Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 20 – Dangerous Pair

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 20 Recap

Glue Jamen traipses around literally gluing people to inanimate objects.

Juuru is at school for supplementary lessons. The teacher is surprised that Mizuki, an honor student, is here. She says she must have been exhausted from staying up late helping around at home.

When the teacher leaves, Mizuki’s true colors come flooding out. She laughs at her skillful two-faced personality and turns to Juuru to get him to do her schoolwork for her.

She yells at him to get his attention. And seeing him drawing again, she tells him he better not repeat his accurate drawing of her dark personality from Episode Zero.

Juuru says he doesn’t regret accurately painting her and he refuses to do her schoolwork. Just then, he gets a call from the coconut tree and hurries out.

Mizuki decides to butt into Juuru’s business and follows him.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 20 Recap

Juuru meets up with the others as more people get glued to random items like trash bins. Glue Jamen says he’s just playing Cupid.

The Kiramagers henshin. But Glue Jamen shoots his sticky white liquid at them. Juuru gets some on his hand while the others get some on their weapons, hindering their ability to attack.

Juuru hides behind Sena when he sees Mizuki strolling through the glued people. Glue Jamen hurls a manhole cover at her.

Juuru uses his white sticky hand to pull Mizuki out of the way. She immediately begins to crush on him.

Glue Jamen runs off when Tametomo is able to plug his spout. But the bigger problem is Juuru and Mizuki are now stuck together thanks to the sticky white substance. They head back to the coconut tree.

The other Kiramagers aside from Juuru have dehenshined as they realize they must defeat the Jamen to unstick them.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 20 Recap

Mizuki is excited to see the Kiramagers’ true identities since they’re all celebrities. She saw Dr. Sayo on TV, was at an advance screening of Shiguru’s movie, her gamer brother is a huge fan of Tametomo and she fangirls over track star Sena.

Mizuki asks why Juuru has not revealed himself yet. She says she wants to thank him face to face. They try to lie about his identity, but Takamichi walks in and immediately says Juuru’s name.

Juuru reveals himself. Mizuki cannot believe her hero is lame Juuru.

Mizuki proceeds to insult the Mashins and Mabushina before insulting Juuru to his face. How could Juuru of all people be a superhero alongside popular people.

The Mashins point out how two-faced Mizuki is. She tells them shut the hell up and is disgusted with the idea of being nice to Juuru.

Mizuki sees the time and drags Juuru back to school. She tries to disguise him, but she definitely cannot fool their classmates Haruhi and Kenta. She says she is just being nice to Juuru to thank him for his drawing of her.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 20 Recap

But she knocks over Juuru’s pad and opens up to the accurate drawing of her dark personality. Haruhi and Kenta laugh since the drawing really does look like her.

Mizuki says it does not. But Juuru says that’s how he sees her, though it’s not how she thinks.

The teacher comes in and asks what’s all the commotion is about. Mizuki tells him to shut the hell up, much to the teacher’s shock as she had always put on her fake nice face in his presence.

Juuru gets the call and he has to hurry out. Sena and Sayo are already glued to a fridge and dresser drawer. Glue Jamen then sticks a female mannequin on Shiguru.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 20 Recap

Juuru asks Mizuki if she will fight alongside him. But all she can think about is how she revealed her true, nasty personality to the teacher.

Juuru says Mizuki’s real personality is great and really cool. She laughs and admits that all her best traits are fake.

Glue Jamen summons some Bechats and Juuru gets Mizuki to press the henshin button so they can fly off to safety.

Juuru further explains that Mizuki is just misunderstood. He says her being powerfully sneaky is cool and wishes he could be like that too. But he does wonder if lying to teachers is okay. (WTF!)

She asks why Juuru fights and he says he was just chosen. Mizuki believes Juuru is also two-faced and has changed from the Juuru she once knew. That is, the one she could bully and push around.

They hurry back to the others and Juuru has a plan. He has Tametomo and Takamichi gather all the items with sticky white stuff on it so they could fashion a large hammer.

Mizuki tells Juuru that she wants to change too. Juuru decides to do a dumb roll call with her for some reason before Tametomo and Takamichi smash Glue Jamen with their sticky white hammer.

Carantula sends over a Glue Jamenju. They hop into their mecha. Mizuki refuses to let go of Juuru’s hand even though the glue is obviously gone now that Glue Jamen is destroyed. So she joins Juuru in the cockpit.

To defeat Glue Shellga, Juuru decides they should combine Kiramaizin and Gigant Driller into Kiramai Driller. But only by sticking to each other back-to-back using glue.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 20 Recap

They defeat the Jamenju. Mizuki refuses to let go of Juuru’s hand and he naively thinks it’s still the Jamenshi’s doing.

Back at school, Juuru tries to teach Mizuki some drawing tips. But she refuses to listen. She draws Juuru with stars around his floating head.

Episode Thoughts

WTF was this episode? I did not like it one bit.

This is the kind of childish episode that is stereotypical of Sentai and more so Power Rangers. A contrived moral lesson that never lands, with poor execution and misplaced comedy. And it didn’t help that Mizuki is a horrible person.

I was looking forward to seeing Juuru’s three classmates again some time this season. But not like this! She was insufferable and nonsensically so. There was no reason for her to be a jerk like that. They obviously weren’t going to go in great detail for a throwaway character like her anyway. But if the moral of the story was to not be a two-faced, fake person, they certainly didn’t make the case for it. Especially when we’re supposed to think her sudden crush for Juuru at the end is cute for some reason. And that Juuru has seen the dark aura around her, but thinks it’s cool. So much so that he wants to be like her. What in the flying

And to make the plot of this episode worse, they had Juuru essentially say Mizuki is cool because she’s a disrespectful, two-faced, clout-chasing bully snake. Um… okay.

She even had the audacity to insult Mabu excuse me… PRINCESS Mabushina to her face. I will not stand for that!

There’s absolutely no defending this episode for me. The glue concept is standard Sentai. But the actual plot of this episode and the truly unlikeable Mizuki just did not work. And the fact that they had to drag Juuru like that, making him some naïve idiot the entire episode is just completely insane.

I was sitting, watching the episode with a sort of disgusted sideeye the entire time. After some truly excellent episodes of Kiramager and perhaps partly Zero-One‘s excellent episodes as well, this episode just came off as lazy, annoying and not enjoyable at all.

I am so annoyed by this episode for whatever reason that I would rather watch an entire Saban Brands/Hasbro-era Power Rangers episode that consisted only of fart jokes. Really, it’s that absurd.

I’m sure my overreaction is just because I just finished the episode completely baffled by it. But WHEW. What in the world was that?!

4 thoughts on “Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 20 – Dangerous Pair

  1. LOL! Yeah, Mizuki is basically a bitch but somehow that’s okay. And Juuru thinks being powerfully sneaky is cool?! Uhhh..okay.

    1. I was trying to be kind of nice, but yes Mizuki is a bitch lol and she didn’t really learn anything at the end. Instead the “old” members of the team thought her newfound crush on Juuru was cute. Umm… she’s basically a clout chaser who is fake and uses other people for her benefit. Yikes! Lol

  2. Mizuki IS a bitch! I won’t stand for her talking smack about Juru MY JURU! Juru’s my favorite red ranger in a long time…he and I are alike in more ways than one 😉 He’s quirky and cute and anybody teasing him, I SO would kick their butt into last year!

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