Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 23 – “Ready for Buster!”

Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 23 – I’m in Love With Your Intelligence!

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

Aruto tries, but is unable to authorize any of the other Keys aside from MetalCluster. While he tries to figure out what to do next, Chiharu barges into his office and asks him to help her find a husband.

Chiharu was so impressed by Attorney Bingo, she asks if maybe there’s a Humagear matchmaker. Izu introduces matchmaker Humagear Enmusubi Match who analyzes his client’s personal date to find a suitable match.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

While Match analyzes Chiharu, Aruto is surprised to see VP Jun and SVP Sanzo also availing of matchmaking services, but their matchmaker finds no suitable matches.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

Match, meanwhile, has a full read on Chiharu and says based on her data, she needs a man who allows her to focus on realistic happiness.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

Aruto and Izu accompany Match and Chiharu as they meet her potential match who turns out to be… Amatsu Gai! Gai says he signed up for a matchmaking service to find a wife.

Match asks Gai to introduce himself, but Yua does it for him. Gai says his appearance makes him appear eternally 24 years old, but Izu butts in to clarify that he’s actually 45. Gai says he 100% a catch and wonders if Chiharu is even at his level.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

Aruto thinks this can’t possibly be a best match. But Match says they are well-balanced considering Gai is a cocky narcissist who says things in a straightforward manner. His pickiness also made it difficult for him to ever find a match. That’s why it is a miracle that Gai was able to find Chiharu to be match with in the first place.

Match says Gai should be grateful for this meeting.

Gai prepares to storm out, but a Raider appears. Yua quickly henshins.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

Aruto wants to henshin as well, but Izu reminds him that it is dangerous for him to do so.

The Raider is able to get past Yua and attacks Match. Yua drags Match back outside as Aruto hurries after them.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

Gai just smiles as he watches the scene. Yua is struggling against the Raider. That’s when Aruto henshins to MetalCluster and again he loses control over his body as he is engulfed in terrifying shrieks.

The Ark-controlled MetalCluster has no problem battling against both Yua and the Raider, countering all of their attacks. The Raider is able to run off, but that leaves Yua behind and allows the Ark to focus all his attention on her.

Isamu arrives just in time and he and Yua work together to force Aruto to dehenshin by dislodging the Key.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

Isamu grabs Aruto by the collar, scolding him for not being able to tell friend from foe.

Yua picks the Key up, but Gai grabs it and tosses it in the air saying Aruto was able to show him something very interesting here.

Isamu visits Horobi and asks if he knows what Gai’s scheme is regarding the Ark. Horobi merely says Gai is underestimating Humagears and soon, Gai will feel the full weight of the Ark.

Over in the lab, Izu warns Aruto not to henshin with the MetalCluster Key until they find a way to deal with its negative effects.

Match is fully repaired and suggests the best match for evil is good. Izu gets the idea to analyze the evil source data in the MetalCluster Key with help from ZEA.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

In the meantime, they must deal with Chiharu’s childhood friend Nikaido Teruo who has filed a complaint against Match. He says Match must be kept away from Chiharu as she has gone to see him every day this week. He believes Match is brainwashing her and it must be stopped.

Match analyzes Teruo’s body and says he is just looking to start a fight. Teruo takes offense and tries to attack Match, but Aruto holds him back until he is escorted out of the building.

Match thinks Teruo might be the Raider that attacked him, based on the data he has analyzed. To figure out if that’s the case, Match suggests he and Chiharu get married.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

Aruto, Izu and Teruo are the only ones in attendance as actor Humagear Enji plays the priest (as hired by Izu) to officiate Match and Chiharu’s “wedding.” Teruo is upset and storms out of the church. Turns out he does have the Raidriser.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

Chiharu wants to kiss Match to get the full wedding simulation. But Match says he cannot.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

Chiharu comes right out and says she wants to marry Match, even though he is a Humagear. But Match says even if he were human, they are not a best match. He says he does not care for selfish people like her.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

Izu tells Aruto that Match might be doing this on purpose. Earlier, Match had asked Izu to help him learn some of the worst human insults in order to get Chiharu to hate him.

Chiharu begs Match to be blunt with her about why they can’t marry. Izu suddenly realizes what is about to happen.

Match shocks everyone with his profane insults. Aruto can’t imagine where he learned such things. Izu apologizes.

Chiharu is on the verge of tears and slaps Match for being so horrible.

That slap triggers Match and he connects to the Ark. He slaps Chiharu back and he transforms into a Magia. Teruo, as a Raider, barges back into the church and they take the battle outside.

But Aruto, against Izu’s warnings, henshins to MetalCluster. He again loses control over his own body as the Ark takes over. Gai arrives and eagerly awaits what the Ark can show him.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

Gai henshins and tries attacking MetalCluster, but it’s no use. MetalCluster is much too powerful. It delivers a Metal Rising Impact, releasing Teruo. Chiharu runs over to her friend and she realizes he is her best match.

Match explodes as Gai gets back up and charges toward MetalCluster. He gets a rude awakening when the Ark completely overpowers him.

Gai comments about grasshoppers being cannibalistic pests and sees that is Zero-One’s true power.

Kamen Rider Zero One Episode 23 Recap

Episode Thoughts

So all the stuff with Aruto and MetalCluster and Gai being unlucky in love was all fun and good. But this episode was all about the Buster for me! Lol

For a huge Go-Busters fan like myself, it was definitely a wonderful treat to see both Arisa Komiya and Ryoma Baba together in this episode. And even better, these two GB alums get five episodes between them! That’s amazing! Can we get Katsuhiro Suzuki a guest role too? And Hiroya Matsumoto as well. Hehe. I wouldn’t mind having Sentai guest stars as Humagears of the Week all season, tbh. Lol

But really, it was great fun to see them both here. I will take issue with the whiplash of Chiharu’s character though from what we saw in the last two episodes compared to what we saw in this one. But I’ll give that a pass just because both Arisa and Ryoma are awesome. Hehe.

Anyway, to the developments in our actual story. I assume Aruto will get a handle on MetalCluster in the future. But the continuing insight into Gai definitely feels like part of the set up for it. We’ll get to the fun part of the episode with him being the butt of the joke for once. But Gai’s ambitions look like they could be his downfall, if ever. They’ve done a great job of establishing how he seems to be this unstoppable guy with all the answers. So when he finally is at a loss for words or plans and he gets his comeuppance, it will be a very satisfying moment. I think that will be sooner rather than later.

I am growing a little annoyed by keeping Horobi tied up all this time. He (and Jin!) need to be out there in the action. While the tension between Horobi and Isamu has been good, I definitely want to see them move on from it and get back to the action instead. Perhaps when Gai’s comeuppance comes, it’ll be time for Horobi (and Jin!) to re-enter the picture.

Now, Gai having Yua sell him with the rehearsed self-intro and then her laughing at him was hilarious. It was good to see Yua get something else to do than simply being Gai’s Yes man. But also nice to see her get the spotlight in a fight sequence for once in a long time.

Overall, it was a fun episode for me. And for reasons not really relating to the continuing story of Zero-One. But the plot developments themselves were solid and more foundation was set for what should happen in the coming weeks.

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