Music Monday August 10, 2020 – “Zero: Fever Part.1,” ATEEZ

For this week’s Music Monday, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on ATEEZ and their newest album “Zero: Fever Part.1”.

ATEEZ has had a swift rise since their strong debut. I remember really liking that debut album:

And they’ve only gotten better and stronger since. One of things I love about ATEEZ is how they come from a smaller company, but have really enjoyed a lot of success in the almost two years since debut.

Of course, another thing I love about them is their talent. And that talent is on full display with this album.

They started promotion for the album with a stunning, more than 16 minute “Diary Film” that is a fascinating blurring of the lines between real and reel.

At the same time, ATEEZ put their title track to a vote between “Inception” and “Thanxx.” My vote went to “Inception.” And if you’ve been following my music choices since #DryedMangoezMusicMonday has started, that probably might not come as a surprise.

And I’m definitely happy it won. “Inception” might be my favorite title track from ATEEZ so far.

“Inception” is a familiar, yet fresh sounding take on the moody K-pop dance track. A grand, emotional track that is perfectly paired with a cinematic music video.

As for the rest of the album, I do think it is one of their stronger efforts. My least favorite track is “To The Beat” which I feel is out of place on the album and perhaps more suited for one of their previous releases.

“Thanxx” is very much worthy of being a title track option, but when compared to “Inception,” it might be a little more forgettable. As a B-side track, it’s very much in-line with ATEEZ’s versatile style.

“Good Lil Boy” is a fun track that comes right after “Inception” and works as a great breather after that epic-sounding title track.

My two favorite B-side tracks, however, are definitely “Fever” and “One Day At a Time.” “Fever” actually might be my favorite track outright.

“Fever” opens the album (after a narrative introduction track, related to the “Diary Film”) and is also title track-worthy. It actually feels like it could’ve been the perfect song to close out the album. “Fever” is an uplifting dance track that is also very nostalgic. And I certainly enjoy well-placed nostalgia.

The actual closer though is the English-language track “One Day At A Time.” A similarly uplifting message is packaged in a mellower song than “Fever.” The vibe justifies its placement as Track #7 on the album, but could also have switched places with “Fever” as well.

These two tracks are the kind of sound I tend to vibe with and would love to see ATEEZ doing more like them.

Overall, it’s a strong album from one of K-pop fast-rising talents. ATEEZ is one of the most exciting new groups to follow, both for their fast rise and for their great music and performances.

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