Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 24 (4) – “You just crawled through the wrong keyhole.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 24 (4) – Artist Anonymous

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 24 (4) – “You just crawled through the wrong keyhole.”

Ravi is up early to paint over graffiti on a wall in the city with a beautiful mural. When he finishes, his mother comes jogging up and he tries to cover up the fact that he was the artist behind the mural. Ravi says the real artist ran off.

Back at GBHQ, Ravi tries washing off the paint from his hands and also tries to hide his artistic tendencies to Nate and Steel. Devon calls Ravi and tells him to turn on the breaking news. Zoey’s mother is reporting on the mysterious mural that has caught everyone’s attention.

Devon tells Ravi to hurry down to see everyone appreciating his art. Ravi is surprised they know it was him.

Nate lectures Ravi about lying to them just now about the mural. Ravi promises not to lie to them again.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 24

Meanwhile, rBlaze and rRoxy turn a padlock into Robotron and order it to break into GBHQ and wreck the place. Ravi spots it before he hops into his car. He morphs and battles it.

But the Robotron is able to lock Ravi’s blaster. Nate and Steel arrive and the three of them chase after it outside. It is eventually able to escape as soon as Devon and Zoey arrive.

In the Crystal Dimension, Keytron defends his failure. But Evox has words for Keytron and rBlaze and rRoxy. Scrozzle says he has a better plan than them. He thinks it’s time Coral Harbor learned the identity of the mystery artist. He’s developed an explosive paint and turns Keytron into artiste magnifique Pierre to paint the walls of GBHQ and blow it up.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 24

Evox morphs back into Mayor Daniels so he can allow the painting on the GBHQ walls. He speaks to Commander Shaw and the Rangers about painting a mural on GBHQ to promote the global Morph-X network. Since the mural downtown is so popular, he got the same artist to do this one.

Pierre pops out of the van, much to the surprise of Ravi and the others. Commander Shaw notices their reactions and asks Ravi to confirm if this was the painter he saw this morning. Ravi has to lie again and says yes.

Ravi doesn’t want to tell his mother the truth for fear that he will let her down if she knew of his artistic tendencies. Nate again lectures Ravi, but he is not sure if he can tell the truth.

With some pressure from the others, Ravi decides to come clean with his mother. They run over and Ravi admits that he was the muralist.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 24

Commander Shaw is confused since she believes Ravi doesn’t know anything about painting. Ravi explains that he’s actually pretty good. Commander Shaw asks why he would keep this from her.

Just then, Keytron has Tronics throw the paint at them and blow it up. But everyone jumps out of the way in time.

The Rangers morph as Commander Shaw leads Mayor Evox to safety.

Mayor Evox heads back to the Crystal Dimension and Scrozzle prepares a Gigadrone.

Keytron locks the Rangers’ weapons, so they have to battle without them. But Commander Shaw arrives with the Ultra Blaster for Devon to finish off Keytron for good.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 24

The Rangers hop into the Ultrazord to take on the Gigadrone who has engulfed the city in “another one of those dome things.” The Gigadrone locks the Ultrazord, but Cruise says their Jetboots aren’t locked. So they use it to fly up into the air and them slam down onto the Gigadrone, destroying its key.

With a Beast-X Ultra Strike, they finish off the Gigadrone for good and the dome fades away.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 24

Back at GBHQ, Ravi explains to his mother that he was afraid of her reaction if she knew of his art. While the lying was bad enough, Commander Shaw says what’s worse is that her attitude toward him kept him from being true to himself.

Commander Shaw says she loves Ravi and he can share anything with her and she will always listen. She asks him what art makes him feel. Ravi says it makes him happy.

Commander Shaw promises that from now on, she will support whatever makes him happy. But she wants him to do something.

They head over to the mural and she has Ravi sign his name on it so everyone will know who the talented artist is.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 24

Episode Thoughts

Last year, the Ravi-focus episodes were usually the strongest episodes of the season. And this was no different.

The action scenes in the episode were just okay, if not a little boring. (The nitpick for the week though was the funny and very obvious transition between the NZ footage and the original Japanese footage during the battle in the garage. lol)

But the episode’s focus was definitely on Ravi and Commander Shaw. Not even the heavy-handed lying lecture from the others. But just the relationship between mother and son.

The whole plot about Ravi being afraid to tells his mother about his passion for art can absolutely be a metaphor for many different situations in which a child is afraid that something about them will upset their parents. Or that something will earn the disapproval and disappointment of their parents. Especially if the parents have been very vocal about them being against whatever “thing” that is.

So while we had Ravi “coming out” to his mother about loving art, I think we all know what the show was trying to get across to the young children (and really, all ages) at home. And it was a powerful message.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself!

And to parents, be understanding and supportive of your children and their happiness. Guide them, but support them as well.

That’s really the best part and the main purpose of this episode, in my opinion. And for that alone (and Jazz Baduwalia and Teuila Blakely’s nice performances), this was one of Beast Morphers‘ best.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 24 (4) – “You just crawled through the wrong keyhole.”

  1. When it comes to character development, no doubt Ravi has been the number one.
    It was a great episode.
    Also I noticed how these last 3 episodes were about each Ranger’s passion. First we had Zoey(with a little help from Roxy) and her aim to protect the environment, then we had Devon and his passion as a gamer, and now we have Ravi and his love to be an artist.
    I wonder if the next episode we’ll have Nate and his knowledge on science, or Steel and his search to understand human behavior.
    Oh, and fun fact: The explosive paint buckets had the 2017 Power Rangers movie lightning XD

  2. Sorry for late comment. But here it is.

    Nice to see Commander Shaw in training outfit (nice cap BTW).
    It’s always refreshing to see mentor/commander in different outfit for once.
    Despite being higher ranking in command, who doesn’t go to battlefield, it is nice to see commanding officer getting an exercise, which is rare to see not only in Power Rangers, but any tokusatsu show in general.
    I’m curious if General Burke (Ben and Betty’s dad) does exercise as well; judging from his body, I’m going to be he does a lot of weight liftings.

    Kelson Henderson did interesting job as Pierre/Keytron.
    I like that he gets to do BOTH ally and villain for this season, which he also did in Ninja Steel.
    Kelson really like playing any roles in Power Rangers.
    I love Kelson. He’s awesome.

    Great use of Mayor Daniels, for letting Pierre do the drawing,
    Kevin Copeland does a pretty good job for playing “evil” mayor, where he is very maniacal.
    I like him more this way, where he was kind of bland prior.

    Ben and Betty schtick was bit over the top this time, especially toward the end with trampoline.
    Betty could have just jumped without help, since flagpole wasn’t that high; at worst, she could have sprained.

    I like that Ravi story arc of hiding his artistic talents concluded, by confessing it to Commander Shaw. It’s nice to see son and mother relationship, rather than seeing son and father relationship, which was used too often since Dino Charge. Regardless, it had a nice message for why it is important to be honest and be truth to yourself. After Evox gets defeated, I’m going to bet Ravi probably might retire Grid Battleforce and become artist.

    1. Oh! I didn’t know Kelson played him. That’s fun.

      It would be nice to have Commander Shaw doing other things other than just calling them like an alarm.

      I hope they let Kevin Copeland some good material as “evil” Mayor Daniels aka Evox. It would be a fun time for him I bet.

      Ravi has had the best character development for sure.

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