Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 21 – Fishing, with Occasional Expert

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

Mabushina loves seeing the cute sharks in the aquarium. Juuru and Sena are glad they brought her along with them on their visit and seeing her happy like this. It’s almost hard to believe she has a curse on her when she’s so lively.

Mabushina overhears them talking about Takamichi. But they play it off by just saying how awesome he is. Mabushina says he is indeed and that she wants him to always be a hero.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

Meanwhile, Takamichi approaches Shiguru who is practicing using his Kiramentality to try new attacks. Takamichi compliments him on his determination. But he’s here in the area because the notebook has led him here. They walk around and find a huge hole dug in the ground.

Takamichi does a scan of the hole and they wonder if someone has already taken the Kanaema Stone that was supposed to be here.

Nearby, a couple praying at the temple suddenly get reeled into the sky. Literally.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

Shiguru and Takamichi henshin and chase after them, but they disappear into the sky. Sayo and Tametomo arrive and say a strange Yodon reading pops in and out in this area.

They see more people get reeled into the strange hole in the sky when suddenly, Sayo gets hooked as well. The Kiramagers grab onto her before she can get pulled in as well.

Takamichi unhooks her and then yanks the line the other way. On the other end is Fishing Pole Jamen.

The Kiramagers battle the Jamen, but they wonder why he is so slippery and wet. Takamichi shows Shiguru a Grand Opening flyer that was stuck on the Jamen’s back.

Takamichi scans and finds the Jamen is in possession of a Kanaema Stone. Fishing Pole Jamen shows it to them before jumping back through the closing portal.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

Just then, Juuru calls Takamichi to tell him Mabushina has collapsed at the aquarium. Sena calls Mach to come pick them up right away.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

Suddenly, Juuru and Sena see the Yodon crest appear in Mabushina’s right eye. What they’ve most feared is happening.

Back at the coconut tree, Dr. Sayo checks Mabushina out.

Mabushina says she feels a lot better now. Muryou tries to lighten the mood, but the others can’t hide their worry for her.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

Shiguru speaks up and asks her to remain calm so they can explain.

Instead, Fire says he will explain everything.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

What Mabushina has is the curse of Yodonheim’s Witch of the Stagnant Sea, Numajo. They once found out Numajo was planning to curse Crystalia. So King Oradin, Queen Mabayuine, Prince Takamichi, Red Kiramai Stone and the Aqua Kiramai Stone who had the ability to break any curse, went to stop Numajo.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

Numajo is annoyed that someone would interrupt her humble tea party celebrating her promotion to Yodon Commander.

Numajo sends a curse their way, but Aqua Kiramai Stone blocks it and shields them.

Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 21 – Fishing, with Occasional Expert

Numajo sends Bechats at them and the King, Queen and a henshined Takamichi take them on.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

The Queen and Takamichi were able to take care of the Bechats as King Oradin was able to corner Numajo. But Numajo’s little sister Minjo arrives to deliver the backup she needs.

Minjo’s attack forces the King to drop the Aqua Kiramai Stone which Numajo successfully attacks with a poison.

The Royal Family no longer has any protection from Numajo’s curses. She sends one at King Oradin. With some help from Red Kiramai Stone, Oradin is able to push Numajo back. But it’s too late.

Numajo says in exchange for her life, she has successfully cursed Oradin for the rest of his life. And that curse won’t cause Oradin’s downfall, but will bring the fall of the women he loves the most, the Queen!

When the Yodon crest becomes visible in the Queen’s right eye, she will only have seven days before she withers away and dies.

Numajo laughs as she fades away.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

The crest suddenly appears in Queen Mabayuine’s eyes and she grows weak. Just as Numajo said, on the 7th day, she turns to dust and dies.

Mabushina can’t believe this. She thought her mother died from a sudden illness. Takamichi says she was still too young back then to tell her the truth.

She asks if the same thing will happen to her. But Takamichi says he won’t allow it. He will find the other Kanaema Stones and break the curse. The others aren’t as hopeful as they still need to find the other two Stones and retrieve the one in Fishing Pole Jamen’s possession.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

Takamichi says he will do whatever it takes to get those Stones.

Tametomo suggests the Jamen is using the Stone’s power somehow. Muryou shows them notebook data on the Kanaema Stone Reversia which has the power to change the flow of time.

Takamichi tells his sister that he will save her. “I would rather you…” Mabushina can’t finish what she wants to say as her brother hurries out to look for the Stones. Juuru follows him.

In the darkness, Carantula comments on Fishing Pole Jamen’s odd power. He asks Garuza what he’s chuckling to himself about.

Garuza says he was just remembering how easy it was for Yodon to invade Crystalia. And that was thanks to Takamichi being absent at the time. Garuza says his nephew can be a fool sometimes.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

Juuru mentions to Takamichi what Mabushina said earlier about wanting her brother to always be a hero. Takamichi says he will save his sister no matter what and will never allow her to die like their mother.

