Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One President Special Part.02

Kamen Rider Zero One President Special Part 12 Recap

After a split-second encounter with a dark, shadowy figure, Aruto is back inside ZEA and continues his recap session with Izu. This time, they move on to Amatsu Gai and talk about the job competition.

Aruto talks fondly of the Humagears who helped him in each round of the competition. Izu asks why Aruto and Gai didn’t just henshin and fight it out that way. But Aruto says it was an honest workplace competition.

Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One President Special Part.02

Anyway, the Ark’s revival brought about the Humagears going out of control on their own. And Gai used Naki to distribute Raidrisers so as to have Raiders fighting Humagears.

Izu does not appear pleased with Gai using the Ark in that manner.

Izu reveals details about Metal Cluster Hopper that Aruto never knew before. She also explains how the Ark took over Zero-One after the first forced henshin by Gai.

Izu asks Aruto how he was able to recover from that. Aruto reminds Izu that it was her who saved him when she rallied the Humagear troops to help their president overcome the malice with good.

Aruto maintains that humans and Humagears working together can overcome any obstacle.

When they get to ZAIA winning the competition and Aruto losing Hiden Industries to Gai, Izu surprisingly says she has always understood malice. Which is why it was foolish for Aruto to believe too much in Humagears.

Aruto realizes this is not the Izu he knows. “Izu” admits she is merely the Ark’s agent in order to compile information on Zero-One’s combat data.

Aruto says that’s fine. Since the Ark does not understand goodwill, it will not understand the bond between Humagears and humans which is the most important thing.

Remembering Horobi’s last words to him, Aruto hopes one day he and Horobi can understand each other.

Kamen Rider Zero One President Special Part 12 Recap

After the recaps, Aruto is relieved the real Izu is back. Izu has no memory of what just happened. But Aruto reiterates his dream is to protect everyone’s smile and Izu says her dream is to protect Aruto’s dream.

Episode Thoughts

Interestingly enough, last week was much more exciting than this week. Even though it’s not like the more recent episodes weren’t full of exciting things. I guess it’s just different when watching it live than in a recap. Also, the events here are still fresh in the mind.

Looking forward to next week’s Isamu-focus recap! He’s certainly had an amazing journey so far (which the show negated by the dumb twist ugh).

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