Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 9 – “If a tree falls into a ravine, does it make a sound?”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 9 – Follow the Ranger

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 9

Hartford approaches Spencer who is feeding the fish in the tank.

“What are you doing?”
“My job, sir. As usual. Might I remind you sir that it was not so long ago I was feeding dukes and earls.”

Spencer says he’s given the Rangers a few hours off for themselves to do what young people do. Hartford thinks that’s a great idea to keep morale up. But he can’t help but worry about Mack and he believes he always will.

Mack, having listened to the whole thing, is frustrated that his father doesn’t think he’s proven himself yet.

Flurious visits Moltor as he finishes up a giant robo. With Miratrix and Kamdor in possession of the next clue, Flurious suggests the two of them team up.

“I think it’s time we bury the hatchet. But not in each other’s back.”

Moltor says he has this new robo and a Dragonizer at his disposal. Flurious suggests they share them.

“Of course, brother! Like we shared my little red sled when we were kids.”
“How many times do I have to tell you?! I never touched you sled!!!”

Back at the mansion, Spencer finds Mack wall climbing and wonders why he’s not in the control center with the others. Mack says he should be there, but he doesn’t want to worry his dad.

Spencer knows Mack overheard earlier and suggests Mack ask his father exactly what he meant by his comments instead of jumping to conclusions.

“Communication is the key to a strong relationship.”

Flurious and Moltor lure the Rangers downtown. The Rangers have to battle both Lava Lizards and Chillers. Mack upmorphs with the Defender Vest and takes on both Flurious and Moltor. But the brothers had a plan all along. They tire out the Rangers before they summon the new robo.

The Rangers quickly hop into the Megazord and take on Flurious and Moltor who are commanding the robo. The robo is very powerful and the Rangers have to give it all they’ve got. But Moltor then releases the Dragonizer and it’s a two-on-one battle with the Rangers completely outmatched even with the auxiliary zords arriving to help.

Dax suggests they should eject as soon as possible or they’re dead. Ronny says he shouldn’t talk that way, but Will thinks Dax might be right.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 9

The robo and Dragonizer have the Megazord chained up and on its back. Mack tells the others to go on ahead and he’ll be right behind them.

But Mack remains in the Megazord as the robo and Dragonizer drag it to an island. Moltor and Flurious take Mack prisoner. Flurious reminds Mack that the island is completely secret. But Mack believes in his teammates.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 9

Back in the control center, a worried Hartford tells Spencer to power up the S.H.A.R.C. so he can go search for Mack himself. But Spencer says they have no idea where to start looking and that it would be better for Hartford to be here instead.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 9

The Rangers arrive and promise to find Mack. But they are also sure that Mack will be able to find them as well. They get to work on fixing the zords with Ronny taking the lead.

Moltor wants to kill Mack right this moment, But Flurious says they need to keep him alive just in case they can’t work the Megazord. Flurious and Moltor throw Mack into a cell and leave Norg to stand watch. Mack makes casual small talk with Norg in the meantime and learns of Moltor and Flurious’ less than close relationship and the saga of the little red sled.

Mack uses that information later to turn Flurious and Moltor against each other.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 9

The brothers momentarily believe Mack is playing them, but Mack is able to turn it around and get the brothers against each other once again.

The brothers take each other on while Chillers and Lava Lizards battle. Norg says he’s bored and leaves to go play with a leaf.

While fighting, the brothers drop Mack’s Tracker. Mack uses his super strength to break free out of the cell and grabs his Tracker as he runs out. Chillers and Lava Lizards chase him, but he is able to lose them when he knocks a log off into the ravine, preventing them from chasing him further.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 9

Mack reaches the Megazord.

The Rangers head back to the control room after finishing their repairs just as Spencer receives the signal from Mack. The Rangers hurry over.

Mack is in the Megazord and tries to battle Flurious and Moltor in the Dragonizer and robo, respectively.

The Rangers arrive and they decide to try combining all the zords into the Super DriveMax Megazord. Mack thanks his friends for coming for him and with their new Megazord combination, they finish off both robos.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 9

On the beach, Flurious and Moltor battle once more when Flurious admits to breaking the sled.

Back at the mansion, Mack approaches his father and asks about his worries. Hartford agrees that Mack has proven himself very well as a Ranger, but he is more worried about him as his son. That’s what parents do.

Mack asks if that worry ever goes away. Hartford says sure. Because in the future when Hartford is older, it will be Mack worrying about him.

Episode Thoughts

This was definitely the most action-packed episode so far. Lots of great zord action in addition to the Ranger fights and even villain battles as well.

I enjoyed the Flurious-Moltor scenes. It’s a fun dynamic to play around with. And it culminated wonderfully with Mack’s clever tricks to get them at each other’s throats. It is such a fun scene. Not only is it actually funny to watch, but it’s also a great plan from Mack. The red sled story is amusing and a little silly, but it leads to real, serious consequence and is a part of the episode’s plot.

In short, it’s a clever plot device that kids can understand, but is still amusing to adults.

The episode was really a Mack focus and maybe a Mack-Hartford focus. The episode did a good job of illustrating Hartford being worried for his son and how much he cares about him. I wonder if this is seed planting for the future. *wink*wink*

It was awesome to see the Rangers jump into action and actually fix the zords themselves. And them wanting to quickly go out and save Mack is also a nice nod to their relationship and bond they’ve formed in a short amount of time.

Spencer was also awesome with his words of wisdom and many witty lines as usual.

Overall, the most exciting and action-packed episode so far. And with some great character moments for everyone.

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