The Kiramagers have been searching all night for Fishing Pole Jamen. Sayo had been collecting all the information they have as Tametomo and Sena arrive back in the Operations Room.

Shovellow suggests they get some rest for now.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

It’s a rainy morning and Shiguru checks the forecast to see that it will continue all day. Suddenly, he has a realization. Thinking about the Kanaema Stone’s power and the Grand Opening flyer, he figures it out.

Turns out Fishing Pole Jamen was reeling people into August 30th, today, from August 29th. The moment Takamichi yanked Fishing Pole Jamen is happening right now and the Kiramagers find him at the newly opened store location.

Shiguru had figured it all out by remembering the flyer saying the Grand Opening was “today” even though it said August 30 while also remembering how wet from the rain the Jamen was.

The Kiramagers henshin and take on Bechats. Shiguru uses the technique he was practicing yesterday to reel in the Kanaema Stone form Fishing Pole Jamen’s bucket.

Shiguru uses the Stone to open a portal back to yesterday for the people to return through. The Kiramagers finish off the Jamen.

Shiguru hands Takamichi the Stone and he excitedly runs back to the coconut tree to show Mabushina so she can cheer up.

Carantula sends over Motorboat Basra and the Kiramagers hop into Kiramaizin to take it on. But they are struggling against the powerful Jamenju.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

Takamichi arrives at the coconut tree and excitedly shows Mabushina the Stone. Mabushina calls him a fool and shows him the grave situation the others and the city are in.

Mabushina says it’s happening just like it did before. Garuza had poisoned Takamichi’s mind in order to lure him away from Crystalia on the day of the invasion. And all for the desire to help her.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

Mabushina tells Takamichi that she does not want him to be her hero. She wants him to be everyone’s hero.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 21 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Now that’s a cliffhanger!

Thank goodness! Kiramager is back to its normal, awesome self.

Now this is the kind of Kiramager I want to see. Exciting, funny, clever, emotional. It had all the things the season has done very well with so far.

Knowing this episode had something to do with the Crystalia Sibs, I knew it would be a good episode. The season so far has shown that you can’t go wrong with a Crystalia Family-focus. And the episode delivered.

I of course loved that closing scene with Takamichi and Crystalia in the Operations Room. Takamichi loves his little sister and would do everything to save her. But Mabushina knows that he and the others have a responsibility to save the world. And knowing Mabushina after this short time, we know she will put the safety of others before her own. And knowing what happened the last time, she definitely does not want a repeat.

“I don’t want you to be a hero for me. I want you to be a hero for everyone.”

Now that’s a great line! And it’s a meaningful line coming from a well-developed character. There’s a foundation there that makes that line believable and sincere. And that’s why the scene was so impactful. You can’t say that about other shows. (*cough*PowerRang…*cough*)

We definitely got the most exciting introduction to Queen Mabayuine. How awesome was it to see King Oradin, Queen Mabayuine and Prince Takamichi kicking some Bechat ass side-by-side like that? I loved it. Those scenes were so exciting, explosive and well done.

And I would love it if Mabushina gets to fight like that too in the future. Perhaps inheriting her mother’s badassery. (Maybe becoming Kiramai Aqua? I would freak out, tbh. Don’t spoil me if that’s actually a thing. lol)

I usually am not a fan of randomly resurrecting people in Sentai or Kamen Rider as it can sometimes diminish the gravity of the situation when they do so. It removes the high stakes and sometimes the emotional background for a character, depending on how well the story is written.

But I definitely would not mind seeing the King and Queen resurrected or even just popping up as a physical apparition to fight alongside the Kiramagers in the future.

Seriously, I don’t even know why. But I love this family! lol The writing is so strong this year that they’ve gotten me to like them this much in just 21 episodes!

Meanwhile, we also got the most explosive introduction to Numajo and Minjo. And what about Numajo’s full title?

“Witch of the Stagnant Sea”

Talk about badass. That sounds so epic. Even though, of course, she’s an evil murderer. But having a formidable opponent like her definitely helps make the battle all the more thrilling. Wonder if we’ll see Garuza battling those sisters in the future too.

The episode’s plot with the Kanaema Stone involving time travel was also so good. It was a very clever plot. I had to do a doubletake when Shiguru figured it out and we saw the moment the Fishing Pole Jamen reeling people in from his perspective. That was a great reveal.

And also the fact that it was Shiguru who figured it out is another great quality of Kiramager‘s writing. You can have focus episodes, but the other Kiramagers aren’t just sitting in the shadows the entire time. And in fact, a character who is not the focus of the episode may end up with the big solution to the MOTW. It’s a great twist on the usual format.

Overall, I loved this episode. I wonder if it’s partly because I hated last week’s episode so much. (lol) But even so, I’ve mentioned how much I love the Crystalia Sibs. And this episode revealed a lot of their backstory, we meet the Queen and had the wonderful character moments from the siblings, as well as Shiguru and the new Yodon generals too.

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