Music Monday, September 21, 2020 – Excellent Comebacks from the Underrated, but Immensely Talented VAV and KNK

Music Monday, September 21, 2020 – Excellent Comebacks from the Underrated, but Immensely Talented VAV and KNK

Two of the most underrated groups in K-pop released the two best new songs of the last week. Maybe even the last month! And for anyone who follows both VAV and KNK, that should come as no surprise.

VAV and KNK are two of my favorites. Both groups have consistently released one great title track after another. And both definitely deserve their own feature here very soon. But for this week’s Music Monday, I highly recommend their latest comebacks

“Made For Two,” VAV

VAV releases their 6th mini album just as member BaRon enlists in the military. And it’s a hopeful, emotional send-off led by the title track “Made For Two.” BaRon and the guys offer up a song and album, their last as a full group of seven for a while, that is representative of their versatile and always captivating sound.

“Made For Two” is a dreamlike song of love and longing. On one hand romantic and bittersweet, on the other hand emotional and even more meaningful as BaRon serves his country.

The music video is also an aesthetic treat. VAV’s music videos are always as captivating as their music.

The breezy “Into You” is the 2nd track on the album followed by the seductive and groovy “Moto”.

The last two tracks before the instrumental of “Made For Two” are highlights. Emotional ballad “Hold Tight” is an excellent showcase for the group’s vocals. And “You Taught Me Love” closes out the album in a nostalgic way and as a similarly great vocal showcase.

“Ride,” KNK

KNK is finally back more than 14 months after the explosive “Sunset” graced our eyes and ears. “Ride” is a similarly fiery track. The confident, sultry lyrics are paired with a powerful, almost urgent beat that grabs you and never lets go. Their charisma and performance skills are also on full display in the great music video.

“Highway” is an impactful title track-worthy song. KNK show off their vocals in front of an addicting beat that gives the song a soaring, dramatic execution. It is one of their best B-side tracks. (And they’ve had plenty!)

KNK slows it down with romantic love song “You Are My Reason” and closes the album with dance track “Time.”

KNK have faced a lot of struggles in their career so far. But that hasn’t affected their music and performance at all. It’s always great to see them continuing to release excellent music and find ways to top their last performance.

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