Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 24 – Let’s Start a Band!

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 24 Recap

When Juuru comes into the Operation Room with his guitar, the others tell him about Sayo practicing with her band (comprised of fellow doctors) hoping to encourage a young patient, Yukiya, to get the surgery he needs by playing a song he wrote.

During practice, Sayo remembers how she heard Yukiya playing a tune on his guitar. When she tries to ask him about it, he says music is boring. They sit and have a talk about how important it is for him to get the surgery. She understands that he might be afraid. But without the surgery, he won’t be able to play music anymore.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 24 Recap

Yukiya says it’s alright since no one would want to hear his horrible music anyway. Sayo says it sounded great and suggests they have a real band perform it with lyrics she will write herself. That way, she can prove how great his music is.

After practice, her bandmates load up into the van to return to the hospital. But Sayo gets a call from Muryou about a Jamenshi nearby. She tells her bandmates to head back without her as she hurries to join the others.

Speaker Jamen terrorizes downtown with loud, screeching, out of tune violin music. The sound causes people to collapse or crash their cars. The Kiramagers quickly henshin, but the sound is just so loud that it turns into an attack.

From a reasonably safe distance, Tametomo and Sayo send some Kiramai Bullets at Speaker Jamen to knock him down the stairs. Shiguru then uses his technique to slash the antenna off the Jamenshi’s head.

Speaker Jamen manages to run away.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 24 Recap

Just then, Sayo gets a call from her bandmates who tell her they’ve been in a terrible accident caused by the horrifying noise. Juuru follows her to the hospital where the band doctors say they can’t possibly play their instruments any time soon.

Yukiya, overhearing them, tries to hide his disappointment by saying he wasn’t excited for the performance anyway.

Back at the coconut tree, Muryou explains how Speaker Jamen’s antenna worked. Shiguru asks if they can cancel out the sound from Speaker Jamen and Muryou gets to working on a solution.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 24 Recap

The others notice Sayo looking down when she and Juuru walk in. But Juuru has an idea. He says they should start a band to help Sayo encourage Yukiya. He believes music is a powerful thing.

Sena says she played the piano when she was little. Shiguru played a Bass Detective in a movie. And Tametomo humble brags that he has a decent voice.

Juuru says they just have to practice and it should be fine. Sayo asks them for their help and they all agree to do it.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 24 Recap

Takamichi pops in and Sayo asks if he can play an instrument too. He whips out Shiny Breaker and starts to play air guitar. Sayo suggests that he be their roadie instead to support them.

Over in the darkness, turns out Carantula has been supplying the awful violin music that Speaker Jamen has been playing. He tells Garuza that Music Jamenshi are able to possess humans. So Speaker Jamen just needs to find a good human host with enough dark energy. And that human is Yukiya.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 24 Recap

Yukiya says he doesn’t like music and will not get the surgery. But that’s exactly what Speaker Jamen wants to hear. Yukiya being terrified is perfect darkness.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 24 Recap

The Kiramagers are having a rough practice. Sayo scolds each of them for not taking things seriously. Sena reminds Sayo that she told them to have fun. But Sayo says they first need lots of practice in order to do so.

After a while, the band finally gets in sync and finally get the performance they are all happy with. Sayo is sure this will encourage Yukiya.

They see it’s actually already morning, not realizing the time since they were having so much fun.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 24 Recap

Takamichi, who had been sleeping on chairs in the studio, wakes up and is happy to see them done. He asks them to let him see their performance, much to their annoyance since they’re tired.

Back in the darkness, Carantula tells Garuza that Speaker Jamen is ready to go. But Garuza suggests he supply the music this time. He believes his Jamental rock will be more powerful.

And indeed, the sound playing through Speaker Jamen completely destroys the city. Buildings collapse, people writhe in pain.

The Kiramagers find the Jamenshi and are shocked when they find Yukiya is possessed by it. Sayo dehenshins to try and get Yukiya to snap out of his anti-music rhetoric.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 24 Recap

Sayo says music is meant to be enjoyed and inspirational. But one must try to enjoy it or it won’t be fun at all. Speaker Jamen engulfs Yukiya into his body, feeding him even more darkness.

Mabushina calls to say Muryou has completed the noise cancelling transmitter. Just then, Sayo has a Hirameking and the Kiramagers hurry over, leaving Takamichi to hold off Speaker Jamen.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 24 Recap

The Kiramagers use the transmitter to broadcast their new song to Yukiya and the city, cancelling out the dark noise.

The people in the city love the song and are now happily dancing in contrast to their suffering just moments earlier. Yukiya, seeing the happiness that his song has brought everyone, now feels encouraged.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 24 Recap

His newfound happiness allows him to escape Speaker Jamen on his own. Takamichi catches him when he flies out and proceeds to finish off Speaker Jamen.

Carantula has enough darkness to send over Jukebox Hildon. He also wonders why Garuza is so into the music that he’s still playing even though Speaker Jamen is dead.

The Kiramangers hop into Kiramaizin and Gigant Driller. Takamichi wonders if the jukebox means more music attacks while Juuru asks what a jukebox even is.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 24 Recap

Juuru calls Zabyun to form Zabyun Magnum and then uses Zabyun in a Zabyun Big Wave Lancer finisher.

Later, Yukiya runs to Dr. Sayo to thank her and say he will be getting the surgery. He is excited to be able to make more music once he gets better.

Yukiya is confused when Dr. Sayo just falls asleep on the park bench. Takamichi and Mabushina find the others are also pretty tired as well.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 24 Recap

Episode Thoughts

What a wonderful episode! This is the kind of wholesome, hopeful and encouraging story I like to see when we’re not doing a deep, overarching plot episode.

It had a very simple premise. Sayo wants to encourage a little boy to be more hopeful, both about his surgery and his obvious passion for music. So the Kiramagers, as cute and nice as they are, will of course form their own band to help him.

It’s just a great, fun story. And I think the most “normal” episode since the hiatus. There’s no corona nitpicking for me this episode! We got to see all the Kiramagers together and for long periods of time. No shortcuts or anything. And I think that helped make the episode even more enjoyable as well.

The episode was very clever too with the use of a noise cancelling device to combat the terrorizing sound. That kind of unique dilemma and solution is a refreshing way to give new ideas the spotlight. Especially when MOTWs can get repetitive sometimes.

The band practice scenes were lots of fun. It was amusing to see Sayo scolding everyone, especially when she’s usually so calm and cool.

And finally, the song!

I love it. It so perfectly embodies the season and all its positive traits. Mabushina’s song last week was also awesome. I have high expectations for all the different character songs coming up too.

I loved the mini-music video that went along with it. And they even had those shots they usually save for the movies too.

Can we have more Kiramai Band content please?

Overall, a wonderful, positive and fun episode.

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  1. I love that episode too. Actually the song was the best. Who thought Kiramagers can play some instruments? I’m proud of Sayo she made that boy happy.
    Everyone were practicing so hard and they definitely deserved prise and prize! 😀

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