Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 22 (2) – “We are all responsible for protecting the environment.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 22 (2) – Save Our Shores

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 22 (2) – “We are all responsible for protecting the environment.”

The Rangers and Blaze head to the beach to join Roxy who is helping clean up a spill from a shipping vessel full of trash. Roxy’s Aunt Regina is the CEO of Collins Industries who is responsible for the disaster and she has put Roxy in charge of the clean up.

When they find a sea turtle that is near death, they realize the beach is full of living things that could be affected by the trash so they vow to save each and every one of them.

Over in the Crystal Dimension, Evox appears as Scrozzle works on their next move. Scrozzle warns Evox of using his human body too much or his cover could be blown. In the meantime, Scrozzle creates Trappertron.

Blaze and Zoey accompany Roxy to ask Aunt Regina to donate money to the Marine Center in order to save the animals. But Aunt Regina doesn’t think it is her responsibility to pay to help every single animal in the ocean.

Roxy decides to call the Marine Center on behalf of Collins Industries anyway and promises the company will pay for EVERYTHING.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 22

Just then, Trappertron traps Blaze and Roxy in a cage and hurls Zoey down the stairs. The guys arrive. They morph and take on Tronics.

Scrozzle appears and scans Blaze and Roxy before slipping away. Ravi hurries over to use his super strength to pull the bars apart as the others finish off Trappertron.

Back in the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle uploads the DNA he scanned from Blaze and Roxy and uses it to resurrect their avatars.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 22

Later at the Marine Center, Aunt Regina comes to question how money was authorized for the donation. Roxy admits she was the one that called. Aunt Regina maintains it is not their responsibility to pay for everything. But she changes her mind when she sees a dying turtle on the table.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 22

The Rangers get a call and they hurry over to a Morph X Tower where they meet robotBlaze and robotRoxy. They battle and the resurrected avatars show off their new suits.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 22

The Rangers morph and continue fighting. They summon their Beast-X Ultra Blasters to finish off the robos and Tronics. But Scrozzle has already collected barrels of Morph-X. He teleports away as the Rangers hop into their zords to deal with a Gigadrone.

Evox scolds Scrozzle, but he shows him that even if robotBlaze and robotRoxy are destroyed, they can easily get fresh bodies.

Over at the Marine Center, all the animals are saved.

Episode Thoughts

This was definitely a much better episode than the “premiere.” While the trash spill stuff was pretty heavy handed, it was awesome seeing Miriama Smith. And the original action sequences (especially the unmorphed stuff) were great and above average over the usual Beast Morphers fight choreo.

Is it a secret that Evox has taken over Mayor Daniels’ body? Mesogog-style? Like what’s going on there?

And it was a pretty easy way to have “evil” Blaze and Roxy continue into this half of the season with the “robot” angle. Must be fun for Colby Strong and Liana Ramirez to play completely different characters.

But it really is so weird seeing “nice” Blaze and Roxy like nothing has happened. It also kind of contradicts the Roxy and moreso the Blaze we saw in the season premiere last year. But oh well. Beast Morphers is light on plot, so that’s not a big deal.

Back to Miriama Smith though. Would’ve been great to save her for the dino team up instead. Bring back Elsa or something. That would’ve been fun.

Overall, a strong, above-average episode of Beast Morphers with particularly great action. And much better than last week.

7 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 22 (2) – “We are all responsible for protecting the environment.”

  1. This was a much better episode than last week.
    I’m really glad Blaze & Roxy (the good ones) got a lot of screen time, but I fear it was only for this episode, and they’ll end up like Brody’s father, I hope I’m wrong.
    I know it’s only been two episodes, but I can really see the diference on the quality now that Hasbro is 100% in charge.

      1. Well that’s what I heard, though there’s no confirmation. Some people said it because they think Saban was already working on Beast Morphers before Hasbro bought the license, kinda like what happened with Wild Force

  2. It’s nice to see Roxy, who was in coma last season, getting a character development this time.
    It was also nice to know how Blaze and Roxy has been doing after they were awaken from coma.
    Blaze is teaching martial arts class, while Roxy is works at her aunt’s company.
    It’s kind of bummer that they are not working for Grid Battleforce (for now… I think), since they were originally a candidate for rangers; I guess coma put the toll in their health/mental damage or something, resulting their resignation (I think). Regardless, it’s nice to know they are doing fine after long coma.

    Nice to see Miriama Smith (Elsa/Dino Thunder) in Power Rangers again, as Roxy’s aunt.
    Interesting how she has same last name was Wes (Time Force Red). I’m curious If they are related; but then again, much like Kendall (Dino Charge Purple) and Kendrix (Lost Galaxy Pink) shares same last name, Morgan, it’s most likely coincidence.
    It’s nice that almost every principal character has parents/guardians, even if they were mentioned only like Nate, whose parents are working overseas; hopefully, we get to see Blaze’s family later.

    I like the new villain lair, Crystal Dimension, which has lots of…. crystals.
    It reminds me that upcoming Sentai, Kiramaiger, motif is also CRYSTAL (coincidence? lol)
    Nice to see Evox human body, even though his face was not revealed (even though, his identity is obvious from season finale from previous season).

    Didn’t expect Scrozzle to scan Blaze and Roxy to create EVIL version with robot body, as Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy.
    I thought Srozzle would have just kidnap and brainwash them, which would have been more challenging for rangers.
    I like their new hair colors, which differentiate from their previous version (avatars).

    Great non-morphed fight, with excellent action choreography.
    Nice to see Cheetah Claw, along with new weapon, Beast-X Ultra Blaster.
    Didn’t expect Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy to be destroyed so quickly… only to get brought back quickly thanks to Scrozzle’s robot making machine. While it’s interesting and refreshing idea, it kinds of give me an weird impression that they are more fragile than their previous incarnation as avatar. I hope “getting destroyed and brought back immediately”, won’t be a running gag for this season. But I digress.

    A very solid episode about importance of protecting an animal, which was nice to see.
    Only minor nitpick, was Ben and Betty (of course), with their glue-gag, which was bit over the top, and I also didn’t like that episode ended with them as well.

    1. I also forgot to mention that this is the first and so far only episode (as of 2020) of Power Rangers to premiere on Leap Day (February 29). Interesting.

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