Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 21 (1) – “Lower my zord into the hole.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 21 (1) – – Believe It Or Not

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 21 (1) – “Lower my zord into the hole.”

Mayor Daniels is traveling the world as more and more cities are embracing Morph X technology and constructing their own towers.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 21

As the Rangers are returning to their normal lives, Nate shows them the new Beast-X Ultra Blaster. But there’s still some kinks to work out.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 21

Steel comes in to break some bad news to the Rangers: Evox is alive. He shows them a board of evidence he has compiled, but the Rangers think he’s crazy. He decides to have them all go out in the woods for a run tomorrow, but really hopes they can investigate one of the strange sightings he’s collected.

While in the forest, Steel shows them a picture of who he thinks is Scrozzle lurking around in the woods. Nate is very annoyed and the others are upset they came to run in the forest for nothing.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 21

After some hurtful comments from the others, Steel decides to go investigate on his own. The Rangers realize they were being complete jerks so they go after him. But instead they find Scrozzle, a Robotron and Tronics collecting barrels of Morph X from a tower. The same tower Steel flagged as having anomalies, but the Rangers completely shut him down.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 21

Steel was right after all and the Rangers were completely wrong.

Devon informs Commander Shaw of what they’ve found and she orders the zords to be on standby. The Rangers morph and battle the Tronics and Robotron, but Scrozzle is able to teleport away with the Morph X.

Steel arrives to help the others, but a Gigadrone has just slammed down onto Earth and is drilling for more Morph X. Steel and Zoe take care of the Robotron while the guys use the zords to take care of the Gigadrone underground.

Gigatronics also arrive, giving the Rangers some trouble. But they are able to finish all their foes off.

Back at GBHQ, they regroup with what they know so far. Which is very little. There’s no sign of Evox in the Cyberdimension, so they must be hiding out somewhere else. They have no idea where the Gigadrones come from either.

The Rangers apologize for being jerks to Steel earlier and they all proceed to look for Nessie.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 21

Episode Thoughts

The bigger news today is probably Ryusoulger being the 2021 Power Rangers adaptation. I’ve really moved on from stressing over which Sentai season gets adapted, especially when I’ve grown into a Sentai snob and have enjoyed Sentai much more than Power Rangers since Saban Brands got their hands back on the franchise.

It is kind of boring though to get another dinosaur season instead of trying out a fresh Power Rangers concept with trains or space or Minecraft animals or criminals outsmarting police. But oh well. We’ll see what happens with Power Rangers Dino Soul/Dino Knights.

But back to the present day, this episode of Beast Morphers certainly didn’t feel like a “season premiere”. But it very much mirrored Dino Charge‘s midseason premiere when they hadn’t checked out Sledge’s ship for any survivors or stragglers.

Much different here since the Cyberdimension is very different from a ship crashing just outside the city and is easily accessible to check out.

But still, not taking Steel seriously and essentially making him out to be some kind of brainless idiot is pretty much par for the course on Beast Morphers with how they treat the Beast Bots. Forget Ryusoulger or Zero-One, if anyone has a reason to rise up against their human oppressors, it’s Steel and the Beast Bots!

Anyway, I do like the idea of Morph X towers sprouting up all over the place to set-up Evox using them in the future to take over and/or destroy the world. Mayor Daniels getting an early start on his presidential campaign, or even his world domination campaign though. lol

Overall, an alright episode. Pretty typical for Beast Morphers. What I’m looking forward to this season is how they integrate the real Blaze and Roxy with the team. Or if they’re just going to focus on the avatar versions and have the real versions not really be relevant. Also, how they deal with the Mesogog-Anton Mercer-ish plotline with Mayor Daniels and Evox.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 21 (1) – “Lower my zord into the hole.”

  1. Happy New Year!

    The second half/season 2 begins!
    I like the new OP credit design with new footages.
    Bit disappointed that Steel doesn’t have casting credit despite ranger; even Doggie from SPD had credit. Poor Jamie Linehan (Steel’s voice actor) for not having name in credit.
    At last, NO Super in the title nor Saban’s name (no surprise, since Hasbro is full control).
    Super Beast Morphers or Beast Super Morphers would have been silly, so no major loss there.

    Nice to see Devon and Blaze friendship/rivalry and Ravi and Roxy relationship again, just like previous season premiere. I’m curious if Devon and Blaze works for Grid Battleforce or are they taking a break/rehabilitation after a long coma; hopefully, they would play importance role later on.

    I like the world building for this particular season, where we get to see Morph X technology are increasing across the world, where France was mentioned. Something that was kind of missing from recent seasons.

    I really enjoyed Steel detective work for this episode, where he found out that Evox (and Scrozzle) is alive. Steel would be great detective and might as well open his detective office someday. I’m not surprised (at all) that Scrozzle survived, since he’s the best villain of the season IMO (and Power Rangers original villain).

    I also enjoyed lots of original fight footage.
    Nice jump morph for Steel BTW.

    While I don’t discuss too much about megazord battle, it’s nice to see a humanoid zord going underground, where it’s usually a drill/digging tank-shaped zord does the job.

    Not surprised that Loch Ness Monster exists.
    If Santa is norm in Power Rangers universe, why not giant lake monster? lol

    This was a decent episode to start the second half.
    Didn’t expect Steel to be the main focus for season premiere.
    Off to a pretty interesting start.
    The only thing I’m really looking forward to this season is who/what created Evox.

    I’m not too surprised that Ryusoulger was chosen for Season 28/2021 of Power Rangers, since dinosaur is very popular and sell very well. While I don’t care about Ryusoulger that much, from what I heard, the toy sold very well, indicating dinosaur is still popular. I was hoping ToQger (I like trains!) or Kyuranger (Space is popular), but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe next time.

    1. Oh! That’s a good point about Evox. I wonder if they will go into his origins. That would be very interesting.

      And I wasn’t surprised about Ryusoulger. Kinda wished they had gone with something else, but I understand why.

  2. For being a first episode, it was pretty good one.
    There was a lot of action, some really amazing fights, and just like previous ones, an Steel episode is always good.
    I really want to know where Scrozzle’s hiding, since Nate at the end said the Cyber Dimension was empty.

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