Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 30 (10) – “Is this how you treat everyone that comes to your planet?”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 30 (10) – Intruder Alert!

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 30

Grid Battleforce receives a warning from deep space about Ryjack, a dangerous criminal from space who is on his way to rob them of the precious Ranger memorabilia in the Vault. Commander Shaw says they will need to beef up security around the Vault, but instead agrees to Ben and Betty watching it on their own.

An alien is detected downtown stealing some Morph-X, so the Rangers hurry over and immediately point their blasters at him. The alien grabs whatever he has been powering up with Morph-X and the Rangers shoot multiple times at him.

Before the Rangers can arrest him, the alien disappears. But he leaves his contraption behind which Nate tosses inside the Ranger Vault.

Over in the Crystal Dimension, Ryjack pops in and introduces himself before proposing they work together to raid the Ranger Vault. Evox says he will help as long as Ryjack helps in killing the Rangers.

Ryjack says that should be no problem with his Reanimzer which gives him the power to resurrect anyone into a robot clone using an item that person has owned. He uses Vargoyle’s blaster as an example and is able to reanimate him as well as control him using a Compliance Collar.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 30

Over at the Vault, Ben and Betty have set up a trap using trip wires and marbles. After a few seconds, they feel sleepy, hungry and need to use the bathroom, so they decide to leave. But they, of course, trigger their own trap and do cartoon flips before slamming into the floor.

Devon, Ravi and Zoey come running in thinking it’s an emergency. They help the Burke Subs up and out of the Vault room.

Little do they know that the alien cyborg from earlier, who they assume is Ryjack, has managed to find his way in. They all hurry back just as he is able to retrieve his device from earlier.

The Beast Bots suddenly appear out of thin air for the first time in years as they detain the alien cyborg while the Rangers respond to more alien signs downtown.

The Rangers find the real Ryjack and Vargoyle and realize they’ve detained an innocent person. Ryjack summons some Putties and Vivix for the nostalgia-loving fans and the Rangers are able to keep up for a short while before needing to morph.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 30

When Ravi and Zoey get shot by Ryjack, the Rangers have to quickly get them back to GBHQ. Nate finds they are infected with an alien virus and are getting worse. Commander Shaw says finding a cure for COV… the alien virus is their #1 priority.

Devon suggests they talk to the alien cyborg they have detained, saying he may know something. Nate quickly shoots Devon’s thoughts down and says there’s no way that thing in the cell will know a anything.

Commander Shaw overrules Nate, as she should, and tells Devon to carefully interrogate the cyborg. Steel and a reluctant Nate accompany Devon to the holding cell where they find the alien collapsed on the floor.

The alien motions to his device that Steel is holding. Devon decides to give it to him, against Nate’s wishes.

The alien attaches the device to his face and it appears to recharge him.

He is now able to speak English and introduces himself as Captain Chaku of the G5 Galaxy Police Force. Devon realizes he’s on their side.

“Is this how to treat everyone that comes to your planet?” Captain Chaku asks. Nate rightly apologizes.

Captain Chaku explains that he’s traveled across seven galaxies chasing after Ryjack. But he lost him when he ran out of power. They tell him about their friends having been attacked by Ryjack and Captain Chaku says they will die soon if they don’t act fast.

Captain Chaku uses an antidote for Ryjack’s horn shots on Ravi and Zoey.

Over in the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle fills Blaze and Roxy in on what’s happened. Vargoyle is deployed to take care of the Rangers while Scrozzle sends in a Gigadrone.

Commander Shaw deploys Nate and Steel to take on the Gigadrone while Captain Chaku offers to help Devon against Vargoyle.

Devon and Captain Chaku chase after Vargoyle in their vehicles and take care of him with a pair of finishers.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 30

Back at GBHQ, Ravi and Zoey wake up, feeling a little better. The others explain who Captain Chaku is to them.

The Rangers apologize for rushing to judgement and imprisoning Captain Chaku before knowing a single thing about him.

Ben and Betty show their new security system which activates when anyone who doesn’t wear a security badge is in the room. They switch it on and of course no one else has a security badge, so they all get tied up.

Commander Shaw commends them for a good idea.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 30

Episode Thoughts

An above average episode for Beast Morphers. Which, relatively speaking, means it was pretty good.

First off, for once, Ben and Betty do something good! And I don’t mean the security system that just ties intruders up. (Though it was definitely the smartest thing they’ve done so far.) I’m talking about their shenanigans resulting in everyone else getting tied up. They deserved it. (Oop!) Especially for rushing to judgement against the legendary Space Sheriff.

Of course it’s not one of the legendary Space Sheriffs though. Just a Captain Chaku.

