Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One President Special Part.01

Kamen Rider Zero One President Special Part 1 Recap

Aruto is surprised to find himself inside ZEA. Izu appears, but says she has lost all of her data regarding Zero-One. It’s very unfortunate considering the Ark might be revived very soon.

Izu says she must re-learn all about Zero-One’s combat data as soon as possible. So Aruto begins his recap starting with the mission statement of Hiden Intelligence and the death of Grandpa Hiden.

Aruto explains he was a famous comedian and it was Izu who found him to take him back to Hiden HQ.

Izu says used Grandpa Hiden’s death to make their move.

Aruto is surprised Izu has retained her data. But he also senses something is really off about her right now.

Anyway, Aruto continues with a quick recap of his different power ups and not impressing Izu at all with his puns.

Kamen Rider Zero One President Special Part 1 Recap

After Aruto introduces the secondary Riders of the season, Izu takes over with more information about’s moves and how Isamu was injected with Naki.

Izu wraps up this part with information on Gai and ZAIA. Aruto asks how Izu could possibly know about Gai’s shadowy behavior when she works for Hiden.

Just then, Izu disappears from ZEA. But Aruto suddenly finds himself inside the Ark and he sees a stranger dark Rider before getting engulfed in the Ark’s horrifying screams.

Kamen Rider Zero One President Special Part 1 Recap

Episode Thoughts

It’s interesting to wonder if we’re to take Aruto and Izu’s side comments during what is essentially a recap episode as canon. Izu losing all her Zero-One data, but retaining most of the data regarding Are we supposed to make something of that?

The recap also made it appear Jin was the first arc’s true Big Bad and I don’t mind that at all. He’s my favorite, after all. Lol

One of my favorite parts here though was the scene of Horobi’s first henshin and seeing Jin acting like a little kid being wowed by a shiny new toy. And again it was like a “It all makes sense!” moment. lol Of course Jin would act like a little kid since Horobi made him. But also since Horobi probably did treat him like his little, young son. I remember also how unnerving it was to see Jin being all childlike and then seeing this scene:


Anyway, it was a good refresher since Zero-One definitely has some interesting twists and turns. We could’ve used one of these last year with Zi-O I think lol

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One President Special Part.01

  1. I took this that it was the Ark itself, and not Izu, getting data from Aruto. Due to Izu’s odd speech tics and the fact Izu knew all of’s and Gai/ZAIA’s actions, but not Hiden/Aruto’s. Plus, during the recap, Izu asked two questions that Aruto couldn’t answer, 1: How did Jin get revived and 2: How was Aruto able to access the Assault Hopper Form when it requires a connection to Ark to use it. Plus, the strange dark rider was revealed to be the upcoming Kamen Rider Ark Zero in toku news feeds, which adds more proof to my theory.

    1. I don’t follow any of the upcoming Rider/Sentai news/toy news. But it definitely makes sense. Since we assume these specials are canon, they can easily return Izu to her “normal” form after the Ark releases her, for example. Should be interesting to see what they have in the final stretch.

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