax?
    Great to see Sledge and his crew again; nice to hear “It’s A BOMB!” gag again, despite hearing it millionth time, I thought it was done pretty well.

    Surprisingly, no Ben and Betty, which is not a big loss, but I would like to see how they react and interact with Dino Charge Rangers.

    A very solid crossover, which we haven’t seen done this well in a while.
    It’s also been a while since we’ve seen crossover between 2 teams in FULL MEMBERS, where most of the time it’s either 1 member from past (Clash of the Red Rangers (Samurai/RPM crossover) or few members from different era/team (Dimensions in Danger).
    The balance and chemistry between 2 teams were done pretty well this time, giving enough screen time for Dino Charge Rangers. It also had very solid action scene as well.
    As someone who’ve seen both Kyoruger and Go-busters, this episode alone is FAR better than Kyoryuger vs. Go-busters; a rare moment where Power Rangers crossover does better job than Sentai, which is unbelievable.

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