Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sports Special – “This is cuckoo bananas!”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sports Special – Boxed In

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sports Special – “This is cuckoo bananas!”

The Pan Global Games are being held in Coral Harbor despite the coronavirus pandemic and the Rangers are deciding which events to go watch first. Ravi really wants to go watch weightlifting, but his mother wants three of them to go check on Morph-X Towers.

Ravi suggests they draw names out of a bucket and he and Steel end up being free to go to the Games.

Devon, Zoey and Nate are tasked with the Tower checks. But they are met by Dumbbelltron. They morph and call Ravi and Steel to hurry over.

Ravi is able to quickly destroy Dumbbelltron and is upset at the others for interrupting him and Steel instead of trying harder against it. Devon says Ravi doesn’t seem to care about their responsibilities.

A Gigadrone is on its way to Earth and all the Rangers hurry back to GBHQ to hop into their zords. Blaze and Roxy, however, have another plan. They trap Devon and Cruise in their zord with the Gigadrone in a giant ring where they will battle it out.

They finish off the first Gigadrone, but two more pop up. Nate and Steel arrive to try and rip the roof off the arena. But nothing they do works.

Another Gigadrone appears outside the arena and the other Rangers try to hitch a ride in. But they get popped back out and are attacked by Tronics.

The Rangers come up with a new idea. They will hop into the Beast-X King Ultrazord. That gives them enough power to free everyone from the arena.

Now working altogether, they defeat all the Gigadrones.

Later at GBHQ, Ravi apologizes for being a jerk earlier. They all decide to finish the Tower checks together so they can hurry and catch the last events at the Games.

Episode Thoughts

It was an alright episode. The best thing is that it wasn’t a Halloween Special as these Episode 21 (43)’s usually are. It was something different and perhaps supposed to have been timed to air near the Tokyo Olympics.

Anyway, it was solid use of the Go-Busters footage. Even though Ravi was completely out of character this episode, it was a harmless episode that at least was action-filled and otherwise unproblematic.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sports Special – “This is cuckoo bananas!”

  1. It was a good episode.

    If anything else, now we know that Ravi is a weightlifting fan. And while I liked Blaze & Roxy’s plan, just like previous episodes, they had very little screen time.

    Also, while the Rangers were fighting Tronics, there were some posters of a Levi Weston concert. Now I wonder how many time has passed since Ninja Steel that Morph-X was discovered.

  2. So apparently, this episode is first “Sport Special”, most likely to celebrate Tokyo Olympic 2020, which was postponed to next year (2021) due to current pandemic. It’s kind of weird that Hasbro made an episode to commemorate/celebrate Olympic events, where Saban didn’t do it in Super Samurai (2012) nor Dino Super Charge (2016). This begs a question if Hasbro is going to do it again for every 4 years (next is 2024) from now.

    Speaking of title of the episode “Boxed In”, didn’t Samurai have the same title?
    I guess if franchise has more than 800 episodes, there will bound to be repeat of episode title, but I kind of wished they used different name, such as “Boxing Zords!” or “Battle of the King” or something else.

    As for episode itself, aside from new combination for Beast-X King Zord, the Beast-X King Ultrazord, it was decent special. Even though this episode is considered “special”, it’s safe to say, that it takes place after previous (Beast King Rampage) and upcoming episode, so I guess it’s technically, episode 7.5.
    Didn’t notice there was Levi/Ninja Steel Gold poster during Tronic background, which was nice Easter egg.
    The boxing scene of Racer Zord was pretty entertaining to look at thanks to Sentai footage.

    Much like previous specials, no Ben and Betty, which is no big loss.

    Overall, this was slightly better than “Boxed In” from Samurai, don’t you think? lol

    It was interesting to see Special Episode, that is not Halloween nor Christmas; it still begs a question whether or not we’re getting both Halloween and Christmas this year, since if you include them, the episode count of this season would be 23, which is above Nickelodeon scheduling; though, there has been precedent, such as Super Samurai for having 22 episode + 1 TV movie (Clash of the Red Rangers). I hope Hasbro would make Special Episode like this in future season, since I would like to see more variation for it; I would like Thanksgiving Special.

    1. Yeah, it’s good they did a different kind of special instead of Halloween and Christmas again. Especially since they already did one of each last year. Each season/team should only do 1 of each and not one every year.

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