Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 31 (11) – “So you feed it trash?!”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 31 (11) – The Greater Good

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 31

With Ryjack continuing to steal Morph X for Evox, Captain Chaku has asked his superiors to send his battleship Reptilobeast to help. With it, they’ll be able to kill Ryjack for good.

Commander Shaw offers to recruit Captain Chaku into Grid Battleforce. Hesitating, he says Earth is very far from his home galaxy, but if it is for the greater good, he’ll join them.

Over in the Crystal Dimension, they are receiving updates from Ryjack who is tunnelling his way into GBHQ thanks to the help of Blaze and Roxy who provided him the floorplans.

Back at GBHQ, Ben and Betty are almost eaten by an alien plant when they help Captain Chaku settle in to his new accomodations. Captain Chaku apologizes and tells them to wash off the mucus.

Nate walks in on Captain Chaku speaking with his daughter. She asks him to remove his helmet so she can see his smile. But Captain Chaku says he cannot since he is still on duty. Nate thinks better of interrupting so he walks away.

Nate gossips about what he saw to the others who are shocked that Captain Chaku has a daughter since they assumed just based on outward appearance that he was a robot who obviously can’t get someone pregnant. Steel points out that humans can be robots too.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 31

While the Rangers are gossiping about someone else’s life, the Beast Bots are aware of their surroundings and can hear Ryjack tunneling beneath them. The Rangers take credit for the Beast Bots’ presence of mind and head down with Captain Chaku.

Ryjack is able to overpower them at first, but the Rangers and Captain Chaku manage to gain the upper hand. Ryjack is forced to retreat.

Back upstairs, Nate pulls Captain Chaku aside and tells him about eavesdropping on him, but not that he spread it around to everyone else.

“How is that any of your business?!”

Nate makes it about himself and says that he had absent parents growing up too. So Captain Chaku shouldn’t be the same to his daughter who obviously misses him. Captain Chaku says he has a responsibility, but it’s also because he is no longer completely human.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 31

Captain Chaku removes his helmet and explains that the Galaxy Police made him half-machine in order to survive his dangerous missions. This is his life now and he fears going back home to his daughter who may not recognize her father anymore.

Captain Chaku says he will never return home.

In the Crystal Dimension, Evox suggests Ryjack bring his Ranger relics here so they can all use them. But Ryjack refuses and says he can kill the Rangers himself.

The Rangers find Ryjack downtown and they battle. Ryjack pulls out a device from Andresia that embiggens him. While the Rangers hop into their Ultrazord, Scrozzle picks up Ryjack’s Reanimizer.

The Rangers are about to be killed. But Captain Chaku’s Reptilobeast arrives and saves the day.

Back at GBHQ, Captain Chaku says he can retire from the G5 Galaxy Police now that Ryjack is dead. He asks Commander Shaw for his next mission, but she has a gift for him first.

They bring him to the neural aligner room where they say they can turn him human again. Captain Chaku is very grateful for the opportunity and he is safely removed of his robotic body.

Captain Chaku tells Nate his parents must be very proud of him. They hug.

Captain Chaku salutes the Rangers and he disappears.

Later, Ben and Betty introduce Captain Chaku’s alien plant to the Rangers. The plant eats trash and spits out recyclables, but also still vomits on the Burke Sibs.

Captain Chaku sends them a message from his daughter who thanks them.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 31

Episode Thoughts

This was a great episode. And it’s all because of Captain Chaku. See! It is possible to write good, dramatic child-friendly stories that aren’t condescending, contrived or dumb.

I’ve now noticed that some of the the season’s best episodes have been when there are guest stars. The stories in each of those episodes have something extra to offer. Like the two episodes with bitchy AND AWESOME Megan or now Captain Chaku’s arc. That says something about how the Rangers are written. Poorly written, I must say.

The energy and potential that is brought by these guest characters seem to just disappear when it’s just the Rangers. Not ALL the time. But most of the time.

Here, we had a story with real consequences. And it was an immediately affecting story even though it dealt with characters we met only last week. It’s crazy!

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 31 (11) – “So you feed it trash?!”

  1. I think we’re starting to see Hasbro’s dedication now that they are 100% in charge.

    I always had hope Hasbro will return PR to the old Saban days, in terms of story and quality. We’ve had 3 good episodes in a row since the hiatus. I know it’s a little too soon, but I hope they keep like this untill the end.

  2. A very solid second part to 2-part episode.
    It’s been a while since we’ve seen a crossover episode (let alone 2-part) that was this well made.

    It was interesting to reveal that Chaku was cyborg, which was a surprising twist, since I didn’t expect Chaku to appear out of suit, let alone removing helmet. Consider the fact, Skyfire didn’t have/reveal human face, despite most of flesh (fingers) are visible, it was nice that Chaku wasn’t a robot from get go. It’s kind of creepy to see half-robotic face of Chaku when he removed his helmet, which you don’t get to see so often these days.
    I also like that he has a daughter, which I also didn’t saw it coming as well.
    It’s kind of interesting that we got father Rider, Ryo Ogami/Buster, in Kamen Rider Saber recently as well (coincidence?).
    I really hope we get to see a father/mother ranger as main team in future seasons.
    Despite only 2 episodes appearance, Jack Buchanan, did pretty good job as portraying Chaku the Space Patrol. Interestingly to note, that Chaku suit actor is Manu Reynaud & Kosuke Asai, who was also Cruise/Cheeda Nick.

    Ben and Betty, despite their usual schticks, were surprisingly useful at the end, where they modified alien plant to eat garbage and spits out recyclable, which was nice touch. I like how they become useful as time progress, which is a huge improvement from last few comedic reliefs.

    I like the ending, where Nate modified DNA machine from premiere episode, to remove robotic body from Chaku. I guess this means Chaku won’t be able to use robotic body again, though it was nice to see him reunite with his daughter and say thank you, which was nice way to end the episode.

    This was probably the best crossover episodes I’ve seen in a while, where it had solid writing and interesting twist, which was huge improvement from Neo-Saban/Saban Brands Era, and it didn’t involve past rangers (though, there were past villains (Putty and Vivix), which I find it strange.
    To honest, I enjoyed it a lot more than Go-busters episode that was adapted, which was made to promote Gavan movie (which sucked) and rating boost.
    This makes one of few crossovers where Power Rangers did better than Sentai IMO, which I NEVER thought I would every say. lol

    It’s kind of shame that Hasbro decided to adapt Ryusoulger (Dino Fury) next instead of Kyuranger, where Chaku AND DekaRed (SPD Red) makes an appearance in 1 episode; such a missed opportunity, but dinosaur prints money so there’s that.

    1. Yes, this was a very good crossover. Much better than Sheriff Skyfire in Ninja Steel.

      I prefer the Go-Busters-Gavan episodes because I just care about the Go-Busters more. But Geki Jumonji/Gavan is funny. And it was great to see Suzuka Morita aka Kotoha from Shinkenger as Shelly.

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