It’s very interesting to see them adapting the Gavan crossover episodes and it was done relatively well. The Rangers rushing to judgement is very much in-character for them. So nothing to criticize there. That’s just part of their poorly- developed characters.

I mean, we got the Beast Bots popping up out of nowhere and that only reminds us how horribly they’ve been treated by the Rangers and the show.

Anyway, it was a simple, but effective way to introduce Captain Chaku. And his arrival as well as Ryjack’s arrival help to infuse some much-needed energy into the show.

It was great to see an unmorphed fight after a long time and some original NZ fight footage as well. But again, the show needs to step it up in terms of being explosive and exciting. Compare for example to this incredible scene from Kiramager a few weeks ago:

Is Power Rangers unable to do more with their fight scenes for some anti-violence reason or something like that? Kids can’t watch something too violent so they have to completely water down any potential battles? I wouldn’t be surprised. Perhaps that’s a reason why original fight scenes feel so careful and safe. Like, you can obviously tell they are choreographed. Whereas a well-executed fight scene gets you lost in the moment.

Anyway, it was a good, above average episode. And I do think it’s partly because of the refreshing arrivals of Captain Chaku and Ryjack.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 30 (10) – “Is this how you treat everyone that comes to your planet?”

  1. I didn’t expect Hasbro to adapt Gavan (or Gavan Type-G) crossover episode; then again, some of the production team from Neo-Saban/Saban Brands are involved, and they did adapt Jiraiya (Sheriff Skyfire) crossover episode for Ninja Steel, so there are precedent.
    It’s kind of awkward to see an alien from outer space characters to be involved in season that is grounded where villains are originated from Earth (computer virus), but I digress.

    I don’t think I’m the only one thinking this way, but I’m not a fan of the name, Captain Chaku.
    Chaku sounds too much like Chuck… like Chuckie from Rugrats, also owned by Nickelodeon.
    Not that Captain Chuck would have been better.
    It’s based from Gavan’s henshin call “Jochaku!”, but I would have preferred better name, such as Captain Joe or something else.

    At least Skyfire sounded snazzier IMO.
    It’s also interesting that he’s not from Space Police where Skyfire is from, but rather another police force from different galaxy, “G5 Galaxy”.
    I honestly think it was bit of missed opportunity that he’s not from same organization from Skyfire, but then again, this establishes that there are many space police organization in galaxy.

    Nice to hear Australian accent (I think) from Ryjack, which was interesting choice.
    Not only Vargoyle came back, but also foot soldiers from past seasons, Putty (MMPR) and Vivix (Dino Charge) as well.
    Interestingly, this marks return of original (NOT Season 2 Zedd version) MMPR Season 1 Putty Patrollers in 26 years, which was such a big return. It’s bit odd that none of the rangers know who Putty are, since they should have learned or saw from archived footage of past rangers fighting (MMPR); I can understand Vivix, since they are from different dimension.

    Speaking of past, it’s still weird that “the vault” plays important role in this episode, yet it was NEVER mentioned in the past.
    It’s kind of annoying that stuff like this should have introduced earlier, rather than coming out of nowhere; I have a feeling that there must have been a missing or incomplete episode to introduce “the vault”.

    Overall, it’s a much better crossover involving Metal Hero, than Ninja Steel with Skyfire IMO, since Chaku was much better established and introduced.
    Since Chaku is going to stay for another episode, looking forward to see a proper team-up with 5 rangers, now that they are friend.

    This marks the end of ¾ of the overall show and so far, it has doing pretty good; it has its issues and it may not be top tier of franchise (maybe middle-ish), but they are putting more effort than previous seasons.

    Looking forward to see how last 10 episodes turns out.

    1. I agree, this was better than the Skyfire episode of Ninja Steel.

      They did mention the vault last episode too when needed those things from Dino Charge. But yes, it should’ve been established sooner.

  2. It was a good episode.

    Ryjack is such a character, helping the bad guys. I mean, they ran out of Morph-X so they would be stuck forever in that dimension. The fact that he can summon Putty and Vivix makes me wonder what is his goal with the vault, or is he working for somebody else? Oh, and I can’t get enough of his accent XD

    I’m also glad we have Chaku stick with the Rangers for at least one more episode.

    The fact that Ravi was sick, and his mother taking care of him just reminded me of my biggest complaint: The absence of the REAL Blaze & Roxy.

    1. Ryjack is a refreshing addition and made things more exciting.

      And I absolutely agree with you about the real Blaze and Roxy. They shouldn’t have released them at the mid-season finale if they weren’t going to be used as their real selves anyway

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